Cousins Are Friends For Life

Cousins Are Friends For Life

Cousins are your first friends. They are the family with whom we grow up and share the same blood. They are the ready-made friends found in grandparents house. They are the first friends we have as children who are present in every family gatherings and festivals.

They share the same crazy family of yours. You have fun with them, share the good memories of young age, you hug them, understand them, have silly fights with them but deep inside you know that you love them. Unlike friends who may come and go from your life, cousins are for life. They are someone who understand you, know the way you are. They text you call you when you feel alone or not well.

Cousins are blood, but a friend by choice. They are connected with the heart to heart. No one will ever understand your crazy family like your cousins do! As they share the same family customs and rituals. They are your first playmates guaranteed to be there for the rest of your life. We gather together for the all the important moments of life. We attend the family reunions, functions and rekindle all the childhood memories.

lovely cousins
Cousins means to be a member of our family who shares the stories of grandma. The love and cooking of mother and aunt. Cousins witness our grades from 10th boards exams to the greatest achievements and our greatest heartaches, throughout our life. Unlike siblings, they know about our first crush, our first love date. Though siblings and friends are close and important to us but still we share the unique and unforgettable experiences with our cousins.

Cousins were like our siblings growing up! We share the great bond with them that cannot be broken as we grow older. Cousins are the same as our friends and family but more as siblings. They are the companion in life who to go through the struggles and success at the same time as us.

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