What is your birth flower!

What is your birth flower!

What is your BIRTH FLOWER?

Since the ancient times, flowers are the symbols of love and affection. Whether its birthday, anniversary, marriage, house warming ceremony, baby naming ceremony, everywhere flowers get a special privilege. In the Indian context, flowers are used from the pre-historic period for worshiping the Gods and Mother Nature. Now also, flowers play a significant role in all Indian religious ceremonies. Now you can send flowers to Bangalore without any harassment and trouble.

Now, again going back to ancient times, the gifting of flowers started from the Roman Empire. People used to gather on the occasions of birthdays and bring gifts in the form of flowers. During the ancient Roman Empire, showing love publicly was considered a taboo. So, during those times, in order to convey love to each other, people used to express using flowers, which had their own meanings! You can always delivery flower in Bangalore anywhere, without any delivery charge!

January birth flower- Carnation


The Carnations, scientifically known as Dianthus Caryophyllus, expresses love and fascination.

Carnations are symbols of mothers pure love!

Carnations were first introduced by the Greeks and Romans who used it in their Garlands.

Eurasia was considered the native of Carnations.

Carnations have really a long shelf life compared to other flowers.

February birth flower – Iris


Iris originated from the Eurasia.

Iris has some medicinal values for the treatment of skin problems.

March birth flower- Daffodil


Daffodils, which are native to the Mediterranean, comes in a variety of colors such as in shades of yellow, green, white, etc.

Daffodils symbolizes the most important human relationship- Friendship.

April birth flower- Daisy


Innocence and Purity is what symbolizes Daisy.

Daisies are native to the Europe.

In some parts of the US, the Daisies are a serious type of weed.

May birth flower- Lily


Lily flower symbolizes beauty and purity.

Lilies are the fourth most popular flower for gifting.

Lilies comes in a variety of colors such as Red, Yellow, Orange, White, etc.

June birth flower – Rose


There are more than 100 varieties of roses.

Roses symbolizes love, sympathy and sorrow.

Rose is the most common garden flower plant.

Roses are used in perfumes for their beautiful scent.

July birth flower- Larkspur


The Larkspur flower derived its name from the hind toe of a lark, as its spur resembles to that.

Larkspur is native to Europe.

August birth flower- Gladiolus


Roman Gladiators were represented by Gladiolus.

Gladiolus have medicinal properties.

Gladiolus symbolizes Remembrance and also infatuation.

September birth flower- Aster


Aster originated from Eurasia region.

Aster are also known by Starworts.

Asters are drought resistant. They can survive prolonged duration with no or very less amount of water.

October birth flower – Marigold


Marigolds come in a variety of colors- Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, etc.

Marigolds are used in the treatment of skin problems.


November birth flower- Chrysanthemum


Chrysanthemums are second most popular flower after rose.

Chrysanthemums have origin in the Eurasia.

The name Chrysanthemum was first used by a Swedish naturalist- Carolus Linnaeus.

December birth flower- Poinsettia


Poinsettia is well known for its bright red and green foliage, reason for it being called a Christmas plant.

The red colored parts are not flowers as most people think, but they are modified leaves.

Other names of Poinsettia are flame-leaf flower and lobster flower.

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