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A Flower a Day Keeps the Gloom Away!

A Flower a Day Keeps the Gloom Away!

  • Amelia Spencer

Everybody must have heard about the proverb: “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. Well, ever wondered why people bring flowers to you when you are unwell, sitting at home, all gloomy and bogged down? That’s because flowers cheer you up, right? Be it the bright, beautiful colors of the roses or the lilies or the serene scents of the lilacs or carnations, flowers are the ultimate reason for your smile on a dark, gloomy day. That is why BloomsVilla presents to you “A Flower a Day Keeps the Gloom Away” initiative, bringing different flowers at your doorstep all over India. Send flowers to Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and many other places to your special ones just to see that one precious smile on their face. So, what is this concept all about?

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In BloomsVilla, we believe that flowers are a nature’s way of showing that if you keep yourself surrounded by beautiful things it will bring a lot of goodness and positivity in your life.  It is often said that different flowers hold different meanings. Be it the confession of one’s feelings through red roses or a “Get Well Soon” card accompanied by fresh white lilies or a purple hyacinth which reflects a genuine apology, flowers prove to be one of the very rare wonders of nature which significantly affects our moods and emotions.  One can therefore, do their research before buying a flower for any occasion or for any special one. Here we help you out by giving you a brief idea about which ones are the right flowers for the right occasion.  In order to do that, “A Flower a Day Keeps the Gloom Away” concept was created, which will give you a hint of what to purchase the next time you go to the flower shop with a purpose in mind. We present to you some flowers and their inner meanings – 

  • Red Roses – Starting with the most sought after flower throughout the world, we all know what those vibrant red flowers mean. Red is the color of love and so are red roses. They symbolize love and desire and are a perfect gift for your partner on any day you are feeling romantic.
  • Yellow roses on the contrary, are meant to be a symbol of jealousy and infidelity and are not quite the right ones to be given. Although in today’s generation many people believe yellow roses to be a sign of friendship, we suggest you give them a white rose instead.
  • Orchids – These flowers are very rare to be found, however as rare as they are so is their beauty which is why orchids represent beauty and divine soul.
  • Daffodils – These beautiful bright yellow flowers are the perfect way of new beginnings. Usually, these flowers are best to be given to those who have bought a new house or a car or celebrating something new as they symbolize luck and good fortune. 
  • Lilacs represent purity, innocence and youthfulness. It also shows how falling in love for the first time feels like. It is peaceful and serene to look at and are thus, great gifts for that first love of your life.
  • Daisy – Remember how as kids, daisies were one of those flowers which were frequently talked about in our textbooks. Daisies are meant to symbolize the innocence of a child and are one of the best ones to be bought for any occasion to brighten up your day.
  • Anthuriums are often seen in well-decorated places and offices and are meant to be for hospitality. So, if you are planning to go for Anthurium plants it can be a great idea for decoration at your office or a gift for your boss.
  • Jasmines – A flower very commonly used for its wonderful scent, jasmines are a sign of grace, elegance and sensuality. 
  • Hydrangeas are a symbol of heartfelt feelings or emotions.
  • Carnations define pride and beauty and can be presented to the closed ones for whom you feel joy and pride. It also depicts a sense of forever.
  • Chrysanthemums are a symbol of trust and honesty

Looking at these wonderful flowers and what they depict it sure does feel like surrounding every home and every garden with the richness of flowers. We want our customers to feel the same way which is why we believe in the best delivery of flowers to different cities. Flower delivery in Gurgaon and other select cities is now made easy through us. “A Flower a Day Keeps the Gloom Away” initiative is a sure shot way to get the fastest deliveries at the right time for your near and dear ones for that one gloomy day. So Keep Smiling !

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