Online delivery of Flowers and Candles - A perfect combo!

Online delivery of Flowers and Candles - A perfect combo!


online flower and candle delivery


Fragrant flowers and illuminating candles have been extensively used in the decoration regime. A combination of flowers and candles doesn’t just make a beautiful statement piece for your living space but can also be used to decorate the tables at grand celebrations.

Decoration ideas with flowers and candles

You can follow these easy ideas to decorate your space for a family get together or for setting a festive mood for the season:

  • Upside-down candle stand: Create one of the easiest and unique centerpieces with just the help of your glassware and some beautiful dramatic flowers. Grab four bar glasses and place beautiful flowers under their goblet part. Use the base of the glasses to place your candle and light them. Viola your centerpiece is ready!
  • Bell jar candle stand: For the ones who like to keep things simple, this one is for you. Find some glass bell jars which complement votives in a simple design. Place a beautiful white candle inside each bell jar and add some silver decoration to it to enhance its visual appeal. Place a large jar or a beaker near the candles and put some colourful flowers in it for a simple yet elegant touch.


Bell jar candles


  • Beauty and the Beast: This decoration idea works well for a Christmas party or any red themed party. Submerge a gorgeous red rose in a tall glass jar filled with water and place a floating candle on top of it to capture the essence of Beauty and The Beast. You can also try the same arrangement with a different type of flower like orchids or tulips that complement the mood of the occasion.


heart shaped candles


  • Tall Candelabrum: A tall decorative candelabrum adds drama to the ambiance. Find a beautiful candelabrum for your home and light tall candles on it. To further enhance the charm of the statement piece, wrap a flowering creeper around it. You can also add cascading flower arrangements for a little drama. Go for roses, hydrangeas, and eucalyptus.


candelabrum and flower


  • Zen garden in a jar: Mimic a Zen garden in a glass jar and use it as a décor for your table. Put a handful of stone chips in a large glass jar and add dramatic flowers like gardenias or peonies into it. Use this dramatic arrangement as a candle stand by placing a tall white candle inside it.Find the best flowers online in Pune and use them to create your arrangement.
  • Lantern Centrepiece: Lanterns have a rustic charm and when paired with delicate flowers they emit a romantic vibe. Find the best vintage lanterns for your home and decorate it with garlands made from delicate flowers and green leaves. Peonies and Queen Anne’s lace are perfect for this centerpiece. 

Lantern Centrepiece


  • Cake Stand Candles: For a low-maintenance yet beautiful centerpiece find a cake stand in a pretty shade and stack candles on it. For a visual delight add beautiful and dramatic flowers on it.
  • Succulent Centrepiece:  A combination of tea candles and mini succulents make a stylish statement piece. It doesn’t take much effort to make one that looks extremely chic.


Succulent plant Centrepiece


  • Wild centerpiece: Would you like to create a green ambiance in your living area? Stack some candles on a bed of green moss. If you want to add texture to the greenery, add few bright flowers, preferably roses and bright stems.
  • Asymmetric flames: You can add a lot of shapes and pattern to your table by placing a few asymmetrical candlestands on them. You can also toss few flowers into the mix for a speck of green. Send flowers online in Pune to any of your friend who wishes to create beautiful and dramatic flower and candle arrangement.


pattern candle

  • Floating candles: Planning a date night at home? Find a transparent potpourri bowl and float tea candles and delicate flowers on it. The dreamy set up will not only act as a beautiful décor but while also emit a romantic charm. Transvaal Daisies would be perfect for this mix.
  • Simple arrangement: If you are not very fond of flower vases and large candle stands, you can opt for a beautiful decorative plate. Use the plate to display the candles and add a few garden roses and succulents on it. It is simple yet a charming way to decorate your space.


Online delivery of flowers and candles in Pune


flower and candle in basket


Decorate your home with beautiful flowers and candles. Try online flower delivery in Pune, get best flowers right at your doorstep and arrange it with some candles to create your own signature centerpiece and earn a galore of praises from the guests


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