Connection of Flower with Diwali Pooja and Types of Flowers Used

Connection of Flower with Diwali Pooja and Types of Flowers Used

Diwali is known as one of the biggest festivals in India, and this festival is celebrated with immense fervor by all states of the country. Since India is a land of diversity, different kinds of celebrations have been noted in different places of India. Mainly, it has been marked as the festival of lights. People light up their homes with candles, LED lights, etc. As per Hindu mythology, Diwali signifies return of Lord Ram from 14 years exile in forest. As he returns to his home, people in his kingdom had welcomed him with lights and festive feelings. Since then, Diwali is getting celebrated in India.

Connection of Diwali and Flowers

diwali with flowers

In India, connection of flowers can be noted with different events and occasions. From personal events to religious festivals, any celebration is almost incomplete without flowers. In marriage events or anniversary celebrations, venue decoration has been done with flowers. In religious rituals, various Hindu Gods have been worshiped with flowers. For different Pooja or God worshiping, different kinds of flowers are used. For Diwali, we shall learn about the use of flowers as per different traditional rituals in the following section.

1. Sending Flowers to Friends and Relatives

send flowers on diwali

Diwali is a great occasion to show your love and care for your family members and loved ones. On this auspicious occasion, people send gifts to others to share happiness. A bunch of beautiful flowers along with box of traditional Indian sweets, dry fruits and chocolates would be perfect gift to send to a person who is special to you. To send flowers to Hyderabad, you should find reliable and esteem online florist. You can place your order from anywhere, and the order will be delivered at your preferred location in Hyderabad.

2. Flowers for Diwali Decoration

flowers for diwali decoration

Since Diwali is a festival of lights and happiness, people light up their house on this day. Not just lighting up house with candles and LED lights, rangoli design is also considered as a traditional Diwali ritual. In different parts of India, you would find different methods and styles for Rangoli design for Diwali. Power colors are used for Rangoli design along with candles and flowers. In many places, people do not even use flowers. They simply use flowers for Rangoli design. For such design purpose, you should use marigold, sunflower, etc.

3. Flowers for Diwali Pooja

flowers for diwali puja

On the day of Diwali, Ganesh and Lakhsmi worshiping is a common ritual. For Ganesh and Lakhsmi pooja, you need to use various kinds of flowers. Commonly, marigold flowers have been used for such worshiping.

4. Worshiping Goddess Kali

 goddess kali worship

In Eastern region of India, you shall find that people celebrate “Kali Puja” on the day of Diwali. Kali is known as traditional Indian goddess, who destroys the evil. On the day of Kali worshiping, different flowers are used. However, on flower is indispensable for Kali Puja. The name of that flower is hibiscus. Red hibiscus is a major ingredient of Kali worshiping ritual.

Flowers and Diwali are Inseparable

diwali flowers

As discussed above, different types of flowers are used for Diwali rituals and home decoration purpose. Without flowers, Diwali is almost incomplete. You cannot complete your home decor without lights and flowers. To make someone happy with unique Diwali gifts, you can choose a beautifully designed flower bouquet. Overall, flowers have become integral parts of the Diwali celebration in India. Beautiful flowers bring happiness with their divine appearance and fragrance. You can check out our exciting range of Diwali gifts for your loved ones.

If you are living outside India or staying away from your family on Diwali, you can still share happiness with your family members by sending them exquisite gifts. To send flowers to Hyderabad, you should choose professional and reliable online florist.

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