Flower Essences in Our Daily Lives | Daily Usage, Benefits & Importance

Flower Essences in Our Daily Lives | Daily Usage, Benefits & Importance

Flowers are mystical creations of nature which can affect our bodies, minds and souls in a very altering manner. Just by looking at beautiful and bright flowers we feel a sense of joy, happiness and peace within us. You must have heard about aromatherapy which uses the essential oils from the extract of flowers. Aroma therapy basically depends on the healing properties through the sense of smell. We will talk more about Aromatherapy in our other articles. If you need to order flowers online in Delhi for preparing flower essence in your home, then you can order it from BloomsVilla!

flowers with good essence

First, let us know about flower essences and how they affect our mind to go through a wonderful healing process.

What are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are a type of decoction or herbal infusion i.e. spring water infused with wild flowers or a flowering part of any other blossom by boiling or sun steeping. This method was first developed by a British physician known as Dr. Edward Bach during the 1930s. Bach established 38 kinds of flower remedies for example – wild rose for apathy, willow for resentment, honeysuckle for regret, aspen for fear etc., each of the essence of a wildflower targeting a specific state of emotion.

Today many new remedies through cutting edge ideas and technologies are available from different variety of plants for flower essences.

wild rose essence

How do Flower Essences help?

Dr Bach once said, “They are able, like beautiful music, or any glorious uplifting thing which gives us inspirations, to raise our very natures, and bring us nearer to our souls: and by that act, to bring us peace, and relieve our sufferings.”

Flower essences are basically energetic imprints of a plant’s life force. It aims at healing the disharmony that occurs in our mind and body through vibrations in the body. It transforms our cellular communication into positive vibrations which helps us feel more peaceful, and removes all uncomfortable sensations in our body which causes, fatigue, stress loss of confidence, etc.

Professionals like naturopaths and herbalists usually recommend flower essences for emotional well-being and soul development as traditional medicine are not as effective and cannot possibly reduce mental fogginess, stress and anxiety.

The gentle and subtle nature of flowers basically helps to alleviate our mood levels and transform our mental status.


Why should we use flower essences?

To answer this question we first need to know the difference between flower essences and herbal remedies as well as aroma therapy:

  1. Flower essences are better compared to aromatherapy because the essential oils used in aroma therapy are based on chemical substances which can cause side effects and harm to the body. But flower essences do not have any chemicals in them.
  2. Aroma therapy cannot have much effect on the physical well-being as it directly hits the mind through the sense of smell however, flower essences through its effect on the energy imprint of the soul can help in both emotional as well as physical well-being.
  3. Herbal remedies can sometimes be poisonous and over dosing can cause harm but flower essences are safe to use.

Seeing the basic differences, we can understand that flower essences have a way of enhancing inner peace, promote sleep, re-energize and inspire our creativity and lead to a healthy life.

flowers aroma

It not only helps with emotional therapy for human beings but there are also certain ‘Pet Essences’ available for emotional healing of pets. As animals are more responsive to subtle forms of energetic vibrations around them, flower essences mixed with their food or water can really help them achieve a better physical and mental health.

How to prepare flower essences?

preparing flowers essence

They are parepared through dilute and potentized herbal infusions of wildflowers through natural ways. The flowers are first gathered and placed in water under sunlight for a few days. The enrgy released from them and their energetic imprint which embodies the spiritual effect is then captured and transformed into the essences by preserving it with agrape based brandy for a longer shelf life. Some flower essences are also alcohol free and instead glycerine from sunflowers is used to preserve them. You can also make flower essences easily at home by following the below steps:

  1. Sterilize the equipment to be used to put the flower tincture and prepare the essence
  2. Use your inner vibration and intuition to know the exact amount of wildflowers to be collected to prepare it
  3. Snip the flower heads and put them carefully in a glass saucer without touching or sniffing them as it may alter their energy levels
  4. Remove the petals into the saucer with scissor or tweezer.
  5. Fill saucer with distilled water
  6. Place petals and make them float on the water surface and make sure to remove all stamen particles.
  7. Place it under the sun and keep it for 2-3 hours
  8. Then, add preservatives and pour it in a jar with a lid.
  9. Use your prayers to call for spiritual energy or place it among other flowers in the garden to build up a power spot for sometime.
  10. Make sure to not mix two different flower combinations before the preparation is made.

There you are good to go!

flower essence ready

Any Side effects?

Flower essences are safe, non-toxic and completely free of side effects. And they are economical as well!

So, prepare yours today and nourish your soul to achieve true emotional and physical harmony.

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