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8 Surprise Midnight Gift Ideas for a Perfect Birthday

8 Surprise Midnight Gift Ideas for a Perfect Birthday

  • Aratrika Dasgupta
<p>Surprises can become a bit conventional when it comes to birthdays. Sometimes unexpectedly you get a surprise and sometimes inspite of expecting a big surprise you end up getting only a big birthday cake. Building up that excitement until the very last minute wait of the clock striking 12 and people wishing you a happy birthday with cakes and candles have gotten lost somewhere. These days with availability of social media and mobile phones and easy access to anybody, birthday wishes have lost its charms. So for those who still love to give surprises to their closed ones on their birthdays, here’s a list of 8 Surprise Gift Ideas to start your birthday in the best possible way:</p>
<h2>1. Midnight Flower Delivery</h2>
<p>Ditch the cliché by not surprising your loved one with birthday cake and instead order a <a href="" title="midnight flower delivery bangalore">midnight flower delivery in Bangalore</a>, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad or any other place from another city altogether and keep them wanting for more. Trust us. A bouquet of flowers instead of a cake at midnight will surely be one of the best gifting options which will leave them surprised and help them go to bed with a smile on their face. What better way to fall asleep on your birthday than with the aroma of the midnight flower delivery in your home.</p>
<p><img src="//" alt="midnight flower delivery bangalore" /></p>
<h2>2. Arrange for a Treasure Hunt</h2>
<p>Hide clues in different places inside your house or even manage to hide them around the city to give them an ultimate play time right at the strike of twelve. Let them search for all the clues, crack the code and reach for their birthday gift at the end of the treasure hunt.  It will be a really fun experience and will definitely keep them up and make the first few hours of their birthday extremely worthwhile. Let the midnight flower delivery guy send one of the clues through a message in the flowers as well!</p>
<p><img src="//" alt="treasure hunting" /></p>
<h2>3. Late Night Drive/Car Surprise</h2>
<p>Surprise your beloved by waking them up at midnight and taking them on a late night long drive around the calming city streets. But that’s not just it! Decorate the car with balloons and maybe a few gifts, flowers, etc. and take them by surprise! Get midnight flower delivery in your car maybe? And add a bigger surprise element to the night like this.</p>
<p><img src="//" alt="late night drive surprise" /></p>
<h2>4. Post-it on Walls/ Refrigerator</h2>
<p>Stick loving messages or notes in the middle of the night from friends and family for the birthday boy/girl, especially for those who get up to fetch food to feed their midnight cravings. Getting a glance on those colorful notes in their sleepy eyes will feed more than just their hunger and undoubtedly put a smile on their face.</p>
<p><img src="//" alt="post message on refrigerator" /></p>
<h2>5. A Week Prior Gifting</h2>
<p>Everybody expects a gift on their birthday. But instead of giving gift on the special day, why not make the entire week special? Gift one specific type of gift or even different types as per their favorites, keep them beside their pillow each night and build up the excitement until the day of Big Day arrives. A suggestion could be every midnight flower delivery with a different flower or his/her favorites and a warm message will keep them on their toes! A long-awaited surprise for an entire week is definitely unique.</p>
<h2>6. Install a Photo Booth</h2>
<p>If the birthday boy or girl loves to get themselves clicked then the best option is to hire a photo booth and keep it covered until the very last minute. You can even place a DIY photo section inside their rooms and surprise them right at midnight and get them carried away taking pictures. Make sure they have their best form on just for that perfect selfie!!</p>
<p> <img src="//" alt="home photo booth"/></p>
<h2>7. Unplanned Trip</h2>
<p>Get the minds blown by already booking tickets and packing their bags to take them on an unplanned trip to their favorite places. But make sure it does not hamper their busy schedule first! Wake them up when the clock strike 12 and give them this mind-blowing surprise.</p>
<p><img src="//" alt="unplanned trips" /></p>
<h2>8. Balloons or Flowers with a Message</h2>
<p>Let them wake up to those rubbery smell of the room filled with balloons at midnight (Ofcourse with surprise gifts or messages inside them) or even disturb them every hour after the clock strike 12 with the door-bell ringing for <strong>midnight flower delivery</strong>. Shower them with gifts at the first hour of their birthday each holding a special message. </p>
<p><img src="//" alt="balloon-surprise" /></p>
<p>These were some of the best crazy and super fun ideas to surprise your special ones at midnight. We believe in making your near and dear ones smile not just at anytime of the day but right from the beginning of their birthdays which is why we incorporate gifting of flowers or midnight flower delivery in Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi and other select cities, right at your doorstep. We believe flowers are one of the most beautiful and best gifts and they bring a lot of joy and signify good luck. So what better day to gift them flowers than birthdays? </p>
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