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Cakes from TV show to your celebrations

Cakes from TV show to your celebrations

  • Anisha Yadav

Let us just say that cakes are something without which our day to day lives remain incomplete whatever be the celebration. Even if somebody is coming over cake is something that we want to make or just get it from a bakery for them in advance. And what would be a celebration without cakes? It's a must-have in our houses. And of course, they are the cakes that we have seen in television shows and those are the cakes that we want to incorporate in our weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or any other occasion whatsoever it may be because if we have fallen in love with the movie we would want in our life too. And anytime when you have to surprise someone send flowers to Bangalore or anywhere else along with a cake from their favorite movie and without a hitch I can say that they are going to be overwhelmed by your presence. So without any delay let's check the cakes that appeared in your favorite television shows- 

1) Catherine's white and red wedding cake - desperate housewives 

red roses butter cream cake

It has been quite a long time ever since we all became attached to the most famous show on television desperate housewives.  Their amazing acting and the enchanting looks made us feel as though we were a part of the story and that the women of wisteria lane were no one else but us. In season 6 of desperate housewives, we come across the fact that Catherine after her breakup with mike has lost touch with reality, and even though she apologizes to Bree, the next minute only to spoil the cake that Bree designed from her designs. The cake had a beautiful outline of red roses and buttercream frosting. It was a 12 tier cake with any flavor you want. This is more like a classic kind of wedding cake with a beautiful touch of red sugar flowers and any base of your choice with the buttercream frosting. And the best part about such cakes is that they are very easily available and you can get the design from a local bakery instead of going for those high-end bakers. And next time when you think of surprising your best friend instead of sending her gives gift coupons or anything else maybe you can send her this cake with birthday flowers to leave her in awe. 

2) The cheesecake - friends 

cheesecake with raspberry sauce

Well, friends are one of those television shows that we all might have binge-watched as many times as it was possible and there are too many dialogues that most of us still remember from it. But most of all towards season 7 we see that Rachel and Chandler go crazy on this amazing cheesecake that Chandler accidentally pickup from another door. This one is a classic cheesecake and is amazing intakes even though I have not yet tried but trust me I'm willing to try it birthday my baking skills get better. But you can give this as a piece of ring birthday gift or as a cake without any occasion to any of your friends and family members if you know how to bake or if you have a bakery home you can ask to bake this classic cheesecake. And it would be amazing to add the cheesecake along with your gift and happy birthday flowers especially for those particular best friends who are a die-hard fan of friends. 

3) The Chocolate cake - Lucifer 

 mini chocolate cakes

For around 4 many seasons the devil has managed to entertain and gain a lot of audience and respect for himself even after being a devil and no wonder we all admire the character of devil watching him in different attire. Of course, you're going to see a soon in season 5. But our best of the show remains that episode particularly when Dan bribes and brings chocolate cake for Trixie, and even after eating the whole cake when it's visible on her face, Trixie lies to Chloe that didn't eat any. This particular chocolate cake which has always been highlighted in Lucifer is double fudge chocolate cake, well I didn't have the time to try this one out otherwise I would have eaten a lot until now, but one thing is for sure that when the cake is double for obviously it will be extra moist tasty delicious and satisfying our pallet with its every bite. Next time when you think of ordering online cake and flower delivery in Bangalore, make sure that it's a double for chocolate cake and you'll be delighted how your guests have
amazing cakes that appeared on television cakes to try from tv shows
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