Celebrate Your Girl-Friends This Galentine's Day

Celebrate Your Girl-Friends This Galentine's Day

Girl-friends are more important than boyfriends, right? I mean who else will listen to your pointless drama over and over again without judging you, who else will go window-shopping with you, who else will give you the spiciest gossip every day, who else will help you send that risky text to your crush, who else will cover up for you in front of your parents just so you can go on a date, who else will do all the things only a girl-friend would do? 

Galentine's day celebration ideas

They are the most excited for you when you have a new crush, they are the most excited when you finally get into a relationship and they are also the first one to turn up with a tub of ice cream and a bottle of wine when you have a breakup. Girl-friends deserve to be treated like queens and the bond should be celebrated at every possible chance. And just like valentine's day flower delivery for your partner, you can also have Galentine’s Day flower delivery for your gal pals by ordering on Bloomsvilla!

Galentine’s Day is celebrated on Valentine’s Day eve, that is, on 13th February, or at times on the weekend after Valentine’s Day. This celebration or tradition started from the TV comedy “Parks and Recreation,” in which the show’s leading character, Leslie Knope, spends the day with her girlfriends. Since then, every year Galentine’s Day has been a very popular occasion among female friends.

galentine's day fun

Here are a few ways in which you can make it a Galentine’s Day to remember: 

1. Go for a brunch 


Take your girlfriends out on a boozy brunch. Yes, dress up and go order some great food and drinks like mimosas, sangria or mojitos and get drunk with your girlfriends in the middle of the afternoon. Keep your phones away and make it a rule to not talk about your boyfriend/husband during the entire time. This will get you girls thinking about the good old days before you all start dating your respective partners.

2. Go for spa

galentines day spa

Spend a day with your girlfriends at the spa just pampering yourselves. Book an appointment from beforehand so that all of you can get the services done at the same time. This will not only help you all to bond but will also relieve all the stress.

3. Go clubbing 

galentine's day clubbing

Do you remember when every Saturday night used to be “girls night out”? Yeah, good old days! So, this Galentine’s Day go for clubbing with your girlfriends just like old times and drink & dance your heart away.

4. Go for a movie and some shopping

Galentine's day shopping

Meet all your girlfriends for a movie, preferably one which all of you will like, and have fun like you all used to once upon a time. After the movie, you all can indulge in some shopping, or maybe window-shopping,  just the way once you used to do with your girlfriends maybe when you were teenagers or in college.

5. Send flowers to those gal pals who live far away from you

galentine's day flower delivery

You might have girlfriends who live in a different city or country but that does not mean you can’t make their day special. You can have valentine flower delivery (or in this case, “Galentine” flower delivery) for those girlfriends who are living away by ordering online on Bloomsvilla. Online flower delivery in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and every other Indian city is now possible without any extra cost. So, what are you waiting for? Order some premium flower arrangements right now on Bloomsvilla and make your girlfriends’ day special!

The relationship you have with your girlfriends is something you should always cherish and protect, and never ever forget your girl-friends when you have a boyfriend. Have a beautiful Galentine’s Day, girls!

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