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Flowers in Delhi Help to Beat the Heat

Flowers in Delhi Help to Beat the Heat

  • Aratrika Dasgupta


The maddening heat in the month of May does not stop the Delhiites from keeping their charm on by an increase in the flower delivery in Delhi for the past few months. The capital city has always successfully maintained in showering love to its citizens by the mode of delivering flowers to their special ones, even as far as at midnights. And flower delivery in Delhi in midnight has only been possible through our expert services at BloomsVilla. We bring our attention to how the crowds have consistently been rejoicing with flowers in this summer heat and it has only been possible through the beautiful blooms covering all over Delhi, making it a joyful and pleasant summer.

We talk about some of the bright summery views that the city has been displaying around its renowned places –


  • Lodhi Garden- Protected and guarded by the Archaeological Survey of India, Lodhi garden has been one of the greatest tourist attractions as well as a popular spot for morning walks in Central Delhi. During the month of May, this garden has been spotted with two beautifully blooming bougainvillea trees. They are literally, a treat to the eyes, one of the most picture-perfect sights. Even the grounds of the garden look like a carpet of pink has been laid on it. It has become a popular site for the Delhi crowd to go and spend some leisurely time under these Bougainvilleas.
  • Garden of 5 senses- This garden really does justice to its name by awakening and soothing the five senses of sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. The flowery spread around different areas of this garden makes it a sight to behold. Starting from the shrubs and fragrant flowers in the Khas Bagh and Mughal Garden, to the Neel; Bagh which is a pool full of water lilies and the Color Gardens, the garden of 5 senses has a variety of over 200 flowers and plants and is a majestic place to visit.
  • National Rose Garden- Unwind your souls by visiting this garden during the summers at Chanakya Puri which serves you with a treat of all different types of roses worldwide. This immortal flower comes in various colors and sizes and will blow your mind away.

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  • Mughal Garden-Other than its obvious historical charisma, the Mughal garden contains a wide range of flowers such as rose, marigold and of course the bougainvillea. However, this place can only be visited during the months of February and March.
  • Chelmsford Road- The brute heat of summer has to lead to the central city turn into a blanket of pink with Bougainvillea trees being spotted at the Chelmsford road as well.
  • Shantipath- As the name suggests, “Peace Road” has been giving the Delhiites a tranquil view indeed this summer with the pavements filled with Bougainvillea petals and spreading their charm in this area as well. Delhi’s weather has been perfect for these lovely flowers to grow.
  • Ghazipur Flower Market- The flower market of Delhi has been a swooping rise in the demand for flowers since the past few months, even with the rise in the price of flowers. With outstanding rates of flower purchases, Delhi has really encouraged its "Dil Ki Baat" it seems.
  • Bungalow Road in North Delhi – The blissful yellow flowers namely, Laburnums or Amaltas have been spreading like wildfire across the streets of Delhi. One such place is the Bungalow Road where these yellow blooms have helped in keeping a balance between sunny summers and heated summers with its cool shades.
  • Children’s Park –Situated near the India Gate, this park has successfully planted tulips of different varieties such as Crystal Star, Red Impression, Orange Queen, etc. despite the unfavorable climatic conditions. They can also be seen in Lodhi Garden and Nehru Park and this has become the latest attraction of the city during summers.
  • Hailey Road – The blossoming Amaltas lined up near the Hailey Road near Connaught Place has been a treat to the eyes for most Delhiites in this scorching summer heat. In this scorching summer heat, the yellow blooms have managed to keep the souls calm and composed.

With such lovely assortment of flowers in Delhi all over, the hearts of the Delhiwalas are screaming for sending some love through the flower. Flower delivery in Delhi has now become an easy task with BloomsVilla’s online flower delivery services, even at midnight. So get your spirits high and keep beaming with these summer blooms!


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