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How to celebrate Friendship Day

How to celebrate Friendship Day

  • Mrinal Spencer

Tips for celebrating this Friendship Day


Hi Friends!

Before this year's Friendship Day arrives, we will discuss abut strategies of celebrating the special day. This year, Friendship Day will be celebrated on 7th of August, 2016. The best things about the Friendship Day is its celebrated on Sunday! It becomes a lot easier for the working professionals who usually don't get enough time to even call their parents.

There are many ways in which you can make this Friendship Day memorable. Some of these I am going to share with you:

1. Call your friend if you are staying far away:

The best gift would be to call your friend early morning and wish him. Nothing is better than talking to an old mate :)

2. Have a video chat:

If you are staying away from India, you can have a video call with your friend. I am sure your friend gonna like this!

3. Plan for a movie together:

Purchase tickets for a good movie and surprise your friend! Watching a movie with your best friend is simply enjoyable. Another thing you may try is watching an old favorite movie together. That will bring back the good old memories and make the time more pleasant and memorable.

4. Plan for an outing:

If your friend likes to go for picnics/outings, then arrange for an outing with your group of friends. This is a whole day plan and needs to be scheduled carefully of everything.

5. Plan a bike trip:

Who doesn't like going on long bike trips. Plan a bike trip with your gang and enjoy the day!

6. Go for a cycling trip to nearby hills/forest area:

If your friend like cycling then take him to a morning cycling session to a nearby forest or hilly area. It will make the day memorable.

7. Plan some adventure sports like rock climbing, trekking, etc with your best friend:

Try this idea if your friend like adventure sports.

8. Go for shopping with your best friend:

You can simply spend your whole day shopping with your friend! I think this is the best thing for girls, who can enjoy the day with their best friends.

9. Plan out a dinner with your best friend:

To surprise your best friend, take him/her to dinner at a good location. There you can enjoy the food as well as have a pleasant and non-interfering conversation.

10. Send Friendship Day gifts online to your dearest friends: 

This is the best option when you cant meet you dear friend physically. You can just send some friendship day flowers and cakes to your friend. I am sure he/she is going to appreciate your gesture.


For more ideas of Friendship Day gifts, stay tuned to our upcoming blogs!

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