There are so many things that we all just love to do and especially lockdown has given us time also to rethink about the ways with which we were living our life until now and you know we have more time to spend with family and of course, because of our day to day routine, we would keep on missing those things in life that we loved doing and has chosen a job as a substitute for money. So if there are too many negatives of the slop town that there are too many positive as well and that is why today I have brought for you all no cosmetics, not any readymade gifts but some homemade gifts that you can do at home without any issue and it would be too so soothing and relaxing for your mind and these are so good that you can try them at home as some good activities with your younger ones or even with the teenage daughter or son these are very relaxing and amazing and they would make you the cool mom too. and of course, if you are single that does not mean you cannot try these they so think that means that going to relax your mind so let's check out these do-it-yourself, alongside flowers bought from the florist in Bangalore or anywhere else just when you have to give this as a gift. These things are so easy that you can do during this lockdown with the minimal things possible from your pantry - 

1) DIY Candles 

Homemade candles

Don't you think candles making is the most soothing thing that you would ever want to do is especially I just love making candles and I had this teenage dream of a starting my own candles company however that never worked out so well but I still love making candles to decorate my house and instead of buying candles from outside its much better to make them with the things that are already present in your house and that way you wouldn't have to compromise on the colors and fragrance and decorations as well you can do anything you like? So along with birthday flowers, it would be amazing to add handmade candles as a gift. Now you can take any wax which is present in your household you can buy online. I prefer paraffin because it's easily available and there are no chances of it being fake so I always avoid beeswax because there are too many hoax products out there. You can add food colors if you don't have any candles colors. You can add food essence or extracts like vanilla, pineapple, mango, orange, peach whatever you like and essential oils 2-3 drops would be amazing too. Thus you can put this mixture in a mold with a candle wick and let it rest for about 3 hours. There you go your candles are ready you can also do other flavors especially according to the season like for the holidays you can do coffee and cinnamon. So you can just add cinnamon sticks and a little bit of cinnamon powder into the wax. And if you doing coffee then you can add coffee beans at the base of a glass or jar whatever you are taking or into the mold. Your amazing holiday candles are ready to decorate your house or to give them along with a gift or you can even give them as a gift but make sure it with flowers or anything extra added on. 

2) DIY Perfumes 

make your own perfume from oil

With this latest trend coming along that used to prevail in our societies around in the 1900s of almost all the ingredients that were used in perfumes were natural except, the emulsifiers that added on to make it last longer. So basically making a perfume by yourself is the easiest thing that you would ever do and the best part is that you don't have to add any harsh chemicals into it phone storage because these perfumes of basically a combination of a few oils and you'll be on the go. And I like to use roll-on because they are easier to apply and gift to rather than the normal spray bottles. And you can be artistic over here and add many other DIY gifts like homemade skin powders, eye shadows, etc. along with cake and flower delivery in Bangalore or any other city.

3) DIY Rose Lipsticks 

handmade lipsticks

We all have seen Korean and Chinese beauty products and they have flourished in the market like a whirlwind and we all love at least most of them. And that is why when it comes to natural beauty both of them do it most amazingly and that is why today we are going to learn how to make a rose lipstick at home with the help of just of your ingredients. And of course, because we are using gel food colors in it so you can make it very easily and it'll be an amazing birthday gift along with birthday flowers. show how to make a base of your lipstick you need some beeswax, Shea butter and make sure that you source these things from a local provider because they are the chances of getting these things pure is much higher than that of from an online store. Next, you need cold-pressed coconut oil, lavender or grapefruit or any other essential oil’s fragrance you like the most, artificial color of your choice because if you used food color it’ll tint your lips for too long and that’s it just melt the beeswax and at Shea butter to it followed by three to four drops of essential oil or you can do 10 to 12 as well and add cold-pressed coconut oil and food color according to your skin and desired end effects. 

4) DIY Chapsticks 

colored lip balms made at home

This is more like a back to school do it yourself and it is really fun to do you can do it with your daughter or son and it is one of the best recipes for the best chapsticks to give as a birthday giveaway all an addition to an already existing get you can make many of them and set them properly like a bouquet along with a few fresh flowers and your party gift would be ready. So now let's see how to make these - starting with 1 tablespoon beeswax, 2 teaspoons coconut oil solid it before using, one teaspoon almond oil, and one teaspoon honey and four-four drops of lavender and orange essential oils. So you need to melt this all in a double boiler and then pour it in the ChapStick containers and let it solidify on room temperature or in the refrigerator. That's it you are ready to go gift is ready. You can always use other combinations of essential oils which were when you have at home would do the best. And if you cannot do it with beeswax you can always add any petroleum jelly that is available to you. 

5) DIY Lip Balms  

light pink lip balm made from Vaseline and old lipstick        

This is such a soothing recipe to make for my lips that I to sought to have a set of my own special the colors that suit my skin a bit before we proceed there is one thing that when you apply lipstick lip balms you have to follow the cardinal rule and that is you need to apply a lip liner and that is because even lip balms have a slight amount of color in it and the if you don't apply lip liner then it will just fade and spread all over your face and your lips wouldn't look good. This is an amazing gift that you can also prepare for your bridesmaid or just add on in your bridal gift basket for your friend's family members or if you have a son or daughter you can prepare it with them it's just two ingredients do it yourself. And when you add them as a gift you can add them along with happy birthday flowers, of the same colors as that of your lip balms. So let's get started one tablespoon of Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly which is available in your house or you can buy one from a store, and next, you need any old leftover lipstick or eye shadow. Now just heat the Vaseline and add to it a thin slice of lipstick or scrape the eye shadow according to the desired color and if you don’t lipstick and eye shadow have mile fragrance then you can add one to two drops of any essential oil available in your house

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