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  • Anisha Yadav

Whether it is any point of time of the year we all just love to indulge in shopping online and offline and now the impact of corona virus of course many things are happening but the online market is just flirting with lots of latest things that you can buy especially for home decor. And that is why in this segment I have brought for you all the best gifts that you can give and share. These gifts are none other than that of home decoration. Let us be honest with each other here because we all love shopping and giving and sharing is one of the best things that we can do with each other and when it's about home decor almost all the women love decorating a house and not just women nowadays there are various men as well to show interest in decorating and gifting all types of things related to home decor. The best thing about home decor gifts is that they can be found anywhere and flower delivery in Bangalore along with them is very classy and any new item can be added to the home decor of a house plus they do not trust too much we are getting so many things in just once then why should we go for this gives instead of going for those cosmetic for another kind of care that may or may not be loved as much as this gift by the people to whomsoever you are gifting. So let's check out the home decor collection of 2020 gifts - 


candles for every occassion

Best things about candles are that they always and lighting not just the room but if they are scented candles that their programs will just to flush with the holiday and all the kind of memories that we had before related to that candle so that's why candle makes up for the best gift ever you have given to anyone and the best part is that they also come in handling this time I have brought to you fragrances like vetiver and cardamom, tobacco and patchouli by Apothecary. They are for wax candles and really soothing especially for aromatherapy a box session or just to decorate your house. Anniversary roses along with the candles make a romantic gift. Another great type of candle that you can add on is a taper candle available in a nearby store which you can also make at home using paraffin because the other kind of wax has too much complexity it's better to use paraffin and to give the nice scent you can add in it essentials oils. 

2) Pillows 

pillows are an awesome gift

Anything important to be present when you arrive in the house it is nothing more than properly set pillows and we all remember your favorite character from friends Monica and how she was obsessed with the fluffiness of her pillows and we don't blame her because when you are especially purchasing it to give somebody it must be fluffy and soft. And then with that, you can also I'd candle for baby pillow covers whatever suits you the best. I think about pillows is that even though they are multi-colored patterned or whatever they are they can be adjusted anywhere in the house so you don't have to renovate your whole house just a few at on in the already existing furniture and your home would be guest-ready. And this is the same reason pillows are an amazing gift because you can give them in any season and they always match the interiors even though they are multi-colored anyone receiving them would be very happy. although I know this is quite an unusual gift but you can also give it to your near and dear ones as an anniversary gift along with wedding anniversary flowers of your choice or whatever they preferred or probably you can get them multi-color door matching to the pillows and this is possible with Roses and orchids because roses have lots of colors to match the pillows and orchids have lots of patterns so you can buy patterned orchids to match the patterned pillows. 

3) Hydrophonic Plants 

Hydroponic plants are plants that can be grown by using the leaves of the flowers are which means they can be re-grown. And nowadays and another trending gift item for home decor is those plants that can be kept inside the house without any issues especially that of allergies and harmful fumes. Various companies out there and you can buy a whole kit of hydroponic plants online and you can choose to grow them at home. And the best part is that these are small plants and you can have them keep them or just leave them around and they would help and manage themselves out according to your decor. So it is a natural gift and it is also a very sensible one. So next time when you purchase wedding anniversary flowers online, you can also add this kit as it is a great gift. 

4) Carpets 

carpet to cover shabby floor

Another amazing thing that is available now in the market are readymade carpets earlier these carpets were specially designed for kings and queens and other rich people to suit their interiors. Now they are available in abundance in all the markets whether it's Christmas, Easter, Good Friday, or any other festival that requires decoration these carpets will always come in handy. Plus if you or your friend had a shabby floor, and you were thinking of redoing it, you can now cover it using a carpet. And the best part is that they have varieties, colors, and prints flooding online and offline so you will never leave dissatisfied after purchasing this gift. You can buy flower delivery in Bangalore alongside if this carpet is a birthday or anniversary gift. 

5) Wallpaper 

Well if you have got walls that have the proper finish on them and you were thinking of changing colors, then you can also gift yourself and others, a variety of wallpapers available in the market. They'll not give your walls a proper finish but a new and mesmerizing look. and another plus point hair with gifting wallpaper is that they come for a very cheap amount and in huge quantities so you can buy a lot of those are from bulk markets and give to the desired people and the best part is that they will suit any season and are available according to various seasons. and if you are a creative person like me then whenever I am gifting something I like a mix and match so try gifting similar flowers that are of the same color as that of the wallpaper and the cake with the same pattern of the wallpaper it would be an amazing the coordinated and matched gift and get it delivered along with flower and cake delivery in Bangalore or anywhere else. 

Decorated candles gift matching flowers and pillows gift
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