“COLOR ME BLOOM” – How different colored flowers hold significant meanings.

“COLOR ME BLOOM” – How different colored flowers hold significant meanings.

We bet you all like bright and colorful things, isn’t it? Flowers are some of the best living things in nature which gives you the happy vibe of the bright colors and their fragrance simply mesmerizes every part of our skin. Yes, it’s true that the beauty of flowers through the varied number of colors that they behold is simply marvelous. Looking at flowers automatically gives us a therapeutic feeling. Beautiful big gardens almost seem like the colors of the rainbow have been captured inside them.

Flowers as well as colors are a sign of goodness and well-being throughout the world. So, in this regard today’s article is all about the colors of the flowers and what they signify.


A sense of desire, strength, passion and love is what the color red is all about and so are the red roses, peonies, anthuriums, tulips, camellias and begonias. Red flowers ooze out a certain sensuous and assertive energy which is hard to get unnoticed. Its bold color is what makes red flowers so admirable and passionate.


When we think of Orange flowers the first flower that probably pops out in our mind is probably marigold. As bright and vibrant the color is, it is also symbolic of exuberance, enthusiasm and excitement. Due to the bright aura that it exudes, it is also appropriate for presenting to grieving souls or families as it provides a lot of warmth. Lilies, dahlias, etc. are some other orange flowers.


Yellow is all about sunshine and warmth, right? Flowers like sunflowers, daffodils, tulips, black eyed susan, chrysanthemums and ofcourse, yellow roses are sun-drenched with the bright yellow hues which give out a feeling of joy and pride. It also associates with friendships and light heartedness and compassion that hold with those emotions.


Although most of the beauty of the flowers is compensated with green leaves, however we find many flowers with greenish hues like gladiolas, chrysanthemums, spider mums, orchids, etc. Good fortune, freshness, wellness, harmony and youthfulness – the color green is all about being earthy at its best and giving back to the soul, connecting to the environment!


Irises, morning glory, blue hyacinths – don’t they all give you a sense of calmness and soothing vibe just by seeing them? Well, that’s the power of the color blue. As we associate the blue color mostly with natural elements like the sky and water, it represents a kind of openness and serenity. But not to mention, just like the color red it also accentuates its powers by adding a hint of intimacy in your love.


The color indigo reflects a kind of dark mysteriousness but at the same time puts in mindful wisdom, sincerity and integrity into the minds of people. Flowers like daisies, baptisias, and pansies can relate to the color of indigo very deftly.


Violet or purple is all about royalty, elegance, richness and class. If you want to make someone feel super special and brighten up their house, then flowers like lilacs, calla lilies, asters, etc. are the most promising and suitable flowers perfect for the occasion.


Pink being a personal favorite color of mine – pink roses, gerberas, dahlias, azaleas, etc. remind me of a baby’s face. And it is in fact relatable as pink is symbolic to innocence and grace and a gentle feeling. Pink blooms are all about joy and happiness and are ideal flowers for any occasion.


Flowers that are lavender in color not only give a feminine and vintage touch but its aromatic qualities also give us a refined and delicate ambience when added to any flower bouquet. The plant lavandula itself is the origination of lavender based products and can be used as for decorative floral sets, baskets or bouquets as well.


How can we forget to mention the color which actually prisms into all the colors of the rainbow? Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about the supreme color white. Pure, perfect and thoughtful- the presence of white flowers during Christian weddings as well as Hindu funerals marks its importance in a very unique manner. White is not just a color but it is a myriad of emotions put together into one. It enforces authenticity and understanding. Daisies, chrysanthemums, roses, lilies, orchids, carnations – there is a never ending list of flowers in white. Have you ever noticed white plants do not even get damaged or dirty so easily. That’s the power of white!

Did you know that usually florists arrange the flowers in a particular order or manner and craft bouquets in such a way as to write an entire message out of them? It is known as “flower speak” and we shall talk more about it in our other articles.  Till then keep hunting for these colorful blooms and try to find out through your flower delivery what message it holds for you today!


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