Making Memories with Flowers

Making Memories with Flowers

memories with flowers

We human beings are a creature of habit and we love to make good old memories. Whether it is spending a nice dinner with family or capturing a candid of our lovers or simply  going for a vacation to get an idea or an inspiration, capturing wonderful memories is something which makes our hearts take a ‘happy spin’.

beautiful memories

Now where do flowers come in this scenario? Maybe it is just me or maybe it is true that wherever I visit the first thing that I notice are plants or flowers. Take for an example right now. Sitting beside my window I can look outside and spot a flower lady sitting with an assortment of red, yellow and pink flowers and garlands. In a place where I reside, there are temples in every lane and floral huts and markets where you find lovely old aunties selling flowers. Not just that, they themselves wear those colors in their hair in the form of a ‘gajra’ or in a decorative manner. I find it a sweet moment to capture. After all it is really all about the little things in life right?

old woman selling flowers

Have you ever noticed how people bring back home flowers from temples and keep them aside? They are there for the blessings from the Almighty. But don’t you think it is also a way of capturing memories? I feel so.

Recently, I went for a trip to a hill station. Wild flowers grew from the sides of the mountains. As our car twisted and turned through the hilly roads, the breath-taking view of the valleys were something which could not be missed. I could not help myself but stop the car to capture some of those amazing views in my little Smartphone. I guess nowadays everyone does that. But what many would fail to notice is why those sceneries at every layer of the hill were different from one another. Me being a great fanatic of flowers, while turning my phone around and trying to focus on a purplish-pink wild flower growing amongst the rugged reddish grey terrain of the hill, realized that these wild flowers were the same ones that grew in abundance in the upper parts of the hills making them look like a carpet of picturesque wonder.  It simply made me smile and made my urge to wanting to capture the scenic beauty ever more.

hills with flowers

The café where we stayed at gave us not just a Utopian feel but really fulfilled our wishes by making our trip all the more worth it. With the hopes that we had gone to the resort was much of an understatement, I would say. Imagine an entrance with a hut-like house giving you an eclectic feel. A blue and white themed café cum resort with a continental eatery is all that you need to get a vacation done right. Capturing these memories through our phones and cameras would not have been merely possible. But with the round of laughter holding hot coffee cups in our hands in the serene twilight dusks, we did make some of the most perfect memories. And guess what made the place all the more cute? The flower garden and hanging baskets which added greenery to the whites and the blues and left our hearts wanting for more.

beautiful cafe

Unlike my trip, cities are not always an artistic blend but one might be wrong as well. With more houses planting flowers in their gardens, more florist shops opening up, how can one stay away from flowers?

But when it comes to making memories with flowers in a city well we can list out tens and thousands of situations, don’t you think? Giving that first red rose to the apple of your eye, to noticing that pretty white summer floral dress she is wearing on one of those dates, to bring a bouquet of flowers for a friend and decoration of various ceremonies and events where some of the best memories are made are with flowers.

beautiful flower bouquet

I have a classmate who even in this busy city roads and polluted areas manage to find beautiful flower buds and petals and intricately designed leaves and attractive patterns, etc. which she happily keeps between the pages of her small notebook every single day. This is her way of making happy memories. You can also create wonderful memories with flowers. If you are staying in Pune, then order flowers online in Pune from BloomsVilla.

pressed flower in a notebook

I, for one can vouch that no matter where your abode is, flowers are the best way to make the most joyous memories. What do you think?

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