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Kiss Day Special Flower Delivery in Pune

Kiss Day Special Flower Delivery in Pune

  • Aratrika Dasgupta


With Valentine’s Day being just a day away, we cannot help but think how wonderful and magical has been the entire week leading to the ultimate day of Love.

Celebrated a day prior to the Big Day, Kiss Day is another important day for the lovebirds which is celebrated with greater zeal and enthusiasm.

This Kiss Day, seal the deal of love with your special one by planting a sweet kiss on their lips and surprising them with the prettiest flowers in town with kiss day special flower delivery in Pune. You may also surprise them with these amazing gifts:

  • Mint chocolates and roses: This Kiss Day, gift your Valentine sweetness for their lips and taste buds and a beautiful view for their eyes.

Send them sweet and minty chocolates and a bouquet of dazzling roses in their favourite colour and surprise them when they least expect it. 

chocolates and roses

  • Lipstick and lip colour: This Kiss Day, gift your beloved a set of lipstick and lip colour in their favourite shades and put a beautiful smile on the lips that you love to kiss.


Don’t forget to couple the gift with a bunch of pretty roses that you can easily order through an online flower delivery in Pune and make her feel even more special.

 Lipstick and lip colour

  • Lip care kit: Pamper your Valentine and their pretty puckers by giving them a cute lip care kit this Kiss Day. Select the one that has a lip scrub, a lip moisturiser, a lip balm and a lip cream and gift it to your loved one to pamper their lips the right way.

 Lip care kit

  • Lip-shaped cushion and a bouquet: Even when you are far away from your sweetheart on Kiss Day, you can reduce the distance instantly with a sweet gesture. 

Lip-shaped cushion and a bouquet

Besides sending them virtual kisses on Kiss Day, you can brighten up their day by sending them a delightful surprise with the help of a flower delivery in Pune. Send them a cute cuddly lip-shaped cushion with a couple of kissing teddy bears seated on it along with a bouquet of baby pink roses to the doorstep of your beloved and make their day extremely special.

Benefits that will encourage you to kiss your dear one today:

Kissing releases hormones like serotine, oxytocin and dopamine, which are the happy hormones. Together they tend to lower the stress hormone and make you feel happy and pleasant.

Kissing improves the quality of relationships and strengthens its bond. Kissing releases oxytocin, the chemical responsible for feelings of attachment and affection.

 Kissing leads to decrease in the level of cortisol, which ultimately brings down the stress and anxiety level and improves the self-worth of a person struggling with self-image issue.

Kissing increases heart rate which directly dilates blood vessels and helps lower a person’s blood pressure.

A boost in happy hormones and an increase in blood flow help to relief nasty cramps and headaches.

Kissing leads to an exchange of healthy bacteria between two people and it boosts their immunity.

 Kissing increases the production of saliva that directly helps to lower the possibility of having cavities and tooth decay.

Kissing is deemed to be a good work out for facial and neck muscles and it is also good for the skin for accelerating the production of collagen. Besides toning, kissing can also burn as many as 2-26 calories per minute.

This Kiss Day, express your depth of love and passion for your loved one by exchanging sweet kisses with them and sealing an invisible deal of love with your lips. Make the day even more special by surprising them an online flower delivery in Pune.


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