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An Ode to Friendship – with midnight Flower delivery and more

An Ode to Friendship – with midnight Flower delivery and more

  • Aratrika Dasgupta

ode to friendship


Hi Friends!! To all the close friends, best friends, “just friends”, online friends, office friends and the uncountable bundles of joy out there – A ‘Happy Friendship Day’ shout out to you all!

 As we grow up, friendship day might start to seem less and less important to us, but the importance of friends stay with us forever. Not only do we see friendships grow but we also realize who our true friends are. The ones that stuck forever or the brand new ones whom you created in college or at work?

Sometimes even the oldest friends move on to different paths while some of the newest ones seem like we have known them forever. No matter what the kind or how long it is, not just on friendship’s day but occasionally we should remind them or thank them for being a true blue friend.

So, on this Friendship’s Day, let us dedicate all our lovely blooms by sending them flowers and in the spirit of gifting let them know how grateful we are for having them in our lives and that we are always here on the other side for them.


My Dear Friend,

Shoulder to Cry On


Shoulder to cry on

Thank you for always being ‘the shoulder to cry on’, when days were not the greatest. You might not have been the best advisor but you surely brought a smile to my face with your crazy jokes and goofiness. So for all that goofiness, I present to you a “goofy” wall hanging cartoon to remind you of me!

Any Time Helpline


24x7 helpline

Thank you for being my 24x7 helpline. Be it 2 am or 2 pm, you never missed anyone of my calls, texts or WhatsApp messages. So putting up a WhatsApp story and making a friendship collage is the least that I could do for you. And while I am at it why not make a picture frame of it and send it across your way too

All Time Photographer


All Time Pgotographer

Thank you for being my ‘All Time Photographer’. Whether it was for those numerous “fake” candids that I bullied you into taking or whether you lending me your phone for the rest of the day to drain out the battery clicking pictures of all the pretty things I ever spotted and doing the same to your phone. Since you were always the selfless you, let me keep aside my selfishness for a while and send you one of my most favourite coffee mugs of all time. I bet you know now how much I love you?

Emergency Cook


midnight emergency cook

Thank you for being the ‘Emergency Cook’ who came to my rescue with their super yum delicious cheese Maggi in the middle of the night during my endless hunger pangs! For you I wouldn’t ever send the burnt pasta that I cook but definitely sending your way your favorite Chocó lava cake and a box filled with brownies and cookies to fill your dessert stomach, satisfy your sweet tooth and fill your heart with more love for me!

Study Partner


Study Friends

Thank you for making notes and helping me out with all my projects when I was too sick or too tired or too stressed out. Thank you for explaining each and every answer to me 1 hour before the exam started. Let me return the favour to you by gifting you the Gucci bag or the Swiss watch that you have always asked for because my success is dedicated completely to you.

Social Network Friend


Social Network Friend

Thank you for putting up with me whenever I asked to like or comment on my Facebook status or Instagram story. Loyalty really counts! And your loyalty can only be matched by me by tagging you in memes and posts on Facebook the whole day. Not the useless ones but ones which you secretly read at nights under the pillow before you go off to sleep. Ones which really bring a spark to your eyes!

And talking about the spark in your eyes... That reminds me! Flowers, yes? What better way to show gratitude than to send you across a bunch of colorful blooms along with a note which says “For being with me through thick & thin. Because I would do the same”. And that is absolutely 100% true. So, surprise your best friend with midnight flower delivery in Pune.


midnight flower delivery in Pune


Let’s not forget guys that no matter how many gifts we send your way, friendship cannot be valued with money or even handmade gifts. Because if they are your true friends they will move mountains for you in silence and throw a party on your happy days!

Because true friends are always here to stay.


Midnight flower delivery in Pune Ode to friendship
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