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You Are My Penguin
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      My Love Of Lifetime
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        You & Me Special Gift
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          Deep In My Heart
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            Shakespeare In Love
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              Burning Love
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                Red Fantasy Heart
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                  BloomsVilla - Order Online Gifts, Flowers, Cakes, and Beyond

                  Celebrating every moment of life is what we believe in. Inspired by the famous Persian Poet Rumi’s quote - “Every Story Is Us”, at BloomsVilla, everyday we create beautiful memories with each of our customer’s lives. Such blissful memories become beautiful stories with passage of time. Every milestone in your life deserves a celebration. Every important moment that you would love to cherish deserves to be celebrated. We are here for everything. We are here to make sure you don't miss out any of those milestones. We have made every celebration for you easier & unrestrained. In the busy lives of yours, we are imparting a set of helping hands to make sure everything is just perfect. The goal here is to make sure that you don't waste any time in choosing the gift, but rather enjoy those moments with your family. Perfection is what we strive for. We are destined to make any celebration for you & your family a perfect one.

                  Bloomsvilla is the one-stop-shop for your every celebratory need. It doesn't matter which occasion you are celebrating, we have something for every occasion. You no longer have to scroll through different websites to plan the perfect party. We have everything here. The best part of it all we will get everything you need, right at your doorsteps. Gone are the days where you have to figure every gift on your own without any help. It might have left some scars for sure but not any longer. With the help of our connoisseurs we have created a whole range of gifting options for you to choose from. These gifts are already perfected for every milestone which would grace your life. All you have to do is pick everything you need, and we promise to get it as fresh & quickly as possible from our gift store.

                  Beautiful Flowers From The Trusted Online Flower Shop

                  With the presence of alluring blossoms of every kind, we have created a blissful online flower shop just for you. We understand the significance of the presence of flowers in any celebration of life. They make everything joyful & beautiful. Even as table arrangements, they shine the whole place up. The fragrance of the flowers lingers in the atmosphere, making you revitalized after a hard & tiring day. Everybody deserves flowers & we are definitely making sure everyone gets them. Any birthday, anniversaries, weddings, graduation day is incomplete without a fresh bouquet of flowers.

                  We have special flowers for every occasion. The trick to getting the perfect flowers is knowing what the flowers signify. Every blossom has a special meaning & a backstory to go along with it. You certainly can't get yellow roses for your wife on your anniversary. The situation could easily get heated. The wise choice would be to get her red roses. This is where we come. We have designated every flower as per the occasion. All you have to do is know what occasion you are celebrating & you are good to go. You no longer have to be worried about giving flowers to anyone, we have freshly picked aromatic blissful flowers for you to choose from our online flower store. We are the best bouquet shop online, bestowing the best of flowers to make your every milestone a memorable one from the premium floral shop.

                  From roses to lilies, send flowers online to brighten someone's day and bring smile on their face for any reason. You can send flowers to celebarate Birthday or Anniversary hand crafted by our experience florist. And. we're there to send flowers online when ocassion isn't joyful. Our Sympathy Flowers are hand-delivered with extreme care to help you express your deepest condolences.

                  Order Perfect Flower Online - For Special One on Special Day

                  Flowers By Type Flowers By Occasion Flowers By Design
                  Roses Birthday Flowers Flower Bouquet
                  Carnations Anniversary Flowers Flower Basket
                  Orchids Valentine's Day Flowers Designer Bouquet
                  Lilies Mother's Day Flowers Premium Flowers
                  Tulips Congratulations Flowers Exotic Flowers
                  Gerbera Sympathy Flowers Imported Flowers

                  Send Sweet Treats With Our Online Cake Shop

                  Cakes appeal to every age group. It brings out the child in all of us. The cake is the show stopper of any celebration & gathering. Having the perfect cake takes you on a toothsome journey to heaven. They are the luscious piece that everyone is dying to have a piece of. Make sure you take all into account all the expectations of the cake before you pick one. There is no fun having your friends & family disappointed. We understand the struggle of looking for the baker who will design you the perfect cake. So, here's presenting BloomsVilla virtual online cake shop. We have a line-up of delish cakes for you to pick from. We have a cake for every occasion & your every craving. We are the best bakery online. Once you taste one of our luscious cakes there is no going back, you certainly come back for more of that yummy cake from our cake shop.

                  Here’s a Quick Glimpse of Our Best Selling Online Cakes

                  We at BloomsVilla, provide you with a wide variety of delectable and creamy cakes for all your celebrations. Our team tends to make sure that you can have the pleasure of binging onto some delicious cakes with the help of our online cake delivery services. Happy Cake Celebrations!!!

                  Black Forest Cake Birthday Cake Premium Cake Heart Shape Cake
                  Chocolate Cake Anniversary Cake Photo Cake Fruit Cake
                  Butterscotch Cake Red Velvet Cake Fondant Cake White Forest Cake

                  Gifts For Everyone At Our Online Gift Shop

                  Are you struggling with picking the perfect gifts for your loved ones? Are you afraid of them being disappointed with your gift? After all, you are not of our connoisseurs. We understand the time & effort you have to put into to get the perfect gift. We are here to help you to pick the perfect present & get it delivered just in time for your celebration. We have segregated the gifts into sections so that it's easier for you to choose from in our online gift shop. We have elegant flowers, delicious cakes to go along with your every gift. Even if you need a small appreciation or congratulatory gift, we have it all. We firmly believe all the occasions are equally important, & every one of them needs to be thoughtful & just perfect. Choose from our finest gift choices for your loved ones & make them realize how much you love & appreciate them.

                  Exclusive Collection Of Handpicked Birthday Gifts

                  Birthdays are one of the most essential milestones in life. Every birthday makes you a year older & also a bit wiser. Celebrating birthdays with the people whom you hold dear is a blessing. It is a great way to meet all your family & friends. On the other hand, birthdays come with the responsibility of finding a well thought out birthday present. It's always a struggle to find an ideal birthday gift. What if you don't know the likes & dislikes of the person? Even if you know them very well, it is exhausting to find them a gift that they would love & adore. We have a whole segment of online birthday gifts for you in our gift shop. These are specially selected by our experts to meet all the birthday requirements from the best cake shop online. Getting an idyllic birthday present for your dear ones has been made easier with our online gift store.

                  Make Lasting Memories with Our Online Birthday Cakes

                  Cakes on birthdays are like the sun on a sunny day. Without it, it just wouldn't be right. One of the reasons behind all the excitement for the birthday includes having the favourite flavour of the cake. We have cakes for everyone & all the classics. The most amazing part of it all is that we deliver the cakes fresh out of the ovens to your home from our bakery shop online. The lusciousness of our scrumptious birthday cakes will make any birthday even more exciting & tasteful. You can have birthday cakes delivered for your dear ones on their birthdays. This could be a staggering surprise for them. Our bakers have specially created a mixture of all the classic cakes for you & your dear ones in our online cake store. You can easily order a birthday cake for your friends or family on their birthday & get it delivered to them. You can also choose the time for the delivery. Whenever you are looking for a birthday cake, get it from Bloomsvilla.

                  Send Birthday Wishes With Our Delightful Birthday Flowers

                  Flowers are nature's way of telling you to smile. Every flower has a special essence to it. Every blossom has a different way of making you feel warm & happy. What if you could make someone feel warm & happy on their birthday with a bouquet of their favourite flowers. Are you wondering how the flowers will get to them on the birthday? We are the Santa Clause of birthdays & we will get the exquisite flowers to your dear ones in time for their birthday. This could be the best birthday surprise of all. Sometimes, the greatest joys come from the little things you do. Make your loved one's birthday the most fragrant of all with our lovely blossoms.

                  Get Same Day Delivery Across India, In More Than 300+ Cities

                  If your worst nightmare of forgetting a special birthday or anniversary is here, we are here to help. Even if you did forget the date, it doesn't matter. The most essential thing that matters is that you care & want to spoil for your dear ones with your love & affection. We promise you, you'll not miss out on any celebration of your life. With Bloomsvilla same-day delivery feature, you can make sure you celebrate every significant moment in your life. Even if planning isn't your strong suit, same-day delivery will help you move things along a lot smoother. Nobody likes a hiccup, surely during times of celebration. WIth our lightning fast delivery & outstanding service, the celebration will go without a glitch.

                  Make a Perfect Surprise with Fixed Time Delivery

                  Are you planning a surprise party and need everything to be there at a designated time? We fully comprehend your predicament. We have a fixed time delivery option for you. You can have your gift delivered anywhere to your loved ones at the designated time that you select. The element of surprise is one of the best & exciting parts of a celebration. And we promise to be your accomplice. We won't spill the beans and get there at the right time so that your surprise is one of the best till now.

                  Surprise At Midnight With Our Special Midnight Delivery

                  Life goes away too fast. The days turn into months & the months into years. Sometimes it becomes essential to show your love & affection for one another. Simple & tiny efforts on your part can surely exhibit what you feel inside. Do you wish to surprise your loved ones at midnight with all the gifts & cake on their night of celebration? Of course! If you want it, you will get it. It doesn't only have to be a birthday. Surprise your mother on Mother's day by sending her gifts at midnight. She will surely remember it. We have an online gift store for all your midnight celebratory needs. Any type of cake or flowers or gifts you want to give to your dear ones, we will get it delivered at midnight. They say time & tide wait for no one. And rightly so. You & loved shouldn't miss a moment of your special day. When the clock turns 12, we'll be there.

                  Personalized Gifts For Your Special One

                  If you are looking for a gift for your loved ones then personalised gifts are a great place to start. As the name suggests, they are personalised as per your requirements. It gives a sense of all the years of love & affection you & your dear ones share. Personalised gifts are usually considered very personal & thoughtful. It celebrates a special memory, a special moment back into your lives.

                  • Personalised Mugs - These are one of the most cutest & thoughtful gifts of all time. You can easily personalise a mug with your favourite picture or message & have it delivered to your dear ones. They will always think of you whenever they drink out of the mug. If you are looking for something that they will use every day & still be a symbol of your bond then personalised mugs are the way to go. One of the best parts of a personalised mug is, it is suitable for every occasion. You can have it personalised according to the occasion. You can also give personalised mugs to your mother on Mother's Day & a mug for your father on Father's day. They will have a cup of their own of your personalised message for them.
                  • Personalised Cushions - They are soft, fluffy & customized. It doesn't get better than this. You can have any message engraved or any picture embossed on a cushion make it a perfect present. The possibilities are endless. And last & certainly not the least, they are amazing to look at. If you are looking for personalised gift options, personalised cushions are a way to go.
                  • Personalised Crystal - Everyone likes crystal. What if the crystal was designed to fit your favourite moment with your loved one. It is one of the most elegant personalised gifts to give to your loved ones. A personalised crystal is magnificent to look at & a very thoughtful gift.

                  Decades Of Deliciousness Offering From The Best Cake Bakery In India

                  Do you want to gift cakes at the last minute? Relax, all is not lost yet. We offer express cakes, gifts and bouquets to your loved ones in several cities in India. Our cakes are wrapped with protective packaging to keep them safe and fresh for your loved ones. For urgent online delivery for special cases like birthdays and anniversaries, we have provisions for same-day delivery so that there is always a cake when needed.

                  Make Your Gifting Experience Memorable With BloomsVilla

                  Whenever you need to order cakes, flowers or any other gift in India, BloomsVilla is just a few clicks away. From mixed assortments of flowers to delightful sugary cakes and designer gift baskets, we excel in delivering the gifts which are much appreciated by all. By virtue of our high-quality products, efficient delivery and successful fulfilment of orders, we have earned a huge customer base from different locations in India and abroad. Some of the qualities which are appreciated by over 95% of returning customers are:

                  • We offer premium products at affordable prices
                  • We deliver all orders on time
                  • Depending on your requirements, there are provisions to set your preferred delivery time
                  • Buy flowers, cakes and gifts anytime, anywhere and from any device- laptop, PC, tablet, or mobile
                  • We offer free delivery on all orders across the country
                  • With an active customer support team, we are happy to help you with all your queries and issues
                  • We sell both fresh-cut flowers and potted plants of native and international species.
                  • We are among the leading sellers of exotic flowers and premium cakes in India

                  Gift Shop For Every Occasion

                  BloomsVilla delivers gifts like cakes, flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, greeting cards, etc across India. You can buy them from the convenience of your home to any city in India. With our unique gifts delivery model in India combined with the latest technology, BloomsVilla has made sending gifts a lot easier. Since BloomsVilla has its own retail gift stores, it's a lot easier to deliver them online anywhere in India. The unique thing about BloomsVilla is that we procure the gifts from local craftsmen, thereby encouraging the local economy. This makes BloomsVilla a lot more cost effective compared to its competitors. India, the land of cultural diversity, is known for celebrating every occasion with zeal and enthusiasm. That is why we regularly deliver handpicked gifts in various formats like gift baskets, gift bouquet, etc at best prices. BloomsVilla is the premier website for birthday, anniversary, wedding, and Valentine’s Day gifting.

                  Every day at Bloomsvilla, we deliver various kinds of gifts in various locations in big cities, towns and even semi-urban areas. We have a massive collection of relationship-based gifts for special events like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Friendship’s Day, and so much more. Wherever you are located worldwide, we offer a seamless experience to all our customers looking to send gifts in India. We ensure the delivery of your gifts and bouquets safely to your recipient’s doorstep at the right time.

                  List of Cities Where We Deliver Flowers, Cakes, and Gifts

                  New Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Noida, Jaipur, Jamnagar, Rajkot, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Surat, Bhubaneswar, Raipur, Nagpur, Jalandhar, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Patiala, Lucknow, Ranchi, Goa, Mangalore, Manipal, Nasikh, Aurangabad, Pune, Udaipur, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Belgaum, Vizag, Kolkata, Guwahati, Varanasi, Gwalior, Indore, Bhopal, Ahmednagar, Mumbai

                  Physical address:

                  DelhiBloomsvilla Delhi
                  Lajpat Nagar 4,
                  Delhi, 110024
                  New Delhi
                  New Alipore Road,
                  Kolkata, 700053
                  West Bengal
                  Near BKC, Kurla West
                  Mumbai, 400070
                  Citi Center, MG Road,
                  Bangalore, 560001


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                  Personalized Flower Bouquet

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                  I called customer care to order a personalized bouquet with Photos and received excellent assistance from the executive.

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                  Birthday Cake & Roses

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                  Fresh Red Roses and Black Forest Cake combo was delivered on time- at midnight.

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