12 Goodbye Gifts for Your Best Friend who is Moving Abroad

12 Goodbye Gifts for Your Best Friend who is Moving Abroad

Nothing can make you feel more bittersweet than a surprise call from your best friend saying that he/she is moving abroad. They have always been your friend, philosopher and guide, a confidante for every secret and one call away from every “urgent” situation. But now that they are moving away, you both are in for a series of those never ending video calls with crappy network issues or ever so long distant phone calls with the madness of different time zones. Yes, it all seems like a sad scenario but then what can you do other than being absolutely ecstatic about their big news.

Or maybe you can? Taking part in their joy can bring lots of emotions at bay but the least you can do is make their time worth it while they are here. And what better way to show your emotions than through a heart touching farewell gift. These following goodbye gifts are the best way to make them smile and for you to be happy because they are happy:

1. A Travel Journal- Make them feel how proud you are by gifting them an awesome and colorful travel notebook or journal to write down all their fun and crazy experiences abroad, take pictures and share all the happy stories once they are back.


2. Personalized Leather Passport Cover- If this is their first time moving abroad, the best thing would be to keep that passport handy. Gift them with a leather cover and with something cute and nice embossed on it like with words such as “wanderlust” or mini flowers, etc.

3. A Carry-On Cocktail Kit- If your bestie likes a little bit of wine, gift them with this mini kit with all the necessary equipments handy for a long plane ride.

4. An Ultra Thin Cool Charger- Gift them something handy and useful with a cool power bank which is thin and light and easy to carry. Make sure they have your bestie’s favorite prints on them like “Captain America’s Shield” or Colorful Flower Prints, or anything funky.

5. Duffel Bag or a Rucksack – Help them pack by ordering a great duffel bag. We sure do know what your bestie will dump inside it so you will know the size!

6. A Comfort Food Box- Chocolates, Cookies, thrown in with some crazy notes and pictures to make your bestie smile and feel like home when missing home. That’s the gift that is sure to make him or hear well up!

7. A Cozy Chic Blanket and Pillow- If your friend loves their nap time, then what better than giving them some warmth and comfort in the form of a cozy pillow and cover to make their stay away from home feel like home.

8. A Travel-themed Photo Frame- Make a DIY travel photo frame or gift them one for the wonderful memories you have spent together.

9. A Cosmetic Bag or Bag- Decorated with beads and wonderful flowers, cosmetic bags and boxes come in very handy for those fashionista besties that you love and adore so much! So give them something useful and bling!

10. A Coffee Mug – If caffeine is the only addiction that your bestie lives by, then this si the best gift for him or her with a touch of travel bug in it.


11. A Watch with the World- Impunctual much? To remind your bestie that you will not always be there to wake them up anymore for work, gift them a special travel-themed watch and tell them to set reminders!

12. A Ticket Back Home- I mean what a better gift than planning a holiday back home before they go away? Know about their vacation and sem breaks and get them already excited about homecoming before they leave!


Other than these fun-filled ideas for bidding adieu to that one bestie that you care about so much, you can always send in personalized gift items, flower bouquets, t-shirts, cards, or any other thing that you come across down the road just to give them a reminder now and then that how much you miss them.

So, make their stay away wonderful experience, because your best friend is worth all the international shipping and handling costs!

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