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Amazing cakes from three different continents for Christmas

Amazing cakes from three different continents for Christmas

  • Anisha Yadav

As we all know that Christmas is the time of joy and celebration especially with your friends and family members. This is the time when we all get together and just want to celebrate our life with each other. One of the most important things that constitute a celebration is a cake. now, you can use any cake during Christmas but the most popular ones are plum cake rum cake the states which include a lot of warmth with within themselves and lots of ginger and cinnamon because these are the flavors of the season but what if you are already bored of eating all these flavors and want to try something different. Well if you are among those people who want to try a different type of Christmas cake this time you have come to the right place. Is white today we are going to make these unusual love Christmas cakes that carry the ones within themselves and yet have a very different flavor from the regular Christmas cakes that we usually eat so let's take them out - 

1) Swedish princess cake 

pink princess cake

So the very first take that we are trying today is a Swedish princess cake is a very amazing and very easy recipe to follow you just don't have to panic because they might too many ingredients but don't worry you can very easily get this recipe online and in simple words to make a Swedish princess cake all you need is homemade or readymade fondant, Vanilla flavored sponge cake which you can make at home or buy it at a store, raspberry jam, some custard, and sweet whipped cream. and the best part is that you can get all these things from the store only whipped cream is something that you'll have to make at home otherwise everything is available in the nearby bakeries. So to start assembling it in the bottom layer of cake, we will add raspberry jam followed by a layer of cake and on top of it custard and lastly whipped cream. Now you can cover it a fondant and sprinkle some powdered sugar on it to achieve a snowy look. a possible it comes to shooting this cake for a Christmas evening or as a Christmas dessert you can do as many creative things as possible you can add candy canes to it, sugar Christmas trees you can be as creative as possible. Now another amazing thing about this cake is that we are using it as a Christmas cake but suppose a few have a friend who loves to eat cake and is far off and maybe it is their birthday near about Christmas or new year then definitely you can get this cake and send it online along with flower delivery in Mumbai. After all, the combination of cake and flowers help them both their mood and they wouldn't feel alone or you can justify your presence in their party even after not being there. 

2) American double cheesecake 

loaded cheesecake

Well, we all have eaten cheesecake throughout the year and a lot of times but how about switching to a double cheesecake this year which is again a no-bake so if your child you can make it for your parents or if you are a parent you can make a trap for your family as dinner because it's very easy to be made and the because it does not require any kind of baking you just have to assemble a few ingredients and your cake will be ready in no time.  And this would be amazing Christmas cakes swap from the regular of flavors of rum and nuts because let's admitted after a while we all get tired of those same flavors.  To make this cake grind a few biscuits of your choice and butter to it and then make a base out of it by pressing it in the cake tin. Now to make the double cheesecake, firstly you need powdered sugar and mix it with cream cheese. The quantity depends on the number of people you want to serve. Then beat the two until soft peaks arise, add vanilla essence, and on the other side melt dark chocolate. Now makes the dark chocolate and cream cheese together and pour it above the basic biscuit layer and then take more cream cheese, clear vanilla essence, and sugar. Beat all these again until soft peaks arise and apply them evenly about the chocolate layer. Now if you want you can decorate it using melted dark chocolate along with some cream or you can sprinkle a mixture of cocoa and sugar on top of it to give it a Christmas look. The best part about having a double cheesecake for Christmas is that not only they are very easily available and any baker can bake it for you but also an online bouquet and cake delivery in Bangalore, or anywhere else to any of your friends and family members with whom you cannot meet this Christmas because of the lock down would be an amazing surprise and they would be over droid to receive something from your side and make your presence felt for them. 

3) Korean fresh cream cake 

fresh cream cake with center filled strawberries

So our last stop is none other than Asia. One of the most interesting facts about Asian cakes is that they have the weirdest flavors that you would have ever tasted and of course we are not going into the depths of their root beer flavors but today we are going to try a very unusual Korean fresh cream cake. It is an amazing cake because especially it consists of fresh cream and something go white and with lots of fruits and colors on a Christmas morning like this cake it would be an amazing eatable to be shared with your family. A Korean fresh cream cake consists of a basic sponge cake preferably vanilla, however, you can have any other flavors too. And whipped fresh cream and strawberry jam. It is the layer of strawberry jam that makes this cake worth taking a plunge. And if you ever come across your friend who's feeling lonely during Christmas or you are not able to meet your family for this Christmas then it would be great to order midnight cake and flower delivery in Bangalore to surprise them and then they can do the same for you. 

fresh cream cake with strawberries Swedish Christmas and birthday cake
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