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April Birth Flowers and Their 9 Bouquets

April Birth Flowers and Their 9 Bouquets

  • Aratrika Dasgupta

 Just like the rest of the months in a year, the beautiful sunny month of April also has not one but two designated birth flowers. April is the month when the season of spring is in its full swing and the ambience is filled with the smell of sweet flowers and fresh meadow. The beautiful flowers that the months are blessed with are the bubbly Daisies and the elegant Sweet Pea.

The Dainty Daisy

Daisy is one of the most popular spring flowers that silently convey the message of keeping secrets. The bright yellow centre and the elegant white petals are the components of classic daisies but the popular spring beauty is also available in a wide variety of colours and includes popular species like Gerbera Daisies, English Daisies and Shasta Daisies.

The pretty flower is a beautiful symbol of love, purity and innocence. It is also a representative of motherhood and fertility and is often regarded as an ideal choice of flower for a new mother. As per Roman Mythology, it is believed that the daisies are also a symbol of transformation and chastity.

amazing bouquets

The mythology narrates the story of the God of Seasons, Vertumnus, who was enticed by the beauty of Belides, a nymph. His ruthless persuasion made Belides to turn herself into a daisy to escape his advances. It is also believed that the Latin name of Daisy, ‘Bellis’ has been derived from Belides. In popular culture, owing to its habit of blossoming with the first rays of the sun, the stunning flower has derived its name from the Old English saying that goes as, “day’s eye”.

The Elegant Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is the other birth flower that is designated for the month of April; the pretty blossom boasts of a shape that is similar to the shape of a resting butterfly and is originally found in the shades of purple. Even though the blossoms of sweet pea are renowned for their sweet fragrance, not all its species have a fragrance. The sweet smell of sweet peas may be pleasing to us but it is not as enticing to the flies. The smell of sweet peas acts as an insect repellent and is, therefore, a popular choice of flowering plant for the gardeners.

The sweet blossoms of sweet pea are a symbol of blissful pleasure, goodbyes and the bitter-sweet feeling of farewell. The Latin name for the sweet pea is ‘Odoratus’ which means fragrant while it’s Greek derivative ‘Lathyros’ means pea or pulse. A native of Eastern Mediterranean region, sweet pea grows as a climber and blossoms abundantly from the season of spring till late fall.

The elegant sweet pea isn’t free of superstition, the common belief that people tend to have regarding sweet pea is that the blossom grows at a fast pace if planted on Good Friday. The other popular superstition associated with sweet peasoriginates in France. The French believed that the blossoms of sweet peas are a good omen for the new brides. They believed that the blossom will make everybody around the bride to be truthful to her and will bless her with a strong willpower and life purpose.

They also believed that the blossom guided young brides in their course of life and helped them to move past all temptations, evils and people’s perception of her. As per popular culture, it is also believed that perhaps Shakespeare had the picture of sweet peas in his mind when he concocted the famous lines, “Parting is such sweet sorrow.”

People born in April

The people born in the month of April fall under the zodiac influence of either Aries or Taurus and are counted among the independent and passionate lot, who are stubborn in nature and quite energetic in their disposition. They are often bold and adventurous in their life choices and sensitive in the matters pertaining to the heart. Even though they lack patience and are often impulsive in their decisions, they are honest in their resolve. Marvin Gaye, Robert Downey Jr, Paul Rudd, Adrien Brody, Emma Watson, Russel Crowe, Pharrell Williams and Queen Elizabeth II are among the many popular faces who were born under the influence of star signs like Aries and Taurus in the month of April and enjoy the pretty Daisy and the Sweet Pea as their designated birth flower. Do you know someone who was born in the month of April and has most of these personal traits mentioned above?

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Best Bouquet Flower Delivery in Meerut for a Friend

Got a friend who celebrates their birthday in the month of April? Surprise them with these 9 amazing bouquets made from their designated birth flowers and make their birthday special and memorable. Take a look at the following and choose your favourite pick now:

  1. The Sunny Bouquet:

    A cheerful embodiment of warmth and beauty, this stunning bouquet of sunny yellow roses, white daisies, Peruvian Lilies, green Button Poms and lush greenery create a perfect visual treat. Convey your sweetest thoughts and birthday wishes to a friend born in April with the help of an online flower delivery in meerut service and make their special day extra bright.


  1. The Fresh Bouquet:

    Send garden fresh flowers to your beloved on their birthday even when you are a thousand miles away from them on their special day. Seek the assistance of a trusted florist service to send flowers to meerut, India to your loved one and surprise them with a fresh bouquet of multi-coloured gerbera daisies in the shades of red, white, yellow, pink and orange and accents of decorative green.


  1. The Lovey-Dovey Bouquet:

    A brilliant bouquet of daisies, carnations and roses is the perfect way to convey your love and passion for someone on their special day. Let them know how special you deem them and how much you care for them by surprising them with a lovely bouquet arrangement of roses and carnations in rosy shades contrasted with the beautiful white blossoms of daisies. Buy flowers in meerut online for the special person who was born on a bright sunny day of April and make their birthday happy in the truest of sense.



  1. The Blush Bouquet:

    Add a touch of blush to the cheeks of a special one by surprising them with a stunning bouquet of pink flowers. Pick a beautiful pink bouquet of daisies, carnations, roses and Peruvian lilies and surprise them with a rosy delight. Such a beautiful bouquet will not only make up a wonderful gift for special occasions but will also be used to surprise a loved one on a romantic date.


  1. The Sweet-bunch Bouquet

    : Put a sweet smile on the face of the sweetest person you know by sending them a stunning bunch of sweet flowers. Pick a bouquet of dainty flowers like sweet peas, lily of the valley and calla lilies with accented green and fillers or buy flowers in meerut online and make their day sweet and memorable.


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  1. The Spring Bouquet:

    The month of April is when most of the spring flowers tend to blossom; take full advantage of the bright and sunny flowering season by bringing home or sending someone a delightful spring bouquet of lovely sweet peas, ranunculus, lilacs, delphiniums, hyacinths, scabiosa and hellebores in bright and bubbly shades.


  1. The Delicate Bouquet: If you are among those who have their birthday in the month of April, bring home a token of delicate freshness to mark your birthday. Avail a flower delivery in Meerut of a delicate arrangement of sweet peas and green ivy and brighten up the ambience of your home quickly. 


  1. The Gorgeous Bouquet:

    An assortment of stunning daisies, Peruvian lilies, roses and carnations all in red with a touch of green makes up a gorgeous floral bouquet. This dramatic combination is bound to attract everybody’s attention in the room and may even earn you some praises too. Check out your local florist to pick a bouquet arrangement as stunning as this one.


  1. The Bold Bouquet:

    Add a little touch of bold in your life with the help of a glorious bouquet in bold and vibrant colours like orange, red, pink and lavender. Choose a luxurious combination of gerbera daisies, gilly flowers, mini carnations, spray roses and Queen Anne’s lace with accented green to take home or to wish someone on their special day and give them a memorable and beautiful token of love to cherish.

Enjoy the beauty and divinity of the wonderful month of April and bask in the glorious delights of spring and all its offerings. Bring home a slice of the season by jazzing it up with a stunning and fresh flower arrangement of the month’s favourite flowers, sweet peas and daisies and freshen up the ambience of your personal space. Still thinking what to get an acquaintance on their birthday? Get them a wonderful arrangement of these beauties and send a rapid flower delivery in meerut on the special day.

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