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Flowers - its significance with Zodiac Signs and online delivery of zodiac flowers

Flowers - its significance with Zodiac Signs and online delivery of zodiac flowers

  • Aratrika Dasgupta

Flowers and zodiac signs


 Zodiac signs and Online Flower Delivery


Did you know Online flower delivery in Pune is now available on our site and did you know that the flowers that you send and zodiac signs are connected to each other? It turns out the dominant feature of each zodiac sign is shared by a certain type of flower as well.

Although your zodiac flowers are unable to show your future, it is still worth finding out which one is yours and online delivery of flowers in Pune is now available. Surprise your friends by giving them a bouquet of their zodiac flower on their birthday, with a cute little message and loads of love.

Take a look at your zodiac sign and its significant flower.


Free-spirited ARIES and its Zodiac flower

Aries is quite popular around the block for their temper but these guys are also quite affectionate, organized and motivated. They are charming and assertive. Honeysuckle is the zodiac flower for Aries; both of them have an appealing charm.

Honeysuckle flower


Persistent TAURUS and its Zodiac flower

Stubbornness is what takes a Taurus ahead in life. A unique combination of their ‘Never Say Never’ attitude and sensitivity makes them rare.  The classic poppy is the zodiac flower for Taurus; it matches perfectly with their resilient and headstrong nature.

Poppy Flower


Bold GEMINI and its Zodiac flower

The dual persona of Gemini is a combination of their eloquence and introspection. They are usually very artistic and have a good sense of imagination. The lavender, which is also their zodiac flower, spreads its beauty with the wind. Similarly, Gemini can fill their surroundings with beautiful ideas.

lavender flower


Appreciative CANCER and its Zodiac flower

The sensitivity and sympathetic nature of Cancerians earn them the admiration of others. They are emotional, fun-loving and tend to hide their feelings. Acanthus is the zodiac flower for Cancerians and just like them acanthus is extremely sensitive to external forces.

Acanthus Flower


Optimistic LEO and its Zodiac flower

Leos are fun-loving, creative and natural leaders. They are very popular with the crowd and possess a tinge of narcissism in them. Sunflower is the zodiac flower of Leo as it perfectly captures the essence of their soul, bright and larger than life.

Online Sunflower delivery in Pune


Insightful VIRGO and its Zodiac flower

Virgos are friendly, thoughtful and considerate. They tend to have a powerful observation, great analytical skills and are usually the perfectionist in a group. A Virgo like its zodiac flower Morning Glory can adjust and transform any place into a tidy one.

Morning Glory Flower


Diplomatic LIBRA and its Zodiac flower

Librans are all about balance and fair play. They have a keen sense of justice and can handle situations with their top-notch diplomacy. They find pleasure in beauty, art, and philosophy. The classic rose is the zodiac flower for Librans, the flower’s beauty and thorns perfectly compliment the sense of balance in Librans.

Online rose flower delivery in Pune


Mysterious SCORPIO and its Zodiac flower

Scorpions are like an onion, they have many layers. There is a mysterious vibe around them and they believe in clarity. Scorpions are intelligent and have a strong intuition. The multi-petal chrysanthemum is the zodiac flower for the Scorpions; one has to make several attempts to reach the bottom of a Scorpion’s feeling.


chrysanthemum flower


Realistic SAGITTARIUS and its Zodiac flower

Sagittarians are lovable and fun to be around. They are generally honest and have a wise streak in them. Often blessed with good luck, Sagittarians can also be pretty influential. Narcissus is the zodiac flower for the Sagittarians and shares the characteristic of being strong from the outside, soft on the inside.

Narcissus flower


Lively CAPRICORN and its Zodiac flower

Just like wine, Capricorns tend to get better with age. They have a strong will power and are extremely determined. Capricorns possess a sense of security and enjoy the good and beautiful things that life has to offer. Carnation is the zodiac flower of the Capricorns. Carnations are lively and strong on the inside, just like the Capricorns.

online carnations flower delivery in Pune


Spontaneous AQUARIUS and its Zodiac flower

Aquarians are curious and inventive by nature. They are dreamy and can hold anyone’s attention with their eccentric ways. They believe in open-mindedness and are unafraid to show their emotional side. Orchid is the perfect zodiac flower for Aquarians.

online orchid flower delivery in Pune


Compassionate PISCES and its Zodiac flower

Pisces are known for their great sense of humor and strong intuition. Pisces are born artists and great communicators but they can easily get swayed by emotions. Water Lily, like the Pisces, has an excellent ability to absorb from their surroundings. The common feature makes WaterLily an ideal zodiac flower for Pisces.

WaterLily flower


  If you live in Pune then avail the online flower delivery in Pune now!You might surprise to see that these flowers actually bring good luck and prosperity to your loved ones.

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