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6 Unique Ways to Wish and Congratulate Your Coworker

6 Unique Ways to Wish and Congratulate Your Coworker

  • Amelia Spencer

There are several occasions when you say ‘Congrats’ to someone. However, when it is our colleague who has been a great support person in life, it often seems that the words fall short when conveying heartfelt wishes. If you are also troubled with the same consequences, herein are some special ways to communicate the ‘congrats’ messages to your office mate.

1. Say it with a Flower Bouquet

congratulations flower bouquet

It is hard to accept one of our colleagues leaves a job to accept a prospective opportunity and higher job responsibilities in a new company. Parting with friendly coworkers is always a despondent event you never want to experience. However, it is a nice gesture to send in some cordial wishes when you say congrats.

I generally prefer sending some fresh blossoms via flower delivery in Bangalore directly to the official venue. Last month, when I sent a floral assortment to one of my senior associates on the retirement day, there were tears of joy in his eyes. I always ask for a mini-card with a personalized message to be added to my Congratulation gifts.

2. Send a Personalized Congrats Card on Promotion

personalized handwritten congrats card 

Sometimes, a co-worker may not have an intimate relationship with you in the office or maybe working in another department. If you have heard of the promotion, herein is a short example to send a ‘Congrats’ message to the person. 

Congratulations on Your Promotion!

Dear (First Name of the Coworker),

Congrats on your well-deserved achievement to the new position of HR Manager. It was nice to see you through this wonderful journey in your career over the past few years. I am really excited to see, how you implement new skillsets and experiences in the future to accomplish the responsibilities of the new job role. Please feel free to reach out, if ever you require anything from me. 

Warm Regards,

(Your Name)

3. Send a Congrats Gift to a Parting Coworker

Is your co-worker relocating to another city or country for a new designation? 

Well, this is really an overwhelming moment for both of you. 

Why not give him/her something exquisite to create lifetime precious memories. 

You may give a personalized travel mug, a watch, or something very portable such as a trinket box (if your colleague is a lady). 

These utility items are transportation-friendly and bear the remembrance of fellow teammates.

4. A Notebook with Business Planner

notebook with business planner

Did your co-worker receive an appraisal recently and appointed for a new managerial position. This is yet another moment, when you may want to send a Congratulation gift. 

Give the person a break from using small stick notes and scattered papers all over the desk for preparing to-do lists, developing project plans and so on. Gift a classy notebook with a business planner allowing the person to go easy with the daily work schedules, quotes, making important notes, etc.

5. Wish Health and Well-being with Your Congrats Message

congratulations gifts

If your team leader has received accomplishment on a project success that means a lot to you and the company, herein is a splendid idea to say ‘congrats’.

Maybe, the person had gone through a tiring journey over the past few months during the project work. 

Send your Congratulations card with a wicker basket full of luscious fruits from Bloomsvilla. This is a magnificent way to wish him good health as well while expressing your heartiest congrats messages.

6. Aloe Vera Plant in Pot for a Lady Coworker 

aloe vera pot gift

Women are tired of receiving jewellery, watches, and clutch bags as corporate gifts, birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. Give your colleague a break from all-feminine gifts when you want to praise her for the new success. 

Giving a plant in a pot is also great for your nature lover associate. There are several benefits of bestowing an aloe vera plant. The family members of the person can use the aloe vera gel extracts for various health and skincare regimen at home. They grow well with little care so it will be easy to maintain it for years to come. 

Now, that I have herein shared some of the best ideas to say ‘congrats’ to your team-mate in the office, you have a plethora of options to do the same with confidence. 

Whether you are sending a gift or not, your wishes are best expressed when you go and congratulate your teammate in person.

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