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Awesome Gifts to Pair with Rose Wine: Gourmet Wine Basket

Awesome Gifts to Pair with Rose Wine: Gourmet Wine Basket

  • Amelia Spencer

Gourmet gifting is a corporate custom during holidays and festive season. In this age, people go about choosing gifts based on the receiver’s likes and preferences. 

Do you want to give a bottle of rose wine to a rose connoisseur? 

gift basket with wine and flowers

Well, it is a pretty impressive idea to choose items for the gift basket this way. It is a nice gesture depicting that you have taken special care to include specific gifts based on the liking of the person. 

Are you confused about choosing the perfect gifts to pair with the bottle of rose wine? 

Whether you want to make your employee feel nerved or want to enthuse a client who loves rose, herein is a list of items that best pair with rose wine in a gourmet gift basket.

1. Peach Roses with a Bottle of Light Dry Rose Wine 

peach roses with wine

Flowers pair best with all types of corporate gifts. However, if you are preparing a gift basket for an important client, consider sending peach roses via flower delivery in Pune.

2. Funky Wine Bottle Stopper 

Now that you are planning to give a bottle of rose, it is best to give a couple of wine bottle stoppers. There are several bottle stoppers available online- made of glass, wood, and other materials. Pick a nice design that the recipient would love to preserve with joy.

3. Stemless Wine Glasses

stemless wines glass

Stemless wine glasses are modish in look and replace the traditional stemmed glasses. They fit in a small space and look fabulous when you serve red or rose wine in them. You can go the extra mile creating some personalized messages to be inscribed on these glasses.

4. A Packet of Rich Creamy Cheese

It is a custom to serve cheese on the palate with rose wine to the guests during a cocktail party. Now if you are buying cheese for pairing with the rose wine bottle, there are quite a few specifics to make sure you are choosing the right pair. Herein is a list of suggestions: 

Elegant Fruit Rose- Aged Creamy Gouda Goat Cheese 

Citrus Rose- Sheep’s Milk Semi-Hard Cheese

Sparkling Rose- Triple Cream Aged Cheese

Light Off-Dry Rose- Soft Goat Milk Cheese

Full-Bodied Fruity Rose- Creamy Goat Cheese

Warm-Climate Fruity Rose- Feta Cheese

5. Box Full of White Milk Chocolates

white milk chocolate box

When it comes to serving chocolates with wine, the white milk chocolates pair best with sparkling rose. However, if your colleague is too fond of cocoa chocolates, pair a box full of sweetened cocoa chocolates with rose champagne. 

The white chocolates made of cocoa butter and cream are suitable for pairing with wine versions- Pinot Noir and Rose Port. Some variations of rose wines also taste fabulous with strawberry dipped cacao chocolates.

6. Flavored Cake with Crisp Dry Rose Wine

flavored cake

If you have chosen such as the Diama rose wine for someone, it is better to replace chocolates with a cake. Some cake varieties such as strawberry cheesecake and chocolate truffle cake from Bloomsvilla taste magnificent when served with the Light dry rose.

7. Cookbook of Recipes to Pair with Wine 

If your co-worker is too fond of rose wine or simply loves to taste wine in any form, give a cookbook full of recipes of mouth-watering dishes popularly served with different wine varieties. Alternatively, you may also include a wine journal in the gourmet basket so that it becomes easy to get the hot picks next time.

8. Coffee Blends

coffee blends

For caffeine addicts, there is no better gift than a bottle of pure aromatic freshly grounded roasted coffee beans. Experts suggest that wine-infused coffee beans is relaxing for the body and offers great refreshment.

9. Fresh Luscious Citrus Fruits 

fresh citrus fruits

If you have already added a sweet rose wine such as sparkling rose, it is good to add some citrus fruits in your gourmet basket. Experts opine that the citrus fruits such as strawberries and melons are ideal servings with the sugary wines to add a bit of acidic tinge. 

While the above-mentioned are some suggestions of items and foods to pair with a wine basket, you can very well include other objects such as a calendar, diary or anything else. If you are too keen on preparing a themed rose wine gift hamper, this list will definitely give you some inspiration.

gourmet wine basket pune rose wine
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