5 Exotic Indian Flowers to be Found No Where Else!

5 Exotic Indian Flowers to be Found No Where Else!

India the land of culture and heritage. That has been our USP for years and we are very good at keeping the traditions alive and growing with that as well. The land that feeds the west is what we were and are still doing that. If forgotten in the mundane activities of the day to day life, the British came here to trade. Spices and what not, but then what happened after that is another story. With the great blessed biodiversity that we have and totally different vegetation growing let us say in hundred kilometres that we travel across the nation. The climatic conditions help us to say the least and so does the rich soil that we have. The peninsular India does great to our soil and also to our blooms as well. A wide array of flowers can grow here from ones which are tropical, to the ones which need a lot of rainfall, to desert blooms also to near zero temperatures. The land is so blessed that we can have the best of both worlds here. So, let us read further and get to know the varied types of exotic flowers that are sowed here.


  • The Siroi Lily

The Siroi Lily

The north west has always a subject of fascination maybe due to it’s mysterious nature as it is discovered by the common man.TheSiroi Lilyor the Lilium mackliniae, is found in abundance in the Siroi hill ranges in Manipur. String and robust would be good words to describe this particular bloom. White and pink are the dominant colours of this flower and breath taking beauty in the valleys of the Siroi Hills.

  • Rebe


Ever heard of endangered flowers, No? Well the Rebe is. It is being cross bred in an attempt to keep its legacy alive and blossoming. Currently it is only seen in Arunachal Pradesh, with a lot of restoration of its vegetation it is a topic of many research work and topics alike. It has a multi-colour palate with petals from white to pink, a breath taking sight for the eyes.

  • Yakla snow lotus

Yakla snow lotus

It is only seen in the highest regions of the Himalayan regions and it quite magnificent to see. It is rare and exquisite to say the least. It has a black centre and that’s very beautiful. Purple projections from a black centre are a treat to the eyes. 

  • Law’s Ceropegia

 Law’s Ceropegia

These are lantern shaped bulbs which will take you back in time to the Victorian era. The pinkish hues with a lot of soft colour palette to it will soothe your eyes for sure. The look of the flower is a walk down the history lane doing justice to the one who discovered it, a British Officer to the government of India. A lot has been speculated about its discovery dating back centuries, but then let us steer away from it and be amazed by its awe and beauty. 

  • Ganges Primrose

Ganges Primrose


As the name suggests, the Ganges Primrose grows in the Ganges Basin during the peak summers. The rich silt of the river is best suited for this bloom. The pentagon shaped flower is a sight to behold and the simple yet elegant look of it is so mesmerising to the eyes. It has shades of yellow to mustard hues as well. The blooms sitting pretty on the banks of the mighty Ganges is such pristine to both mind and the body. It is scenario’s like this which bind the mind and the soul together and inner peace feels so close.

 India has been always a land of many wonders and yet we learn about it every day. Like these flowers which can only be found here.  You can cheer up your close one by send flowers to Gurgaon using BloomsVilla's  fast flower delivery service. What we over look here is that a lot of inter personal development and growth is achieved by reading about varied diversity that our land holds. A constant endeavour to love mother nature’s best creation that is flowers is what we should yearn for, especially when we are blessed with such fertile lands that spread so far and offer us so much. We are indeed blessed and should make most if it in the flower way. Appreciating nature and thanking her by preserving her blooms might be a good way out.



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