Best Christmas Gifts for the Elderly

Best Christmas Gifts for the Elderly


The elderlies have received countless gifts and celebrated numerous Christmas over the years and therefore giving them a Christmas gift is sometimes tricky

Before you start looking for the best service of midnight flower delivery in Pune, pick any of these following gifts and send your warmest festive greetings to your beloved ones:

  • Sugarfree Chocolates: Chocolates and the holidays, is there any better combination than this? Don’t think so! Gift your elderly parents or grandparents a box of sugarfree chocolates for Christmas and watch their eyes shine like little children.

 Sugarfree Chocolates

  • Cute Scented Candles: Scented candles not only help to unwind but also uplift the ambiance of any home. Gift your loved ones a box of scented candles that are made especially for Christmas and help them stay cosy and comfortable on this holiday season.


 Cute scented Candles

  • Whisky: Do your old pals love their drink strong and classy? This Christmas, gift them a strong whisky to sip on and bring cheers to the celebration of love and bonding.Couple the bottle of whisky with a fresh flower delivery at their doorstep through a prompt service of midnight flower delivery in Pune and give them an early surprise on Christmas.


  • Hardback Classic Novels: They are probably the last generation who weren’t afflicted by the evils of the digital world. Being from the generation who grew up reading some amazing classic novels without seeing them turning into weird movies, they would surely appreciate the gift of hardback classic novels.

 Hardback classic novels


  • DIY Card and Bouquet: Remember the days when you used to send out handmade greeting cards to your grandparents and your other family members? Surprise your elderly loved ones, on this Christmas, by sending them a handmade card and a bouquet of fresh flowers. Send them a doorstep delivery through a service of midnight flower delivery in Pune.

 DIY card and bouquet

  • Favourite Music Albums: The elderlies love the music they have grown up listening to as it brings back memories of the time they can never go back to. Gift your elderly loved ones a mixed tape of their favourite music albums as a token of remembrance of their good old days.

 Favourite music albums


  • Customised Calendar: Do you know what 100 times better than a plain calendar? A customised calendar filled with pictures and memories that can bring a smile on anybody’s face. Help your elderly loved ones keep a track of days and months by gifting them a customised calendar they will love looking at every day.


  • Gift Certificate:The older people are not very keen on receiving material things on special occasions; instead of getting them some regular items gift them a voucher of their favourite restaurant, a couple’s spa voucher or tickets to opera that will help them relax.

Gift certificate

The best gift that you can give the elderly people in your life is the gift of your time and concern. This Christmas, show your care and concern for those who have always cared for you with a bouquet of flowers from a service of midnight flower delivery in Pune.

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