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Flowers for Special Wedding Milestones

Flowers for Special Wedding Milestones

  • Aratrika Dasgupta

Wedding anniversary allows a couple to look back on their big day of love and also to relive the beautiful moments once again. Since marriage requires a lot of compromise and adjustments every milestone you reach as a couple is a big deal and definitely calls for a celebration.

Make your wedding anniversary even more special for your better half by surprising them with our glorious flower delivery in Bhopal. You can also send flowers to Pune and make the special day even more memorable.

Choose flowers from BloomsVilla’s vast collection anniversary special arrangements and celebrate your wedding milestone in a beautiful way. Here is a list of flowers which have been designated for each year of wedding anniversary, which you can avail through us in both Pune and Bhopal city:

    1st Anniversary-Carnation:

    The beautiful carnation is regarded as a symbol of young and passionate love that makes two people commit and binds them together for a lifetime. Celebrate a year of togetherness by surprising your better half with a lovely carnation arrangement and keep the love and passion alive for a long time.

      2ndAnniversary- Lily of the Valley:

      The soothing beauty of the lily of valley represents the pure love that a married couple share between them. It is also looked at as a symbol of a devotion, modesty and quality relation between two souls. Commemorate your day of love with a stunning bouquet of lily of the valley and allow your love to mature over the years.

      3rd Anniversary-Sunflower :

      The bright and cheerful blossoms of sunflowers can make a heart fall in love all over again. The sturdy sunflowers tend to represent strength, warmth, loyalty and fidelity and are a sign of a strong foundation on which an institution like marriage is based. Let us help you to keep the flame of faith and warmth alive in your relationship; place an order for online flower delivery in Pune and surprise the love of your life on your 3rd anniversary with a bouquet of sunflowers as bright and lovely as their smile.

      4th anniversary-Geranium:

      As the years pass by, the tinkling sensation and butterflies that you initially felt in your stomach subside and give way to a warm feeling in your heart. The feeling of comfort and familiarity are the main elements that keep a relationship strong and healthy. The soothing geranium is recognised as a symbol of soothing beauty much like the beauty of a four-year-old relationship that has had its share of surprises and reached a level of comfort over the years.

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        5th Anniversary-Daisy:

        The fresh and brilliant daisy is designated as the 5th wedding anniversary flower. It is said that the petals of the bloom represent the ways in which a married couple will grow together while the bright centre tends to represent the experiences and bond shared by the couple. Sweeten your bond further by preparing a lovely surprise for your life partner; avail prompt flower delivery in Bhopal through our delivery service and celebrate your 5 years of togetherness with love and beauty.

        6th Anniversary-Calla Lily:

        Looked at as a representative of growth and attraction, the beautiful bloom of calla lily is the official flower for the 6th wedding anniversary. Calla lily captures the essence of a marriage that has grown and matured over 6 years in a beautiful way and how it will keep growing in the coming years.

        7th Anniversary-Freesia :

        Once the initial love and passion tend to cool down, it’s the trust, faith and support that keep a marriage warm, loving and healthy for a long time. The cheerful freesia shares the message of trust and faithfulness and is, therefore, the perfect choice of flower for the 7th wedding anniversary.

        8th Anniversary-Lilac:

        Relive the emotions of the days when you first fell in love with your life partner and enhance the quality of your relationship with sweetness. Avail our assistance to send flowers to Pune and prepare a wonderful anniversary surprise for your better half with a brilliant lilac bouquet.
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        9th Anniversary-Birds of Paradise:

        The brilliant blooms of Birds of Paradise is said to represent glamour, adventure and magnificence. After spending 9 years as a married couple most people tend to find comfort in the quirkiness of their partner and discover the unknown about them. As a token of appreciation to such a quirky, glamorous and adventurous marriage a bunch of stunning birds of paradise is a perfect choice. Choose the perfect blooms of birds of paradise from our vast collection of fresh flowers and surprise your wife even when either of you is out of town.

        10th Anniversary-Daffodil:

        The glorious blooms of Daffodils tend to radiate bright and cheerful energy and are closely associated with happy memories. A couple who have been happily married for 10 years will have shared numerous happy memories together which are worth remembering for a lifetime. Remind those happy moments to your beloved once again by giving them a big bunch of fresh daffodils as a symbol of your happy memories and add more sweetness to your wedded life.

        11th Anniversary-Tulips:

        The happy go lucky flower is closely associated with rebirth, rejuvenation and spring and is also regarded as a symbol of renewed commitment. This 11th anniversary, celebrate your day of love in a special way by renewing your wedding vows and commemorate the ceremony with a bunch of lovely tulips as a symbol of the same and begin your journey towards the second decade milestone with a bang.

        12th Anniversary-Peony:

        Regarded as a sign of fortune and honour, the pretty peony is also looked at as a representative of a loving relationship. Deemed perfect as the flower for the 12th anniversary, the happy disposition of peony is perfect celebrating a loving relationship. Send flowers to Pune through our prompt delivery service and imbue a new jolt of passion and romance to your 12 years old fairy-tale.

        13th Anniversary-Chrysanthemum:

        Considered to be a harbinger of good luck in many cultures, the pretty chrysanthemum is also regarded as a representative of abundant love. The sweet flower is widely considered as the designated flower for the 13th anniversary and is extensively added in bouquet, vase and table arrangements. Browse BloomsVilla’s user-friendly website to place an order for quick flower delivery in Bhopal and show your love and care on the big day.

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        14th Anniversary-Orchid:

        The brilliant orchid is said to be a symbol of affection, beauty, passion and understanding, everything that comes with a mature relationship. Celebrate the charm of a seasoned relationship by pampering your better half with an exotic bunch of brilliant orchids and make them blush like a newly-wed.

        15th Anniversary-Rose:

        The ultimate sign of romance and passion, the gorgeous rose is the designated flower for celebrating 15 years marriage. Renew the romance and passion in your marriage by surprising your stunning life partner with BloomsVilla’s gorgeous rose arrangement and make them fall in love all over again.

        20th Anniversary-Aster:

        The stunning Aster is a representative of good fortune and wisdom and is also the flower for the 20th wedding anniversary. Cherish the presence of your beloved spouse in your life with a brilliant bouquet of asters and let them know how fortunate you feel to have them in your life.

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        25th Anniversary-Iris:

        The stunning anniversary is designated to the 25th year of togetherness. The royal beauty of the flower is perfect for a precious person. Make your beloved feel special on the grand celebration of togetherness and surprise them with a lovely bunch.

        50th Anniversary-Violets & Roses:

        The flowers are nothing short of gorgeous and when teamed together become a symbol of perfection just like you and your beloved life partner. Acknowledge the love and support your beloved has showered on you for the last 5 decades; show them how much they mean to you through our brilliant arrangement of violets and buttercup roses.


          Allow us to plan a surprise for your beloved by availing an anniversary special online flower delivery in Pune or simply send flowers to Bhopal through BloomsVilla’s swift services and celebrate your milestone in the grandest of ways. 

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