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10 Reasons Why Orchids are the Perfect Valentine’s Day Flower Gift

10 Reasons Why Orchids are the Perfect Valentine’s Day Flower Gift

  • Amelia Spencer

Weeks before the beginning of February, people start planning about the romantic gifts they need to buy to celebrate a series of occasions- Teddy Day, Kiss Day, Rose Day and finally, Valentine’s Day. 

valentines day celebrations

Yes, love is in the air everywhere and all around. Even those who do not often send flowers to Ahmedabad, restlessly surf through the online stores for the most magnificent flower arrangement for their soulmate. All these and much more only for the special day- Valentine’s Day- the most eminent day to celebrate love.  

valentine's day

While there is an umpteen fascination for red roses among those who are in a mature relationship, herein are some reasons to choose Orchids this year. 

1. Orchid Bouquet- The Most Elegant Flower Gift 

Orchids Bouquet

Orchids are one of the most expensive flower species largely sold through selective stores worldwide. Mostly chosen as corporate gifts, they symbolize grandeur, luxury, beauty, refinement, and charm. 

If your beloved possesses a modish personality, giving these flowers is a cool way of conveying compliments and praises. 

2. A Plethora of Magnificent Hues

varieties of orchids

You can never go wrong about expressing heartfelt emotions with orchids. These beautiful flowers are available in a variety of tints including- white, pink, purple, blue, lavender, green, red, yellow and orange.  

3. Make Your Floret Gift Unique

orchids as birthday gifts

Your beloved may have received several flower bouquets throughout the life- on birthdays, on success, thanksgiving flowers, official appraisals, and so on. While most people would give carnations, roses or sunflower bunches on such events, someone rarely receives a bouquet of orchids- a possession for the receiver. 

4. Convey Your Love Emotions with Symbolic Messages

We all know that each flower species and their colors bear their significance, carry a message, and symbolize various aspects of human emotions and qualities. 

Whatever be your favorite color, orchids, in general, symbolize love and beauty. This is a romantic way to express your love. Take a glance at the symbolic significance of different orchid shades: 

White- purity, sophistication, attraction, virtue, veneration, humility

Blue- rarity, uniqueness, class, elegance

Purple- solemnity, appreciation, royalty, esteem

Pink- femininity, poise, ecstasy, innocence, exultation

Red- valor, power, aspiration, passion

Orange- confidence, gratification, zeal

Yellow- resurrection, relationship, bliss 

Green- endurance, salubriousness, environment

5. Lasts Longer than Other Floral Assortments

orchids stay fresh for longer period

Do you know, you can give orchids as potted plants? 

This makes your gift eternal. While other flowers in the bouquet will shrivel in a few days, the orchids when presented in a container keep producing newer blooms year after year. 

6. Precise Choices to Complement Your Valentine’s Day Gifts

valentine's day gifts

Maybe you have already purchased something precious for your lady love- diamond jewellery, a designer saree or something really special. In this age of gadget add-ons, sending orchids through Valentine's Day Flower Delivery services perfectly complements your precious adorable gifts. 

7. A Precious Possession for the Recipient 

When you give potted orchids to your sweetheart, she can keep it in the balcony and grow them for years with very little care. The other members at home, neighbors as well as the guests will surely notice these nice aromatic flowers. Hence, these floral blossoms are surely going to elevate the esteem of the receiver. 

8. An Eco-Friendly Gift

Though all flowers are eco-friendly, yet the potted orchids are easy to maintain in humid climatic conditions. Remaining alive for long years, they are going to spread the breath of fresh air all around. 

While other flower bunches will rot away in a few days and you need to throw them away, the orchids are your possession and a boon to your home environment. 

9. Personalized Flower Gift

While you need to attach a note with the best wishes on other flower gifts, with orchids you can go out of the box when it comes to personalizing the flower gift. Just ask your florist to embed the recipient’s name and your love wishes on the earthen pot. Once embedded, the eternal personalized love messages are going to create lifetime sweet memories.

10. Easy to Mix with Other Flowers 

orchids and roses 

Even if you are not planning to send a potted plant to your partner, yet, it is easy to prepare a customized bouquet with mixed flowers or even different colored orchids. Add red roses with white orchids, or just prepare one with white and blue orchids and so on. 

There is a lot to do with orchids if you want to send a unique flower gift to your beloved. Hope these reasons have also helped you to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day flower gift. 

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