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8 Flowers that Symbolise Peace

8 Flowers that Symbolise Peace

  • Aratrika Dasgupta

Each flower tends to carry a special meaning and has a special symbolism associated with their name and history; sometimes one flower tends to carry more than one meaning or thought. The Victorian Era is one of many cultures which used flowers extensively to convey their heart’s emotions and used them to send messages. Keeping this in mind today let us about the flowers that symbolise the feeling of peace and calm and also tend to soothe the onlookers with their pleasant beauty and comforting vibe.

We have enlisted 8 flowers and herbs that convey the essence of peace and help fill their surroundings with a beautiful tranquillity:

  1. Lavender: The stunning flowering herb produces beautiful blossoms in hues of pink, white blue and purple and tends to have a peaceful effect on its surrounding. Lavender is believed to bring peace and harmony to the interactions between loved ones and is regarded as a symbol of love, happiness, devotion and protection.
    The pretty flower is also known to help bring relaxation to the mind and bring peace to it by inducing sleep. The fact that lavender thrives well under the full sun even in a well-drained pot makes it a popular choice of a potted plant for both indoor and garden. Help a loved one tide over their stress and anxiety by sending them a lavender flower delivery in Jamshedpur.

  2. Violets: Regarded as a representative of peace, devotion, loyalty and healing, the pretty violets are known to have different meanings in different cultures and beliefs. As per the Roman culture,  violets are regarded as a sign of their love and respect for their loved ones who have passed away.
    They also believed that the pretty perennial flowers would bring the lost lives peace in their afterlife. The pretty blossoms add a peaceful vibe to its surroundings and fill the heart of the onlookers with sheer comfort and delight.

  3. Peace Lilies: The widely found household plant is easy to care for and is durable in nature. The beautiful flower has peace in its name and nature and is also regarded as a symbol of peace owing to their strong resemblance to the pure white surrender flag. As per Christian belief, the flowers have attained a meaning related to the afterlife and stand as a sign of peace and prosperity.
    The pretty blossom has also been closely associated with the Virgin Mary which has given the flower a religious significance too. Send flowers to Jamshedpur and surprise a loved one with a calming bunch of peace lilies today!

  4. White Poppies: The large and stunning blossoms of white poppies are not just popular for its beauty but are also regarded valuable for its many medicinal properties. Many believe that during the Great War in France, white poppies blossomed over the dead bodies of the soldiers and this may have turned into a symbol of remembrance of war and peace.
    Though the different shades of the flower are believed to stand for different meanings, the pure white blossoms stand for peace. Avail a vibrant white poppies flower delivery in Jamshedpur and imbue your home atmosphere with peace and tranquillity.

  5. Peony: Regarded as one of the most popular and culturally significant flowers in many parts of the world, the peony is closely associated with peace, stability and prosperous domestic life.  In Chinese culture, peony has heavily inspired the art and culture of the land; the blossom is regarded as a symbol of feminine beauty, wealth, social rank and nobility.
    Share the beauty and virtues of the pretty flower with a loved one by sending them a flower delivery in Jamshedpur and put a glowing smile on their face.

  6. Apple Blossoms: The precedent of delicious apples, the delicate apple blossoms are in their prime glory during the early phase of spring and bloom in the shades of pink and white. The apple blossoms are regarded as a symbol of peace, love and fertility and in some cultures, like that of Celts, the apple blossoms are used as romantic decorations for bedrooms and in other intimate places.

  7. Lotus Flower: The elegant Lotus is revered in many cultures and in different parts of the world; as per Buddhism, the elegant flower is believed to be a symbol of inner peace and detachment from the material world and other material desires. It is also regarded as a traditional sign of enlightenment.
    lotus-send flowers to jamshedpur

    In Chinese cultures, the stages of the blossoming of a majestic lotus blossom are closely associated with the cycle of birth, death and rebirth and are also a representative of the innocence that arises from the filth of this world. Find out from your local florist if you can grow lotus in an artificial garden and avail a prompt delivery through a service that helps send flowers to Jamshedpur without much delay.

  8. Basil: This popular herb is widely available around us but did you know that it is also deemed as a sign of peace in many cultures? Besides being a symbol of peace, basil is also regarded as an usher of good luck, wealth and happiness and is believed to ward off negative energy. Basil comes in a variety of shades and is also known to produce pretty blossom.
    Since basil can thrive excellently as an indoor plant, avail a potted version of the same through a service of flower delivery in Jamshedpur and brighten up your home with a touch of positivity, peace and good luck.

Besides these above-mentioned flowers and herbs, beautiful flowers like cattail, cosmos, Christmas roses and hyacinths, mostly in the shades of white and blue are regarded as a symbol of peace and calm.

You can bring home a touch of peace or share the soothing virtues with your close friends and family with the help of services that send flowers to Jamshedpur to your loved one’s doorstep and imbue your and their life with the blessings of peace and positivity.

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