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DIY essential oil gift

DIY essential oil gift

  • Anisha Yadav

Essential oils are something that has become a greater part of our lives of course they cannot be eaten because they are poisonous but we have figured out a lot of use of the leftover last left with us. And that is why we use essential oil in bath salts in skin remedies, for weight loss, massage,  therapies, etc. and quite often we wonder that if he could really make these essential oils at home and it would just the sort out the process and make it more hassle-free because then we would something pure which is the what we are always looking for because frankly, of course, it is an essential oil but it has the many adult-rated things added to it to make it look or smell good and we cannot blame it on anyone because then we as consumers just love purchasing them. You can send flowers to Mumbai along with these essential oils to your friends and family members are those long lost friends with whom you have lost contact due to the COVID-19 era. And the best part is that because we are making them out of real oils their impact on our skin would be far better than what we usually see in terms of essential oils that are sold to us in the market. You can call the more of infused oil than essential oils because in essential oil has to go through a process called distillation and that process is not possible at home. So let's check out the process - 

1) Cloves essential oil 

cloves oil for massage

Now when it comes to making any kind of infused oil then you need to add those oils that do not have any fragrance of their own and in this case, the three best oils would be a sunflower, olive, and sweet almond oil. Now all you need to do is at clubs in a jar know there are no perfect measurements to it you can add as many as you want just make sure that they remain submerged in the oil. And then close a jar and keep it away. Now take some water in a pan and let the container heat in it for a while so that the process of infusion can take place properly. You can deliver it to your friends and family members along with fresh flowers.


2) Orange Zest 

Orange something that we add in almost any Orange cake or any other thing that we are preparing because it's just so flavorful that we would want to eat it all along in many foods that we cook on an everyday basis and especially when it is available in the season. And that is why how to make Orange zest infused oil all you need is fresh orange zest and sweet almond oil. again we're going to mix the two in a glass container airtight it and keep it in the same water in which we kept the cloves oil and if you want extra aroma than keep it for at least ten more minutes than usual. So next along with flower delivery make sure you add these infused oils. You can use this only for cooking for flavoring and also on your skin and for a bath. 


3) Sandalwood oil 

sandalwood infused oil

Sandalwood oil is very rare to find and it’s produced in very little quantities because it's strong. Sandalwood oil has healing properties and also you can use it for weight loss and many other things. However, this one is an infused sandalwood oil and it needs to be used for massage and flavoring the dishes you cook. Now you must remember that you need to buy good quality sandalwood and it should be pure sandalwood because many times they'll sell you fragrant sandalwood and there's no particular test as well to identify that. So chop the sandalwood into pieces and store them in a container, add sweet almond oil to it and let it stay in the warm water for ten minutes only and not more than that. Your homemade sandalwood infused oil is ready. And of course, the flavor and fragrance get stronger with time. Next time alongside bouquet delivery in Bangalore, you should add this beautiful gift. 

homemade essential oil infused oil at home
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