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Father's Day Personalized Chocolates

Celebrate Father's Day with our deliciously personalized chocolates, specially crafted to delight your dad's taste buds. Explore our range of Father's Day personalized chocolates, where you can customize the flavors, designs, and messages. Surprise your dad with a sweet and thoughtful gift that is as unique as he is. Our Father's Day personalized chocolates are made with love and attention to detail, ensuring a delectable and memorable experience. Shop now and indulge your dad with a sweet treat that he will savor.

We Love you Dad
Regular priceRs. 918.85
Happy Fathers Day
Regular priceRs. 861.35
Magical Gesture
Regular priceRs. 723.35
Special Dad
Regular priceRs. 1,206.35
Chocolate love
Regular priceRs. 1,608.85
Mix Love for Father
Regular priceRs. 1,608.85
Bright Day
Regular priceRs. 746.35
Super Hero
Regular priceRs. 1,896.35
Fantastic Love
Regular priceRs. 1,378.85
Daddy Day
Regular priceRs. 1,206.35

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