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Cute and Comfy wardrobe - work from home edition

Cute and Comfy wardrobe - work from home edition

  • Anisha Yadav

So during this lock down we all are stuck back at home and just can't bear the fact that we are working from home. Finally some people this thing has come and as a boon and others think that it is  more like a jail for them so well both of them need something like fun and that is why I came up with this really good article on cute and comfy wardrobe work from home edition. working from home that just doesn't mean that you are going to be bored sitting back at home in fact I think now the times are coming when you should be used to living more at home then in your office and I think it has given you ample amount of time to really think about your lifestyle, about your skin care routine about the things that you would doing until now it is the time to correct them all and that is why we going to start with something really fun and that is creating something out of the already existing one of your clothes or not going for the most high and fashion available in the market but rather staying within limits and buy something which is cheaper in a budget and so that even when we have created a nice wardrobe for a house with don't forget the what that someday we will have to go back to work and then be same clothes should be put to use when we are going to work back in the offices. So alongside flower delivery in Bangalore or anywhere else you can add any one of the pieces as a gift to your friends and family members. So let's check them out -


1) Floral Dress

 floral dress for summers and rainy

Well summer is the season for wearing really amazing floral because not only do they are thin and with available in as many materials as you want them to be in you can also get them stitched according to your size and the design that you want from any designer or tailor you know. And of course wearing a floral over a good jacket would make it really amazing and even when you are wearing a dress you would be really comfortable in these two clothes working from home and it would be stylish so you can also add up some jewelry if you want to. And if this is a gift for your best friend and family members then make sure to send it with cake delivery in Bangalore or in any other city.


2) Romper

Romper is something that would suit any kind of figure that you have long legs, short legs whatever it is but it is definitely the kind of dress that will make you feel comfortable especially if it's cotton or stretchable cotton fabric. They both are ideal for wearing during summers and of course it would be amazing to give a romper as a gift to your friends and family members along with best cake and flower delivery in Bangalore, or anywhere else. and what your figure is if you feel comfortable wearing a romper then you should definitely go for it and don't be scared of showing your knees they are just part of the body and you'll flaunt yourself well in it.


3) Skirt and Top  

Skirt and top for something that never go out of fashion whatever the season be because during winters you can wear something woolen and during summers you can wear something that is in line with today's a fabrics you could go for strips, polka dots or whatever you like but make sure that the fabric is cotton and or mixed cotton. And of course you don't have to worry about accessorizing yourself because that would just highlight and complete your look very well. And this will make up for a perfect gift along with midnight flower and cake delivery in Bangalore or anywhere else in the world.


4) Maxi dress

cotton maxi dress for summers 

Maxi dress is something that we all just love wearing and it's something in which we would want to snuggle up all the time and it looks good on any kind of body we have and the best part is that they are available in any material you want and for any occasion. I mean you can get a maxi even woolen one for winters. So of course for summers it would be an ideal where and even if you're giving a presentation online or doing anything else work from home it would be just title to wear that maxi dress and front yourself in a and if it's someone's birthday done this for makeup for an amazing present you can just add best cake and flower delivery in Bangalore or anywhere else.


floral dresses and cakes something cute and comfy
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