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All You Need to Know about Carnations– January’s Birth Flower

All You Need to Know about Carnations– January’s Birth Flower

  • Amelia Spencer

Hello, January’s birthday boy or girl. First of all, a very happy birthday to you. You are very positive and strong in nature just what your birth flower symbolizes.

Have you ever heard about the January birth flower? By now, you must have understood that Carnation is your birth flower. The flower is one of the most ancient florets in the world. 

carnations flower basket

You might have often received them as gifts or often send them via flower delivery in Gurgaon to your friends, colleagues and many others.

But, did you know what makes this flower so special? 

Read on to explore the most amazing facts about these fascinating sweet-scented blossoms.

History of Carnations

purple and pink carnations

Carnations are called Dianthus Caryophyllus, which means ‘Flower of Love’. The scientific name Dianthus has been derived from the Greek terms:  

  • Dios- the name of Zeus- the Greek God and the King of Olympus 
  • Anthos- means flowers in Greek

Hence, this January birth flower is also considered the Divine Flower or the ‘Flower of God’ in Greek Mythology. 

Not only do these flowers have a captivating appeal on the people around, but also they are known to boost positive energy all around just like the people born in January. 

There is a famous belief in Christianity that these flowers blossomed at Mother Mary’s feet when her tears were falling on Jesus at the time of lugging the Cross.

Grown worldwide in a range of vibrant hues, each one manifests deeper significance and symbolism.  

Herein is a quick list of each of these colours and the symbolic eminence in our lives. 

Colorful Carnation flowers

White: Fortune, Virtue

Pale Red: Veneration

Pink: Gratefulness

Purple: Love and Esteem

Yellow: Hindrance and Condemnation

Green: Abundance 

This is why it is not worthy to replace the roses for carnations as long as you are fully convinced about the messages they convey. For instance, yellow roses symbolize friendship while the yellow carnations are given to convey disappointment. 

What does Carnation Represent as the January Birth Flower?

Pink and White carnations

Be confident about choosing this birth flower as a birthday gift from Bloomsvilla, especially for girls born in this month. They connote the message of deific love, gratification, and women. 

The mild fragrance of these large flamboyant profound flowers creates an aura of mesmerism all around. This is why carnations have been chiefly used by the ancient Greeks and Romans in decorations during official and wedding events. The Greeks made ceremonial crowns with these flowers for the coronation ceremony. The name- carnation is believed to be derived from therein. 

Carnations in Various Important Events Worldwide 

Beautiful Carnations

Apart from being a representation of accolade, fascination, and adoration, carnations are officially used in several countries in national events and commemorations.

Netherlands: Until date, the people of the Netherlands wear white carnations to commemorate the country’s resistance during World War II.

France: The purple carnations are used during the funeral ceremony considering them as the ancient flower for this procession.

USA: The scarlet red carnations are the state flower of the American State of Ohio. This flower was selected to offer a tribute to William McKinley, the ex-President of the USA who was born in Niles, Ohio.

May Day Celebrations: The bright red carnations are used to epitomize Socialism is several countries. Hence, they are used in the 1 May celebrations in these nations to commemorate the World Labour Movement day and socialism.

Some Interesting and Lesser Known Facts about Carnations

Fresh Carnations

Carnation Tea: Like many other flowers, the carnations tea is the powerhouse of antioxidants that help to relieve stress, inflammation, and abdominal pain. This flower tea when consumed during high fever aids in faster recovery. These flowers are also edible, so you can eat them raw as well.

Carnation Oil: An essential oil full of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, the oil is commercially used in several cosmetic products. When added in proper proportions in creams and lotions, they provide hydration and nourishment to the skin to treat dryness and wrinkles.

Change Colours: At times, it may not be possible to get the carnations in the desired hues. It is easy to modify the white carnations with food colour to create uncommon variations in orange, red, yellow and so on. When you want to get an inspired colour scheme for the next theme party, use this trick to dazzle like a star decorator.



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