Flowers to Send Your Friends on Valentine’s Day

Flowers to Send Your Friends on Valentine’s Day

When you hear the phrase ‘Valentine’s Day, the first thought that strikes your mind is the celebration of love between two lovers. While this affair prioritizes the love shared between two partners, it can also be considered as an opportunity to express your love and affection towards your friends. As we grow, we tend to get caught up in our lives and we forget to keep in touch with old friends. We don’t always need a grand gesture to prove somebody’s importance to us; sometimes, all it takes are small actions. This Valentine’s, take out your time and send flowers to Bangalore to your friends.

 I will be enlisting a number of flowers that are befitting to the foregoing occasion. You can either surprise them with a bouquet or you can couple the flowers with some chocolates or some dry fruits. If you do not want to send any food item, you can also include a card or a small note attached to the flowers. There are multiple ways you can organize your little surprise, and I will be discussing a few noteworthy approaches for the aforementioned as well. 


Valentine's day roses

Yes, yes, you read that right. I agree that rose is the most cliché flower a person could use as a gift on Valentine’s Day but what people tend to overlook is that roses are available in a variety of colours. While red roses are considered to be a symbol of passion, love and desire, yellow roses stand for friendship and affection. While sending a friend a note of appreciation, you can also take pink, peach and white roses into account. These roses, also, express a symbol of admiration, respect and gratitude. You can buy flower bouquet online or you could visit an online florist shop in Bangalore and choose the flowers manually. You can either choose to send a bouquet of roses of one particular colour or you can even select 3 roses of each colour manually designing the bouquet. 


sunflowers for Valentine

Yellow is a colour which is known for exuding warmth and inspiration and sunflowers are the yellowest flowers you can gift your friend. Sunflowers are inherently cheery in nature radiating an extravagant amount of energy. The family of sunflowers, as well, exhibit genetic diversity in the size and density of petals present. The most common type of sunflower present in nature is the Russian Mammoth. Despite gaining repute due to its yellowness, sunflowers are also available in the hues of pink, red and burgundy. You can order flowers online and decorate it with some ribbon and a pack of chocolates. You can present your friend with just yellow sunflowers or you can choose one from each kind of sunflower comprising a bouquet.

Pro Tip: Did you know that sunflowers do not wither quickly? The durability of the flower might stand for the strength and longevity of the relationship that you share with your friend! 


valentine's day chrysanthemums

Though originally hailing from China, Chrysanthemums gained its primary fame during the Victorian era when it was used as a symbol of friendship and well-wishing. Chrysanthemums are primarily available in four colours- red, yellow, white and violet. Among all of these, white chrysanthemum is considered to be the most befitting for the foregoing occasion. You can order the flowers from an online flower delivery in India or you can choose the flowers manually and assemble the bouquet. However, you can decorate a bouquet by taking a dozen of chrysanthemums and attach a card or a note of thanks. 

Pro tip: Did you know that chrysanthemums are considered to be the official flowers for Mother’s day?


lilacs for your valentine

The lilac flowers, known best for their fragrance, are one of the most common flowers found in nature. However, they have the shortest bloom period during summer and fall. Lilacs are usually found in white, blue, magenta, violet and the colour lilac. Among all these colours, white, blue and violet lilacs are the most suitable ones for a present to a friend. If you are from Russia or have a friend from Russia, lilacs would be a great idea as a gift since they regard the flower highly. If you have friends who are completing their eighth anniversary together, lilacs are the flower to present them because they are considered to be the ceremonial flowers for the occasion.

I have enlisted the most significant flowers that you can present to a friend on Valentine’s Day. However, apart from these, there are also some other flowers which can be ideated as a present to a friend- Iris, Alstroemeria, Tulips and Gladiolus. 

Bloomsvilla provides flowers bouquet delivery in Bangalore which will help you in Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery. You can choose from their available combinations or you can personally organize the delivery.

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