Aromatherapy For Lock-down

Aromatherapy For Lock-down

Aromatherapy is something that you would want to draw especially because it is lock-down and now that we are working from home we have more time than usual and putting that time to some good used to take care of our health, to boost immunity and just use this time more creatively than Ever After all law of cause weak and binge watch lots of shows and there are many other things to do but at the same time, you can also prepare several other things that will help you boost your immunity and also these are some soothing aromatherapy recipes that you can try and send it to your loved ones along with anniversary flowers or generally as well to cheer them up. So let's check them out - 


1) Melt and pour soap

melt and pour soap

Now that we all are a lot in need of some good so it is important that we also take care of a western and use some really good soap on them and that is why you should use a melt and pour soap because it's a soap base in which you can add lots of natural ingredients to increase its quality and the goodness in its effect on our skin. So next time whenever you have to send happy anniversary flowers make sure to add these melt and pour soaps along with your flowers. After all, everyone needs to take care of their skin and even it might happen that your loved ones might not have that much time because they would be busy doing something even though it's locked down then you can prepare the soaps for them and send it to them as a gift. Now today the one that I am making is made from an all-natural Shea butter soap base along with some lavender buds and orange and lemon zest. But make sure that the lemon and orange zest in the whole of soap base is not more than two tablespoons. 


2) Aromatherapy candles 


aromatherapy candles

Have you ever noticed the face of your loved ones especially in a lightened candle? Their face would glow like never before and that is why candles are yet another amazing thing that you can make at home while you’re working from home or doing anything and instead of binge-watching that same show, again and again, you can put your time to use and maybe try some candles to redecorate your house on corners of your house to make your face glow like never before. Florist in Bangalore is very easily available and these candles will work as a great gift for your friends and family members, so if you don't have time to make them, these same florists also have a huge gift list that you can choose from and of course candles too. 


3) Roll-on 

fragrant body roll on all natural

Let us just admit the fact that we all are wasting a lot of money on purchasing those roll-ons from the market which are not only pathetic for our skin and also slowly causing a lot of harmful effects on it. but there is a huge population of out there who have already switched to cold-pressed soaps oils and a lot of things that are completely natural and do not have added chemicals to it and that is why today the role of that we're going to make is very simple and all you need is a combination of cold-pressed coconut oil and any essential oil of your choice and lastly a roll-on bottle. So that next time when you plan on giving your loved ones fresh flower delivery in Bangalore, you can make sure to add these roll-ons as a small giveaway or a part of larger gifts. 


4) Castile Melt and pour soaps

castile liquid melt and pour soap

Well, we all have always tried to use the best possible so for ourselves, and for our children after all that's the point of using something on a body that is full of chemicals and does not yield any good effects on our skin. And that is why you can make your show by purchasing the ever amazing Castile melt and pour soap base just make sure to check its ingredients before you buy so that you don't buy something adulterated. 

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