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Delectable Chocolate cakes for a satisfactory palate

Delectable Chocolate cakes for a satisfactory palate

  • Anisha Yadav

Chocolate is something that we would love to eat year-round whatever the season be and at the end of the day, it's something that satisfies our pallet and also fulfills our unnecessary cravings. When eaten correctly chocolate has always proven to improve in weight loss. Of course and it has a lot of antioxidants, magnesium, phosphorus which is again good for health. But the important thing here is that you need to eat chocolate in moderation. So now today we are discussing dost chocolate cake that is amazingly delectable and something you would want to eat and cuddle in them all the time whatever the situation you would feel like that was the cake that I ate and I want to eat it again and again.  And of course, when you have loved it so much your friends and family would enjoy them along with flower delivery in Bangalore or anywhere else for any occasion whatsoever it may be. So let's look at these cakes - 

1) Chocolate lava cake 

choco lava cake

Chocolate lava cake is something that we would all enjoy even though it is not winters, of course, there is different fun of eating Choco Lava cake during winter season chocolate cake with some warm milk or maybe Coco or coffee, it would be a perfect combination. And of course, it would be an amazing gift along with that you can send valentine flowers if it's a Valentine's Day gift. How to make the chocolate lava cake all you need is some readymade chocolate cake mix along with chocolate cubes roughly chopped. So when you fill the cake batter into the mold you can just dip these cubes into the center and all around it. You can bake it at that time mentioned on the box. Your super delicious and perfect Choco Lava cake is ready to please your palate. 

2) Chocolate dip cake 

chocolate dip cake

Cheese dip is something that we all have enjoyed meeting with time and it was that is that always made us through the breakup periods. and that is why to help you out with another breakup or just to enjoy your leisure time alone with yourself enjoying a movie and having a few drinks how about having a chocolate cake no all you need to make a bar of chocolate-dipped cakes either a sponge chocolate cake that you can send online alongside flower delivery in Bengaluru, to your near and dear ones adding chocolates and other things that are needed to complete the cake. Just cut out the middle of the cake and on the other side melt dark chocolate as much as you want along with some sugar and butter. Now foods this chocolate into the cake and it is properly covered with it and then if you want you can add more chocolate chips on top of it they your chocolate day is ready the leftover sponge cake that we had cut you can dip it and eat. 

3) Chocolate balls cake 

kitkat and chocolate balls cake

Well, we all have tasted amazing chocolate eggs from around the world or maybe from our local bakeries that always seems to please our palette. Now how to make the chocolate balls take either you can get a chocolate baked cake from a local bakery on if you are a good bakery then you can always make it at home. Now once when you have the cake with you cut it into a tomb-like shape and cover it with icing of your choice, pour some liquid chocolate on it, and then finally take the chocolate balls and decorate your cake with it. You can pour some white chocolate too if you want and once the cake is done you can send it along with online flower delivery in Bangalore on the same day to your near and dear ones. 

4) White Chocolate Pops 

We all have always eaten ice cream pops and delighted in the way that they were juicy and it was something that we always want to make at home but now it's time to take this juicy pops to yet another level and make cake pops out of them. So to make cake pops is very easy all you need is a sponge cake and a few other ingredients to decorate the pops. So cut the cake into any shape you like and then dip it into the melted white chocolate. Use colored sprinkles, small chocolates, and candies to garnish them. You can also color the chocolate with various colors to get fruity looks. And the best part is that thru are yummy to eat and a great gift alongside flower delivery in Bangalore. 

5) Cake ice cream 

I know those times when we just crave some really good ice cream and we have none in the fridge and because it's locked down there are hardly any shops open that we could just go and our craving over there. And that is why today I'm going to show you how to make the best and easiest which would not require lots of effort, so take a can of condensed milk, and milk, boil it for two minutes and then add it into the whipped cream. Now in a bread bowl add the same along with Kit Kat or any other chocolate wafers and chocolate cake pieces. Add the two by layering and freeze them overnight. Your cake ice cream is done. It would an amazing surprise for your wife and send valentine flowers alongside it to complete the whole gift. 


chocolate filled cakes chocolate lovers cake
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