7 Important Flowers in Chinese Culture

Every culture has its own set of beliefs and perspectives but when it comes to flowers, almost every culture regards them with the utmost admiration and importance. Since Chinese New Year is almost at the door and before we get into the mood of celebrations and welcome the year of Pig with all our gusto and energy, let’s take this moment to recognize how certain flowers are deemed important in this vibrant culture.

 These 7 pretty flowers hold special significance and importance in Chinese Culture

  1. Chrysanthemum: As per Chinese Culture, Chrysanthemums symbolise elegance and nobility and is also believed to have originated in China. The ability of Chrysanthemums to withstand the harsh winter has emerged as a source of inspiration for many artists including ancient scholars, painters and poets to create masterpieces in form of paintings and poems. Cheer someone up on Chinese New Year by sending these a chrysanthemum bouquet through an online flower bouquet delivery in Pune service and help them get into the mood of celebrations faster.


  1. Peony: This bubbly blossom is regarded as the most important flower by the Chinese community and is even considered as the unofficial National Flower of many countries. The pretty blooms of peonies are said to be the symbol of honor, riches and prosperity and are, therefore, a perfect gift to be shared with a loved one. Send a friend Chinese New Year greetings by sending them a colorful bouquet of peonies through a service of online flower delivery in Pune.



  1. Orchid: The pretty and exotic Orchid is said to be a representative of friendship, nobility and integrity in the Chinese Culture and has been a source of inspiration for many Chinese artists. The symbolism of Orchid is compared with the virtues of scholars and philosophers which is one of the primary reasons why the flowers have been favored by various scholars in China during the ancient era. Appreciate your bond of friendship by sending a bouquet of orchids to your friend through a service of same day online flower delivery in Pune.


  1. China Rose: This gorgeous flower is also known as Rosa Chinensis and is proudly regarded as the ultimate ‘Queen of Flowers’. The beautiful flower is available in many colors including the delightful red, surreal creamy white and vibrant yellow and it continues to blossom throughout the year. The beauty and charm of the flowers emit a vibe that matches the fearless spirit and has earned it the title of the ‘City Flower’ in around 50 Chinese states. Bring home the beauty and elegance of China rose by placing a quick online flowery delivery in Pune and receives a vibrant bunch of China rose at your doorstep today.



  1. Narcissus: Native to China, Narcissus is said to be of immense value in the China Culture. The pretty flower is known as the ‘Water Goddess’ in Chinese language and is believed to have powers that can drive out evil spirit and negative energy. Send a token of this delightful flower to a loved one this New Year through a service that sends online flower bouquet delivery in Pune and wishes them a year full of positivity and high spirit.


  1. Azalea: This spring flower blooms in a variety of colours including white, pink and red and are counted among the long-lasting blossoms. The bubbly and vibrant Azaleas are considered to be a symbol of prosperity and happiness and are regarded to be flowers that evoke passion in life. You can send a bouquet of Indian Azalea to your close acquaintance through a service of online flower delivery in Pune and wish them a life filled with passion and vigour.



  1. Lotus: Lotus is considered to be an important flower in many cultures and is highly regarded for its various useful properties. In China, the flower has been admired for over hundreds of years and is believed to be a symbol of honour, humility, purity and long life. You can place an order for online flower delivery in Pune and send a beautiful bunch of lotus to a friend to welcome the year with pure and positive energy.


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