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Best Bouquets For Birthdays

Best Bouquets For Birthdays

  • Amelia Spencer

Birthdays are always special, irrespective of the age. So whether your little brother is turning five, or your mother is turning 57, or your best friend is turning 21 or your grandma is turning 86, all these birthdays are special for you because these people are special in your life. Birthdays and gifts are two words that will forever be associated, just like birthdays and cakes (by the way, you should totally check out the birthday cake options available on Bloomsvilla, they have the best cake delivery service in India). Flowers are and have always been considered as one of the best gift options for any and every occasion, especially birthdays. Flowers have a language of their own and that’s why they best express your feelings without you even having to use your words. So whether you are looking for the perfect flower bouquet to gift to your mother on her birthday or to your best friend, sister, father, friends, partner, sibling, colleague, or anybody else, on their respective birthdays, we are here to help you choose one that’s going to perfectly convey your feelings and make their day a thousand times better!

Here is a list of flower bouquets that you can choose from to make somebody smile on their birthday-

1. Flower bouquet of Lilies 

Lilies are just so gorgeous, right? They are extremely gorgeous and super classy! We have selected a bunch of flower bouquets which consist of Lilies and we think these are perfect as birthday gifts:

  • For My Heart: This gorgeous bouquet consists of 6 beautiful white Lilies wrapped in a pink paper and it also comes with a black forest cake. A delicious cake and a beautiful bouquet, that’s all you need to make somebody happy.
  • Just to Impress: This beautiful flower arrangement is made up of lovely Lilies and their green glossy stems. This will win the heart at the very first sight! 
  • Love Mystery: Do you think that the person for whom you are looking for a birthday gift loves the color pink? If so, this is the bouquet you should totally go for. This premium flower bouquet consists of 15 pink roses and 3 pink Lilies along with some seasonal fillers in a glass vase. It’s a lovely bouquet!

2. Flower bouquet of red roses 

    Red roses never go out of style. It will always be an amazing choice as a gift for any occasion. Here are a few red rose bouquets that you are going to love-

    • Teddy loves flowers: This is a very cute bouquet which consists of 20 red roses and 6 small teddy bears together, making it super adorable. 
    • An Evening To Remember: This flower arrangement is going to stand out among all the other gifts the recipient might receive and not just that, it will sweep him or her off the feet. They will forever remember this gift and will never not smile at the thought of it. This premium flower arrangement consists of 100 red roses in a cane basket along with seasonal fillers. Yes, 100 red roses!
    • Heart Shape Rose Basket For Valentine: The name might tell you that this is a Valentine’s Day flower arrangement but let us tell you, it’s perfect even for a birthday, especially if it’s your special one’s. It’s a flower arrangement made up of 50 red roses arranged in a heart shape along with some fillers. It’s a lovely present!

    3. Flower bouquet of pink roses

    Pink roses are so pretty that they win hearts all the time. Here are a few pink rose arrangements that you are surely going to fall in love with-

    • Anonymous Love: Do you think whoever you’re planning to give a bouquet to would love a flower basket arrangement? Well, if that’s the case then this is the perfect bouquet for you. It is made up of 20 pretty pink roses in a cane basket along with seasonal fillers. This is such a lovely flower arrangement! 
    • Teddy and Roses bouquet: This is a perfect gift for any girl who loves girly things. This unique bouquet is made up of 10 extremely gorgeous pink roses and 6 super adorable teddy bears wrapped together. 
    • 100 Pink Roses Premium Bouquet: If you are looking for a flower arrangement that is going to stand out and will always be remembered, then this is the one you should go for. It consists of 100, yes you read that right, 100 attractive pink roses. It definitely is going to sweep the recipient of his or her feet!
    • 75 Pink Roses Premium Bouquet: If you think 100 is way too much, you can go for this bouquet instead then. It consists of 75 lovely pink roses.
    • Elegant Basket of Love: If you are looking for a flower basket arrangement that looks extremely pretty, go for this one. It’s a very cute cane flower basket which consists of pink roses and some green fillers.

    4. Unique bouquets which are not made with flowers

    Who said all bouquets need to be made up of flowers? Some bouquets don’t even have a single flower in them yet are absolutely amazing. Here are a few such bouquets which are either made up of chocolates, soft toys, etc. that are perfect as a birthday present-

    • Chocolatey Ferrero Bouquet: This is made up of 16 pieces of Ferrero Rocher wrapped in a lovely red paper. Eyes, heart, and stomach, it’s a treat for all! 
    • Red and white Teddy love: An extremely adorable bouquet made up of 10 cute little red and white teddy bears is a perfect gift for a birthday. 
    • Mega Ferrero Rocher Bunch: We all love Ferrero Rocher, don’t we? Do you know what’s even better than one Ferrero Rocher? Well, 100 of them. Yes, 100, you read it right and we are serious. This bouquet is made up of 100 Ferrero Rocher chocolates, making it not just beautiful but mouth-watering as well!

    5. Flower bouquet of yellow roses 

    Though yellow rose popularly stands for friendship, any flower bouquet which consists of this bright gorgeous flower is perfect as a birthday gift for anybody in your life. Have a look at this beautiful yellow rose bouquet-

    •  My Light Of The World: You just have to check out this premium flower arrangement. It’s so glamorous and unique! This flower arrangement consists of 6 yellow roses and 3 White Lilies along with some seasonal fillers in a glass vase.

    Flower delivery in Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, and all the other Indian cities is now very easily possible as Bloomsvilla delivers flowers (and even cakes, cards, chocolates, etc.) in all the cities in India. So if you are looking to get some amazing premium flowers delivered anywhere in India, you know where to place your order now!

    6. Flower bouquet made up of Orchids

    Orchids look so elegant that even just a few of them make a perfect gift for any occasion. They are glamourous and unique, and therefore a perfect birthday present. Here are some Orchid bouquets that you are going to fall in love with for sure-

    -Blooming Joy- Orchids Bouquet: This bouquet consists of 6 breathtakingly beautiful Orchids wrapped in a cellophane paper and hand-tied with a pink satin bow. This is a winner of hearts! 

    7. Bouquets made up of other flowers like Gerbera, Carnations, white roses, etc.

    • Thank you basket: Flower baskets are just absolutely fantastic, aren’t they? This lovely flower basket carries 8 Mix Gerbera along with some seasonal fillers. 
    • Naughty Pink Carnations Bouquet: Do you love Carnations as much as we do? If so, you are going to love this bouquet. It consists of 10 lovely pink carnations and some green contrasting fillers. 
    • Ferrero Carnations Love: Flowers and chocolates together make the most perfect gift. This premium bouquet consists of 20 Red carnations along with some fillers, and 16 pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolate in the middle. This will win all hearts immediately!
    • Fields Of Love: Don’t you just love white roses? They are so elegant! This combo consists of a premium flower bouquet of 10 White roses and a half kg yummy black forest cake along with a super adorable teddy bear. This is the perfect gift for any birthday.  

    We have named just a few of the thousands of amazing premium flower arrangements available on Bloomsvilla., so don’t forget to visit the site to have a look at the entire collection. They have perfect bouquets for every occasion and you can easily send flowers to India by placing your order online on the site. You can get flower delivery in Bangalore and every other Indian city on any day at any time (yes, even midnight flower delivery is possible to surprise your loved ones) without going through any trouble. Experience a hassle-free flower delivery by ordering online on Bloomsvilla!

    Make your loved ones’ birthdays special with cakes, gifts, cards, flowers, and of course, your love and wishes!

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