Monsoon Fresh Flower Delivery in Bhopal

Monsoon Fresh Flower Delivery in Bhopal


The onset of rejuvenating monsoon brings with itself a dose of freshness and breathes new life to Nature’s best creations including the lakes, ponds, waterfall, plants and flowers. The season is deemed the best to grow beautiful blossoms and to add a colour of beauty and happiness to our surroundings. Bask in the glory of the heavenly season by bringing home nature fresh monsoonal flower delivery in Bhopal and breathe life to your interiors too. Send flowers to Bhopal to a close friend or family and share the refreshing blessings of the season with them.

Let’s take a look at the blossoms that you can grow or send to your loved ones in the rainy season:

  • Water Lily: The quick way to beautify and to add a natural touch to any artificial water body or pond is by adding a stunning water lily plant to it. The aquatic flowering plant not just adds a touch of colour but also adds a touch of exotic beauty to both the water body and its surroundings. Water lily thrives best in the monsoon season and is an excellent way to add a soothing beauty to your home or garden.


  • Cape Jasmine: This particular blossom is a very popular choice of garden plant and is commonly found in many public gardens and residential yards. Cape jasmine is extremely popular for its soothing white appearance and sweet fragrance. In fact, its ability to sweeten up its surroundings with its scent has lent it the name ‘gandhraja’. One can easily grow cape jasmine as a container plant, a bonsai, hedge or groundcover.


  • Marigold Flower: This tropical delight adds a cheerful hint of colour to the rainy season and lightens up its surroundings perfectly. The elegant marigold blooms in a number of colours including shades like red, orange, yellow and white and tends to grow either individually or in clusters. The strong scent of marigold tends to repel pest and insects which is another reason why you should include it in your garden or make it a part of your balcony in the oncoming monsoon.


  • Plumeria: Native to the tropics, the pretty Plumeria is also known as Frangipani and Lei flowers and are usually small as a tree. Besides its beauty, plumeria is also popular for its sweet smell among the flower enthusiasts. The monsoon bloomer lightens up its surroundings in pretty shades including cream, red, orange, white and violet.

  • Indigo Flower: The star-shaped indigo flower is popular for growing abundantly in the rainy season and lightens up its surroundings with its pretty glow. Even though the most common shade of indigo flower is navy blue, the attractive flower is also seen in colours like off-white and white.


  • Balsam: The beautiful monsoonal flower blooms in a variety of colours including the pretty pink, blue, white and violet. Balsam is regarded as a good choice of plant for a garden; it bears single and double flowers and can grow up as tall as 20-60cm.


  • Cosmos: The cute cosmos are counted among the attractive flowers that are widely picked for jazzing up the decorations of special occasions and ceremonies and are also popular in bouquets and vase arrangements. Besides being a favourite of the florists and flower enthusiasts, this monsoonal beauty is a favourite for birds, butterflies and bees.


  • Sunflower: Need we say more about the stunning charm and beauty of dazzling sunflowers? The amazing beauty is a popular flower that has a sunny disposition and thrives well in monsoon. Nothing looks better than a bright bunch of sunflower shining brightly in the backdrop of a cloudy sky.


  • Hibiscus: The popular tropical flower grows widely in the season of monsoon and is actually quite easy to grow and care for. Hibiscus is available in a variety of colours and patterns and is, therefore, a fine way of adding colour to your monsoon garden or balcony arrangement. Pick a few different coloured hibiscuses and put them together in a vase arrangement with other monsoon flowers and greenery and create your own tropical arrangement in no time.


Got any of these beauties in your garden, near your home or on your way to school, college or office? Watch it burst into pretty colours as monsoon slowly sets in.

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