Let’s Decorate Our Christmas Tree With Flowers

Are you one of those Christmas addicts who just love to decorate their Christmas tree and put their heart and soul into it? Though decorating your tree with traditional ornaments and traditional style has been a norm, there really isn’t any hard and fast rule when it comes to decorating a tree in the ‘Right’ way.

This Christmas, experiment a little with your yuletide decoration regime and add a dose of freshness to your festive decoration by adding fresh and beautiful flowers into the picture. Adorn your beautiful tree with either flowers or festive ornaments or simply use both to create a majestic center piece for your living room that will stun everyone with its beauty and uniqueness.

Before you put up your Christmas tree and head straight to your florist in Gurgaon, take a quick look at these decoration ideas and find out which idea you would like to try the most:

The tree in muted tones:

For a Christmas tree that is low on razzle-dazzle and high on glamour; you can use regular ornament pieces but in muted tones and opt for large blooms of flowers in a single shade. Put up the ornament and fairy lights first and then place flowers on the Christmas tree at feasible gaps. You can also use pine cones as your Christmas ornaments find out if your flower shop in Gurgaon keeps a stock of them or not.

The tree in pastel shade:

This tree decoration idea will impress those people the most who just can’t get enough of pastel shades. Pick large blooms of roses and carnations in pastel pink and snow white colour to decorate the Christmas tree and use even shaped burlap to wrap it around the tree like a garland. Limit the items of ornaments to flowers, burlap and foliage for a minimalist yet elegant look. The use of pastel-hued flowers, pine foliage and artificial ice ornament emits a very wintery vibe from this particular floral tree decoration.

Bonus tip:

For a contrasting effect, place your floral Christmas tree in a place with a white background or add white colored rugs or carpets underneath it.

The tree from winter garden:

Would you like to put up a Christmas tree in your living area that imitates a blossoming winter garden? If yes, then jazz up your Christmas tree by dotting it with big sparkly roses, red poinsettias and candy cane lilies. Don’t forget to add green fillers, foliage and berries for a garden-y feel. Visit a flower shop in Gurgaon and ask a florist to help you pick the best combination of flowers and fillers that would look neat and beautiful on a Christmas tree.

The tree of white Christmas:

When we say white Christmas, it doesn’t mean we want you to decorate your tree with white cotton balls. In place of cotton balls, we

want you to jazz up your tree with giant white blossoms for a romantic Christmas-y vibe. Start placing flowers from the bottom and place them in a slanting direction and continue until you reach the top of the tree. Finish it by either placing a sparkling silver star on the top or position a white flower on the top.

The tree with strings of flowers:

If you don’t want to adorn flowers on your Christmas completely with flowers you can use strings bunches of flowers together and hang them as pretty ornaments. Use colorful blooms like sunflowers, orchids and lilies to make flower bunches and show off your creative side. As your flowers shop in Gurgaon to suggest you the best flowers for string bunches.

The tree in classic colors:

Add the colours of yuletide to your floral Christmas tree with the help of gorgeous red flowers like roses and peonies. Contrast the red and green colour of the trees and flowers by including silver and golden coloured ornaments like stars and bells into the decoration. Pick up the best red roses or peonies from a Flower shop in Gurgaon that is popular for selling fresh cut flowers and enjoy a homely Christmas atmosphere in your living room.

The rosy coloured tree:

Pick different flowers in different shades of pink colour to achieve a monochromatic theme for your Christmas tree. Hang silver and pink coloured balls and transparent ice on the tree along with rice lights for a beautiful rosy decoration. Ask a Online Florist in Gurgaon to help you put together gorgeous flowers in different shades of pink.

The not so floral tree:

If you are not very keen on adorning your tree in flowers from top to bottom, you can opt for a large bloom of red rose and place it on the top of the tree and use sprigs of red berries to decorate the rest of the tree. Adding a string of fairy lights would enhance the visual value of this simple tree decoration.


The tree adorned in floral wreath:

A dramatic floral wreath made from large blossoms in different colours, pinecones, berries, silk ribbons and small bells is the perfect ornament for your unique Christmas tree. Wrap your tree with a floral wreath as dramatic as this and throw in some fairy lights in the mix, the stunning result will surely amaze you.

Bonus tip:

If you are planning to keep your tree up for a long time then opt for artificial flowers and wreaths for the sake of longevity and reusing in future. These days, many flower shops are selling Christmas special artificial flowers; find out if the flower shop in Gurgaon that you visit frequently is selling them too and pick the best artificial floral arrangement for your Christmas tree.

You can also use seasonal blooms for decorating your Christmas tree, asks your florist in Gurgaon to help you choose the most suitable hardy flowers for your trees. No matter which idea or flowers you use for decorating your Christmas tree, make sure to include your family or friends into the task for a fun and memorable experience.