Discover the Language and Meaning of Different Sorts of Flowers

Discover the Language and Meaning of Different Sorts of Flowers

Flowers are often associated with some meaning and symbolism. From the origin of the flowers to the colors and characteristics, a lot of factors are there behind such association of symbolism with the flowers. For example, flowers can be used to express heartfelt condolence for someone who has recently lost his or her family member or relative. To show condolence through flowers, you would not find that red roses are used. Generally, white flowers are used for conveying condolence messages. Red or colorful flowers are used in happy occasions. If you want to impress someone special, you can gift a bunch or bouquet of red roses to her. If you are living outside Pune, there is nothing to worry as you can send flowers to Pune to a special person through online flower delivery service.

In the following section, different types of flowers and their meanings will be discussed. Knowing different flowers and their meanings will help you to choose the right flowers for the right occasions.

  1. Peonis

peony flowers

Peonis and fluffy blooms, and they come with mild pink color. This flower is generally associated with romance and prosperity. If you want to congratulate someone for his or her success, you can send this follower to that person. You can express your love for some too with the Peonis. The color of this flower is very feminine, and that is why it is generally gifted to women by men. According to Greek mythology, Apollo used to transform nymphs into peonis to impress Aphrodite, who was the Goddess of beauty and love.


  1. Roses

rose flower

When it comes to naming the flowers, people would surely have roses in their lists of flowers. Roses are extremely beautiful, and some flower enthusiasts believe that roses should be crowned as the most beautiful flowers of the world. The best thing about this iconic flower is that it can melt your heart with its appearance and fragrance. You shall find different color variations of the roses. For example, you can find the red roses which generally symbolize love and passion. You shall find black roses, which also stands for love for a departed soul. White roses are used for sending condolence messages. Yellow roses can be gifted to a person to start a new relationship or friendship.

  1. Daffodils

daffodil flowers

A lot of poems have been written on daffodils. This is a flower which is generally found in Europe. Since the flower blooms in spring, it is often associated with rebirth or a new beginning. After a harsh winter, spring brings new leaves on the trees. Flowers start blooming and birds start chirping. Daffodil is a flower of happiness. You can wish good luck to a person, who is beginning a new journey of life. A daffodil bouquet can be gifted to a newlywed couple.

  1. Hydrangea

hydrangea flowers

This flower was first discovered in Japan, though you can find this flower in various Asian countries, including India, China, Korea, etc. In Greek, hydor means water. On the other hand, angor means vessel or jar. A combination of these two Greek words creates Hydrangea. The flower needs plenty of water to grow, and that is why it has been named as Hydrangea. This flower symbolizes freshness and lucky charm.

  1. Orchid

orchid flowers

Orchids are widely popular these days for their majestic and graceful appearances. This flower symbolizes luxury, love, beauty and strength. In Greek mythology, orchids used to be associated with virility.

  1. Sunflowers


The vibrant yellow color and large petals make sunflower a beautiful flower. It is commonly found in South and Central America. Sunflowers can stay fresh for a long time. Thus, it stands for rejuvenation.

Various other uncountable flowers can be found across the world, and all those flowers possess different meanings. You can make someone happy or surprised by choosing to send flowers to Pune through online florists.

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