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10 Plants you need to decorate your Indoors with Right away!

10 Plants you need to decorate your Indoors with Right away!

  • Amelia Spencer

We all know how much essential sunlight it for the survival of plants. Most of the times, however, we fail to give to our plants the necessary amounts of sunlight. The result? They die.

Sadly, some of the most shaded corners of our houses need a dash of color and greenery to breathe some life back into the entire room or house. For all those anthophiles and plant-lovers out there, this might be a very annoying thing. Most of us love to decorate our houses with beautiful plants and some cannot even dream of turning their houses into a ‘Home’ without thinking of having a plant in almost every part of the house.

So, what’s the solution you ask? Well, presenting to you a list of 10 house plants that can do very well without sunlight inside your homes:

1. Bromeliad


Tall, attractive and popping with bright and vibrant colors, this plant is sure to catch your eye! Whether you keep it on table tops or window panes, they do not need direct sunlight and can even thrive on fluorescent lighting! Isn’t that a great reason to buy them?

2. Dumb Cane 

Very commonly seen in many homes and offices, these leafy greens are best to be kept in filtered light. However, before you make that purchase, make sure to keep them away from children and pets!

3. Peperomia


These plants with their varied colors of leaves in grey, green red and cream are one of the must haves! Not only they not prefer direct sunlight as it causes their leaves to burn, but they also hate even a few drops of water. That saves a lot of effort, correct?

4. Snake Plant 

snake plant

Don’t let the name fool you! These are the sturdiest of the lot and even with your neglect can go on standing tall and pointy (like its leaves) for days. The only goof up is that they can rot easily so make sure the water dries in their soil before you pour some more. These “Mother-in-law’s tongues” sure holds up true!

5. Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreen

 if you are looking for plants which grow pretty flowers from them , then look nowhere else as these Chinese evergreens promise to give you no less than the ones which resemble Calla Lilies. Not just that but for amateur planters, they are the best to keep indoors and go super well around furniture. Also, to be noted that depending on the shades of their leaves, their requirement for sunlight can be known.

6. Dracaena


If you are looking for air-purifiers and not just plants who detest sunlight (figuratively!) then Dracaenas are your go to plants. They can easily remove toxins out of your house and are therefore, the most suited ones for indoors.

7. Peace Lily- I don’t know about you but whenever someone talks about any form of lilies, my heart just melts. So if you want one for your home, you can either order flower bouquets of lilies or simply get a peace lily plant for yourself. They are great floor plants, do well with even fluorescent light and are good air purifiers too. So all lists checked out!!

8. English Ivy/Pothos – If you are looking for decorating your walls or windows with vines, then these plants are the best. With a unique design of the leaves they grow well in low light conditions and do not even prefer direct light. So what are you waiting for, go grab some!

9. Parlor Palm – As the name suggests, you must have come across this elegant long stems and thinly spread leaved beauties at many parlors or office spaces at various corners. With its mark as an affluent plant in the Victorian era, parlor palms simply add a sophisticated look and feel to your house and are a must have as they thrive even with close windows!

10. Spider Plant 

spider plant

Resembling spiders legs with arched out leaves, however looking marvelously bright and charming, these ribbon plants are carriers to small white flowers and are great home décor plants. Sometimes prone to browning of the leaves, they can be cured with distilled or rain water. There affinity to natural light is not much and decent amount of indirect light can help them grow.

So, planters, now that you have got some names short-listed, run to the stores right away!

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