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Larkspur- The Floral Pride of July

Larkspur- The Floral Pride of July

  • Aratrika Dasgupta

The sweet Larkspur is a Native of the Mediterranean region, Asia and Europe and is called by the name Delphinium Consolida. The elegant Larkspur is looked at as a complex flower that grows clusters of beautiful blooms on its thin and long stalk and is more than often compared to the exquisite orchids in more than one ways. The spur-shaped arrangement of its calyx and petal gives it an appealing structure which can also be deemed for its versatility when it comes to infusing life and beauty to almost any floral arrangement, ranging from rustic, formal, free-spirited or decorative.

This tall spike of stunning flowers is designated as the birth flower for those who are born in the month of July. The delicate flower blooms in beautiful shades including pink, lavender and white and is closely associated with fun, carefree and light-hearted attributes. The annual beauty, mostly blooms in spring and thrives throughout late summer.

Symbolism and Meaning of Larkspur

One can find several mentions of the Larkspur in mythology. As per a Greek Legend, when Achilles armour was given to Ulysses during the Battle of Troy, the brave warrior Ajax was very disheartened and threw himself on his own sword. It is said that blue larkspur blossomed at every place wherever his blood was spilt.

The delicate blossoms are regarded as a symbol that signs an open heart and is also closely associated with romantic feelings. The fact that they tend to blossom throughout summer also attaches a cheerful and carefree summery vibe to them.

As per colour, a typical larkspur blossom would suggest these following meanings and symbolism:

  • Pink Larkspur: This particular colour represents fickleness
  • Lavender Larkspur: This colour is regarded as a sign of a sweet disposition and also of first love
  • White Larkspur: This colour symbolises a carefree happy-go-lucky nature.

Interesting Facts about Larkspur

Larkspur - Bloomsvilla

Even though the flower is a popular choice for sprucing up the décor of a home and ceremonial venues, it’s also popular for these facts:

  • In the Victorian Era, the tall and beautiful Larkspur used to be a very popular choice of flower that was widely given as a gift.
  • In England, it was extensively used to cure several ailments and was also used in the celebrations of Summer Solstice.
  • It is also believed to have been extensively used to drive away scorpions during the ancient era.
  • During Shakespeare’s time, the flower was also called as lark’s heel, knight’s spur and larks claw.
  • The Native Americans and the European settlers used to make blue dye from the flowers.
  • In Transylvania, people used to keep dried larkspur in their stables as they believed the flower had the power to protect the animals from witchcraft.
  • The yellow variety of larkspur and the Baker’s larkspur are now deemed as endangered species.

Tips to Care for Larkspur Plant

If you follow these basic tips, you can grow healthy and thriving larkspur plants in your own yard:

  • Larkspur thrives in spring and summer; start planting the seed from fall or early spring
  • Water the plant on a regular basis; it doesn’t do well in dry soil
  • Use compost and control the spread of weed to allow the plant to retain moisture and nutrients
  • Trim and remove dried stalks, leaves or flowers to facilitate new growth

The stunning larkspur makes up extremely desirable cut flower owing to its tall flower spikes and colourful blossoms. The flower tends to look perfect in any glass vase arrangement and can enhance the beauty of any ordinary dining room or table almost within an instant from its addition. A basket full of colourful larkspur can also serve as the perfect centrepiece for a casual brunch or garden party. Now! looking for a affordable online shop that Send Flowers to Ahmedabad at genuine price so end your journey at Bloomsvilla,

As the flower tends to radiate a cheerful vibe and energy that is commonly found in those who share their birthday in the month of July, an elaborate bouquet of larkspur and other vibrant flowers like roses, orchids or peonies or just larkspur would be a perfect birthday gift for them. Send a token of good wishes and love to a loved one in the form of a larkspur arrangement and add a little tint of cheerfulness to their face.

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