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Bangalore Morning Flower Market

Bangalore Morning Flower Market

  • Mrinal Spencer

KR Flower Market Bangalore

Bangalore flower market takes place every day early morning from 2:00 AM till 8:00 AM. This market is also popularly know as KR Flower Market. If you want to purchase fresh flowers directly from flower farmers, this is the right place!


There are many farmers nearby Bangalore cultivating flowers such as roses, gerbera, carnations, lilies, anthuriums, chrysanthemums, daisy, etc. Everyday these farmers come to the Bangalore flower market to sell their produce. These flower farmers harvest their produce everyday late evening. The journey for the market starts early morning around 12:30 AM. They reach the flower market around 2:00 AM and start selling different types of beautiful flowers.

When you reach the flower market in Bangalore, you can easily guess what people are selling there by the beautiful scent of fresh flowers. The market is filled with colorful flowers and leaves. The flower market behaves as a typical market place with hawkers shouting the prices of their flowers.


Its a sight to behold. You will occasionally find buses plying on the street in the market. The good thing is that even the BMTC bus drivers are used to drive among the market crowd! All types of customers visit the market- right flower flower shop owners to the big decorators. 

Where to find what flowers?

There are two sections of the flower market. One part sells loose flowers such as Marigold, local open roses, garlands for worshiping purpose, etc. The other section sells the quality flowers such as the Dutch roses, gerberas, carnations, oriental lily, asiatic lily, blue daisy, white daisy, yellow daisy, chrysanthemums, orchids, anthuriums, etc. Here you will also find different types of exotic foliage such as Song of India, Song of Jamaica, Xanadu, Ivy Leaves, Areca Palm, China Leaves, Red Daracaena, Green Dracaena, etc.


The main big sellers can be found around the area behind the Masjid. Here the big prominent farmers sell their produce. If you want to purchase gerberas and carnation and roses in bulk for the decoration purpose then this is the right place. Remember one thing: You have to bargain! For example, if a farmer is selling a bunch of rose for Rs 80. Then you can start your offer price at around 55 Rs. per bunch. This way you can expect a good price.


Best time to visit?

Its best to start early. However, if you don't want to purchase in bulk, then you can visit around 5:00 AM in the morning. If you are a decorator or if you want to purchase the flowers in bulk, then you must visit around 4:00 AM.

For sending flowers to Bangalore, Karnataka you can visit


How to reach the KR Flower market?

Since KR market is the commercial centre of Bangalore, you can easily find BMTC busy plying by 5:00 AM. But its best recommended to go with your own vehicle. Parking is not issue. You can easily park your vehicle behind the flower market. Also, there is a paid parking below the KR Market building. You can easily ask someone for the directions.

Map Directions: 

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