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A celebration is never complete without something sweet to eat. It feels incomplete if there's no dessert and come on, does it even feel like a celebration if there's no cake? We don't think so. We are here to make sure that you celebrate every occasion in your life and your loved ones perfectly with the most delicious cake from the best bakery in India. BloomsVilla has come up with an online cake delivery service in India which means now you can order cake online from anywhere in the world and get it delivered in any Indian city without going through any trouble. Online cake delivery is now simple like never before, so place your order right away to bring a smile on your loved ones' faces!

Affair Of Black Forest
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    Pineapple Cake
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      Sweet Cherry Cream Mist
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        Ultimate Love Red Velvet
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          Mouth Watering Crunchy Butterscotch
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            Cute Baby Doll Theme Cake
            Regular priceRs. 2,599.00
              Red Velvet Birthday Treat
              Regular priceRs. 1,049.00Rs. 799.00
                Dream Of Love
                Rs. 1,599.00

                  Online Cake Delivery in India For Every Occasion

                  BloomsVilla is one of the most trusted and popular bakeries for online cake delivery in India. We are a team of professionals who work very hard every single day to help you bring a smile on your loved ones' faces and strengthen thebonds, even if you can't be present physically beside them on their special days like birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, etc. Cakes have always been one of the best gift options, and now you can easily order cake online. You canuse our online cake delivery service for any and every occasion sitting anywhere in the world and get it delivered anywhere in India like Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Indore, etc. Make your near and dear ones feel loved by sendingthem a mouth-watering cake from Bloomsvilla! We have cakes for every occasion- whether you want to send your parents a premium cake for their wedding anniversary, your little brother a cartoon theme cake for his birthday, a specialbirthday cake for your best friend on her 21st birthday, an anniversary photo cake for your partner for completing a milestone year with him or her, a fruit cake for your mom on Mother's day, etc. You can choose from our wide variety ofpopular cakes to send to your near and dear ones on special days to fill their heart with happiness.

                  Send Cake Online With Our Exotic Flavours at Bloomsvilla

                  Are you looking for a cake that's not just going to stand out for its looks but also its flavour? If you want to send cake online for delivery in India, you must know that we offer a wide range of exotic cake flavours for you to choosefrom, our flavours are just as unique as our customers. Starting from rainbow cakes, butterscotch flavour cakes, coffee flavour cakes, oreo cakes, blueberry cheesecake, mixed fruit cakes, to a lot more variety of flavours, we have itall for online cake delivery with different preferences. Sometimes when you want to send cake online delivery, you might want to go for the simple classic flavours which are all-time favourites, even ours, like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry,etc.- we have a lot of cake options in those flavours as well, which vary in shapes, sizes, decor, etc. Simple flavours or exotic, you will find it all on Bloomsvilla, and our flavours will never disappoint you. We believe in providingonly the best, both product-wise as well as service. You can trust us with bringing a smile on your loved ones' faces on their special days, by ordering cake online on Bloomsvilla.

                  Surprise Your Loved Ones With Our Midnight Cake Deliver In India

                  Do you want to surprise your near and dear ones at midnight? May be your sister from miles away on her birthday or your parents on their anniversary? We know how much you want to be there with them on such special days, and so do they.They don't want anything but a knock on their door at midnight and to open it and see you standing there in person. But in case you are not able to do so for whatever reason, you can still make sure they get the next best surprise atmidnight- a delicious cake sent by you from Bloomsvilla online cake delivery. You can send cakes to India, any city, at midnight by availing our midnight online cake delivery service. What are you waiting for? Order cake right away onBloomsvilla and experience the best cake online delivery service in India to make your loved ones shed tears of joy at midnight!

                  Same-Day Cake Delivery In India

                  Did you forget to order a cake for your little brother's birthday while planning a party for him? Did you suddenly remember that today is your sister-in-law's birthday, and you haven't purchased a gift yet? It's okay; these thingshappen; you don't need to panic. We provide same-day online cake delivery service in India, which means now you can easily send cake online from our website and a freshly baked mouth-watering premium cake will be delivered at yourgiven location on time on the same day. We don't compromise on quality or hygiene, even if there's an urgency in the order- we believe in providing you with the most delicious cake of the highest quality every time. So if you want thebest cakes online delivery service, you should definitely give us a try for online cakes delivery in India!

                  Types Of Cakes Avaliable at Bloomsvilla

                  We believe in offering our customers more than the required number of cake options for them to choose from if they are looking for a cake delivery online so that no matter what your preferences are when it comes to cakes, you will findit on Bloomsvilla. We are known for online cake delivery of delicious freshly baked premium cakes, be it a theme cake for an anniversary, a cartoon cake for a kid's birthday party, a photo cake for a wedding reception, or any otherspecial cake that you might want for a particular occasion. If you are looking for cake delivery online services in India, you must know that we offer both eggless cakes as well as the ones with eggs in it, so that no matter which oneyou prefer, you will always find it on Bloomsvilla. We also offer a wide variety of flavours for you to select from- be it an exotic flavour like blueberry or a common classic one like chocolate, all our cake flavours are worth droolingover. Send cake online in India from Bloomsvilla and experience the best cake delivery online service. Cakes delivery in India is now simple, like never before!

                  Order Red Velvet Cake Online | Bloomsvilla

                  Do you love red velvet cake but you have a hard time finding the perfect one in the market? Now you can order online cake delivery for a delicious red velvet cakes of different sizes and shapes for any occasion of your choice if youwant cake delivery online. You don't even need to go out of the house to get it, you just need to order cake online on Bloomsvilla, and the perfect finger-licking red velvet cake will be delivered at your doorstep. Make any and everyoccasion of your life a memorable one with the best cake online from Bloomsvilla. Send cakes to India from any part of the world and experience the best cake delivery online service by placing your order on Bloomsvilla. Cakes deliveryin India was never this simple before!

                  Order Eggless Cakes At Your Doorstep

                  Are you looking for cake delivery online services to order some delicious eggless cakes? We offer eggless cakes which are just as yummy as the ones with eggs in it, so in case you want to order cake online India and get some premiumeggless cake for any occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary, wedding reception, bridal shower, etc., if you want cake delivery India you can trust Bloomsvilla and place your cake delivery online order on our site. Even for the egglesscakes, we have a lot of options for you to choose from- cakes of different flavours, shapes, sizes, themes, etc. We have a record of providing the best quality eggless cakes in India for a variety of occasions.

                  Why Choose Bloomsvilla For Online Cake Delivery in India?

                  • High Qality: Bloomsvilla is one of the most trusted bakeries in the country, and we are known not just for our timely service but also for the best quality cakes that we provide, along with other gifts as well likeflowers, plants, cards, etc. We never compromise on quality, even when there's an urgency in the order. So if you are looking for the best quality cakes to buy online, place your order on Bloomsvilla and send cake to any part ofIndia.
                  • Best handpicked ingredients: Our team of experts handpick the best ingredients from the market which we use in baking the delicious cakes for you and your loved ones. Along with those ingredients, there's a specialsecret ingredient as well that we use- love. Yes, all our cakes are freshly baked by the most talented professionals with love. So youcan send cake online on Bloomsvilla and get to taste the best cakes.
                  • Fresh cakes: We provide fresh cakes on all days. If you order cake online, whether you order for a red velvet cake on Valentine's Day or you order a mango cake for your mother's birthday in May, we provide freshlybaked cakes at all times on all days.
                  • Hygienic: Hygiene for us is as important as the taste of the cakes. We take extra measures to make sure that starting from the baking process till the point the cake reaches you, at all steps, all our membersmaintain hygiene. So, you can trust us blindly when you send cake online on Bloomsvilla.
                  • Timely delivery: Our online cake delivery team is known for always reaching with the orders on time, no matter how bad the traffic is or how less time they were given. Even on the busiest days of the year likeValentine's Day, Christmas, New Year's Eve, etc., our team will still make sure to deliver the cake at the right place and at the right time to make sure your mood is never ruined. Order cake today to experience our always-on-timedelivery!
                  • Combo: Sometimes, for certain people in your life, just a cake is not enough on their special days, and that's where the combos come into the scene. We provide some amazing combo options for you to choose from,along with our online cakes delivery service, which includes cakes, flowers, dry fruits, cards, chocolates, soft toys, fruits, etc. You can even custom-make combos for your special ones, and we will deliver the best quality productsat their doorstep.
                  • Order cake online from anywhere: You can sit anywhere in the world and bring a smile on your loved one's face at any time with the help of our online cakes delivery service. You can send cake to India from London,New York, Australia, Japan, Paris, Germany, literally anywhere you live. You don't even have to worry about the time difference, and you can place your order anytime as we operate 24*7.
                  • Send a cake in any Indian city: Yes, we provide online cakes delivery service all over India. Whether you want to send cake to Bangalore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Kolkata, or any other Indian city, you can alwaysavail our online cakes delivery service.
                  • Midnight cake delivery: We provide midnight online cake delivery service in India, which means, now you can surprise your loved ones by sending them a yummy cake online at midnight on their special days to maketheir heart and stomach both happy. Send cake online on Bloomsvilla right away to make your near and dear ones feel loved.
                  • Same-day cake delivery online: If you urgently need to send cake online to be delivered on the same day, you can trust us with it. You can buy cake online on our website as we provide same-day online cakes deliveryservice in a number of Indian cities- freshly baked cakes of the best quality irrespective of the urgency. So if you want to buy cake online, order cake on Bloomsvilla and experience the best cake online delivery service in India.
                  • Customer service: Our customer service team is super efficient and works round the clock on all days. They are always available to sort out your problems so that your experience with us is nothing but the best. Youshould try out our online cakes delivery service if you want cakes delivery in India.
                  • Wide variety of flavours: If you want cake delivery online, you must know that we offer a wide variety of flavours- both exotic as well as simple. Whether you like coffee flavour cake or chocolate, mango cake orbutterscotch, you will find every kind on BloomsVilla in case you want cake delivery online. So if you are looking for cakes to buy online, don't forget to check out our collection for the best cake online delivery service in India.

                  Send Premium Cakes To India For Every Occasion

                  Be it a birthday or an anniversary, bridal shower or baby shower, graduation day or promotion day; we offer online cake delivery of all types of premium cake online for any and every occasion. Our premium cakes include the very popularand unique ones like caramel chocolate cake, choco mud cake, chocolate mousse cake, french vanilla cake, dark chocolate cake, choco almond cake, etc. These cakes not just look extraordinarily gorgeous but taste heavenly as well. So sendpremium cakes to India, any city, wherever your loved ones might be residing in, by placing your online cake order on our website, and make their day a thousand times better! Experience a hassle-free cake online delivery service inIndia by placing your online cake order on Bloomsvilla.

                  Order Delicious Mother’s Day Cake For Your Amazing Mother

                  Mothers are the most special person in every child's life. She has been loving you even before she saw you and her love is the most unconditional one you can find on this planet. She deserves to be treated in the most amazing way everysingle day, with immense love and respect, and especially on Mother's Day. To make her feel loved and to make her day as special as her, order the most perfect dessert for her, yes send cake. Whether she likes chocolate cake, pineapplecake, mango cake, vanilla cake, or any other flavour of her choice, you will find it all on our website. Order online cake delivery right away to make her shed tears of joy with a huge smile on her face! To send cake for her, place youronline cakes delivery order on Bloomsvilla and give us a chance to make this special lady happy.

                  Send Pineapple Cake to Your Father On Father’s Day

                  Does your father love pineapple cake and you can never easily find it in the market? Premium flavours like these are a little hard to find, but now it's no longer a difficult task as you can very easily find them on our website andorder online cake delivery. We know how to bake the perfect pineapple cake that will leave your father not just speechless but also wanting more and more of it. We promise you that if you taste our cakes once, you will always want tocome back to us because we know the exact route to your heart (the one that goes through your stomach!) So, without wasting any more time, send cake online by placing your online cake order on Bloomsvilla and send cake for your dearestdad.

                  Order a Photo Cake For Your Best Friend Birthday

                  Is your best friend's birthday coming up anytime soon? Order online cake delivery with a beautiful photo cake to turn his or her birthday into an even memorable one. Choose the most embarrassing photo of him or her (you might have abillion of those, considering he or she is your best friend after all), and get it printed on a cake. He or she might break your head but is also going to secretly love it and remember it forever. You can now order cake online for thebest quality photo cakes sitting at the comfort of your home by just placing your online cake order on our website. The best part is, you will get to choose from a variety of flavours, sizes and shapes even for photo cakes. You can sendcake anywhere in India without any extra charge on any day by placing your online cake order on Bloomsvilla.

                  Send A Valentine’s Day Cake For Your Loving Partner

                  The best way to express your love without even using words is by getting your partner a mouth-watering cake on the special day of love- Valentine's Day. Whether you are physically together on this day or you are separated by a fewhundred or thousand miles for whatever reason, don't forget to send cake online- a delicious cake for him or her to celebrate the most romantic day of the year. We offer a vast collection of Valentine's Day cakes for you to choosefrom, flavours include premium ones like orange, mango, blueberry, white forest, etc. Order cake online and convey your love for your partner in the best way possible, be it your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife, with the help of abeautiful and delicious cake online from our website. Even on a day as busy as Valentine's Day, our team is known for providing timely online cakes delivery service and the best quality products. This Valentine's Day, order cake fromour website and trust us with making your special one happy

                  Order Cake Online For Christmas

                  Christmas and cakes are always associated, right? We don't think it's even going to feel like Christmas unless there's a mouth-watering cake present on the table to mark the occasion. The most famous cake for Christmas is a plum cake(we are drooling at just the thought of it!), and Bloomsvilla is famous in India for the most delicious plum cake you will find in the country. In case you are not able to spend this joyous occasion with the ones who are closest to yourheart, don't forget to be their Santa and send them a yummy Plum cake to make their Christmas special. After all, Christmas is all about love, joy, gifts and cakes! Whether you want to send cake from one state to the other within Indiaor you want to send cake to India from abroad, you can blindly trust Bloomsvilla for online cake delivery. We are known for our high-quality cakes and gifts, as well as our on-time service on all days. So don't worry, order online cakedelivery for your Christmas cake and it will reach destination on time and in a perfect state i.e. taste-wise, look wise and even hygiene wise. Online cake delivery in India was never this easy before. We charge a very reasonable amountbecause we don't believe in emptying your pocket just because you want to bring a smile on your loved ones' faces on special days!

                  Send A Combo To Your Special Ones

                  Do you want to send something else along with a cake online? Like maybe a bouquet of fresh premium flowers? Or a box of chocolates? Or maybe a soft toy? Or some dry fruits? Well, now you no longer have to place your order on varioussites to send multiple gifts like these to your loved ones. BloomsVilla offers a variety of combos that you can easily choose from, or you can even make your own on our site. Our combos include different items like premium flowerarrangements, delicious dry fruits, mouth-watering cakes, adorable soft toys, finger-licking chocolates, fresh fruits, heart touching cards, etc. So now, along with the delivery of your online cake, you can also choose an amazing comboand send it to your special ones to make their day brighter and better!

                  Make Your Occasion extra Special By Ordering a Bouquet Of Fresh Flowers Along With Cake

                  Cakes are awesome, we all know that. But online cake delivery is enough for every occasion? Maybe not. In case it's not, like for your mother's birthday or your parent's 25th anniversary, make sure you order a bouquet of beautiful freshflowers along with a delicious cake online to make the occasion extra special. We not only have a wide variety of cake options for you to choose from for the online cakes delivery but we also offer various kinds of premium flowers anddifferent types of flower arrangements like vase arrangement, bouquets, hanging arrangements, etc. From common flowers like roses and sunflowers to unique ones like orchids and Tulips, you will find every kind on our website. We evenprovide our customers with midnight flower delivery in India and same-day flower delivery options as well, so that no matter when you prefer to get the flowers delivered to your loved ones, you will never have to worry about it! Cakesdelivery in India and flower delivery in India are now just a click away, so send cakes to India and fresh flowers too without any hassle.

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