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  • Anisha Yadav

Skin and hair order of the two things that not just women but even made love to care about it and quite often because of a daily routine with just put ourselves on chemical-based products and then they become a part of our life and skin and hair care routine but the point is if you are using chemicalized products then you should also be substituting your skin with something natural and of course these chemicalized products are going to do you no good in the longer time. And that is when I did you switch to all-natural skincare products and cosmetics or if not then divide both of these in half and half like the morning skincare routine could be natural and after that, you can use any kind of cosmetics you want but make sure that they are good quality cosmetics. So back to the topic that point of the in our house we have these leftover flowers from our wedding anniversary, weddings, birthdays and several occasions on which we use these amazing flowers and at the end, there is no use of them we can store them for a while but it may not be so for a longer time. Sometimes even we order flower delivery in Bangalore or anywhere else in the world because they are a good addition with the gift and as usual flowers themselves are not a gift you need to carry something with the flowers are always an add-on with the gift. We'll be looking at some home remedies and do it yourselves that you can do out of these leftover roses. now if you are going to a party with roses one of my suggestions would be to take wild roses nowadays of the load is everywhere are selling these wild roses which do not have any pesticides and they are all-natural so if they are all-natural without any Harsh chemicals that can always be put to some other use. Because most of the time you are gifted none other roses, but you have to be very short over hair that these are wild Roses and not cultured roses because cultured roses have pesticides in it which are not at all good for our skin but don't worry you can find nowadays pure wild roses even in the form of a bouquet online so you can give to your friends and family members that way even in just give them a rose bouquet but also something that they can use later on. Roses are always in the season they can be bought online and offline very easily and they have various uses. If something is so good it will be popular among people and it can always be put to use. So let's look at what are the skin and hair benefits of these roses - 

1) Lip Balms 

Natural lip balm

This is the most popular thing that you can make from real roses. Now to make lip balms all you need is dry the rose petals by making sure that you use red roses because they are the ones who going to give you most color and pink as well. So once the roses are dried you need to sieve them. Then you need to add one tablespoon of Shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and three to four drops of essential oils of any of your favorite. That's it your all-natural lip balm is ready and that too with the anniversary roses that came for your birthday or anniversary party. 

2) Eye shadow

Eye shadows for beautiful eyes

 I know nowadays there is this new grace of having some eye shadows our eye shadow palette that is completely different and it’s not available in the market or we just want something that actually suits our skin and goes along very well that but the problem is that very often we do not have ingredients and when we do have them we don't have the recipe for how to exactly make it. Making and eye shadow at home and then giving it as a gift along with wedding anniversary flowers would be the most amazing gift you would have ever given to your best friend or family members or if you have a teenage daughter. So to make this all you need is some dried rose powder, and you also need to have beetroot powder if you want a darker shade if you're looking for a very light shade on your skin then just rose powder will work fine for you. Next ingredient you need is talcum powder which has a one you have and mixes the two 3 if you are adding the beetroot powder as well and that's it your eye shadow is ready to apply on your face know if you want to store it in a pallet you can press this powder tightly into the pallet and then add some rubbing alcohol to it. And the best part with eye shadows is that you can use any color roses because you need lots of eye shadows to mix and match. 

3) Face pack 

Hibiscus and rose pack

We all just love how Rose gives shine and adds so much color in fragrance to our lives daily and not just from one source but from many people it comes to us in the form of wishes greetings and it's more like roses become a part of our culture. So to make rose face pack two ways one is by squeezing the juice out of pink or red wild rose, boil it, let it cool, and then you can mix it with kaolin clay or any other that you like. And the other way is to dry the rose petals and grind them into a fine paste using a stone grinder and before applying it you can also add beetroot and hibiscus powder for a better glow and if you are allergic to kaolin clay. You can mix this powder along with honey or rose water. And now that you know the recipe to make glowing face packs at home you can give them as a gift to your best friends and family members probably along with a midnight flower delivery in Bangalore or any other city.

4) Hair pack

natural hair pack

Well roses make an amazing hair pack as well and they are really good for taking care of your hairs and the best part is that nowadays there are many flower and cake delivery in Bangalore who will offer you wild roses to give it to people. And if you are taking these roses they can be put to use. How to make the hair pack you need to have dried rose powder along with gooseberry, hibiscus, onion paste, and a few drops of essential oils. That's it your beautiful and all-natural hair pack is ready with only a very few ingredients that won't cost you more than $3. Now when you apply the space on your hair make sure to leave it for at least 1 hour and cover your hair with polythene to let its warmth be soaked by your hairs. Suppose if you are gifting this same hair pack to someone then you can also use dried onion powder instead.

5) Lipsticks 

lipstick for glowing lips

Now I know you must be waiting for very long to make your lipstick at home that is completely natural and does not have any kind of alcohol or other ingredients that would affect the quality of your lips. To make the lipstick once again you need dried red roses. I always use red you can use any other color too.  Now you need agar wood and sweet almond oil soak these things for 15 days in a lightly shaded area. Meanwhile, let your rose petals dry and grind them in a stone grinder to make a powder, sieve this powder and on a double boiler add rose powder, beeswax and Shea butter, sweet almond oil and grapefruit oil, jojoba oil, lastly add four drops of the soaked almond essential oil we made. Once we are all mixed you can put them into dry containers and let them rest for about 3 hours. So at last your all-natural lipstick is also ready and you have not added any harsh chemicals into it and it can be used with several other colors too. It would be a great gift for your friends and family members, especially alongside wedding anniversary flowers. Now another thing with this method is that if you want a less color or a lip balm out of the same formula then you can add the color accordingly. 

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