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6 Cakes for No Chocolate People

6 Cakes for No Chocolate People

  • Aratrika Dasgupta

Chocolate is undoubtedly extremely popular among the people of all age groups and is widely loved for its rich taste but there are few rarest of the rare, who are not very fond of chocolate. There are numerous cakes and dessert other than chocolate that you can pick for your loved one or deliver to their doorstep that helps you send cakes to Bangalore.

Trying to decide cake you should pick for a friend who doesn’t like chocolate? Take a look at these delicious cakes and select the most appetising one for them:

• Strawberry crunch cake: The strawberry flavour is quite popular among the sweet-lovers. When turned into a cake the sweet taste coupled with the crunchiness of the granola is a treat for taste buds; the freshly frozen strawberry topping is an added bonus of this delicious cake. Surprise your friend with a strawberry crunch cake and make their day a sweet one.

Strawberry crunch cake
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• Rainbow cake: This particular cake is an absolute favourite of the crowd. The rich taste and colourful appearance steal the show of any party or occasion. Order a rainbow cake through a service that will send cakes to Bangalore.
Rainbow cake
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• Pistachio Bundt Cake: Try something else other than a typical chocolate Bundt cake; pick a flavourful pistachio Bundt cake for a nutty and delicious punch. The rich taste of pistachios and the wholesomeness of the pound cake will not only please the taste buds but will also please your stomach. Pick a delicious Pistachio Bundt cake for a loved one today!
Pistachio Bundt Cake
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• Blueberry cheesecake: Delicious rich creamcheese filling and the goodness of blueberries make the blueberry cheesecake an absolute favourite among the cake lovers. Its soft and rich taste is sure to win any heart that is not quite fond of chocolates; surprise your loved one with a blueberry cheesecake and make their day special.
Blueberry cheesecak
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• Lemon and orange cupcakes: Cupcakes are among the cutest dessert, which unlike its size is big in taste. If you want to tease your taste buds with a tangy flavour then pick a box of lemon and orange cupcakes. The delicious citrus flavour and the tangy zest of the juicy lemon and orange will surely make your mouth water. Avail a doorstep delivery of lemon and orange cupcakes from the best of services that send cakes to Bangalore and pamper your sweet-tooth.
Lemon and orange cupcakes

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• Caramel cheesecake: This undoubtedly a popular choice of cake that finds its way into many family dinners, coffee tables and Sunday brunches. The sweet and smooth caramel and the rich taste of cheese make this cake an absolute delight for the sweet-lovers.Caramel cheesecake

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The flavour of cakes is never limited to chocolate; try different flavours of cakes and pastries and surprise your taste buds in the sweetest way. Make your loved one’s special day, a happy one by sending them one of these tasty treats through the best of services that send cakes to Bangalore or place an order for yourself and enjoy the rich taste of the sweet delights.

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