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Perfect Dessert Table for This Christmas

Perfect Dessert Table for This Christmas

  • Anisha Yadav

Christmas is the time of joy and celebration for each and everyone around us and even those who do not have a lot of money but still know how to share love and joy amongst each other with whatever little they have. And that is why today we are going to specially talk about perfect desserts for your Christmas dining table that means throughout the Christmas season you would have some amazing dessert on your table, of course, you might have been in the spirit to have lots of fun with your family and friends for tracing give what are the same time if you have something really special prepared for Christmas it would be a great add-on now it’ll good if the work is divided to do this all the shows can be divided amongst other family members. Very first thing you need to decorate your table is online flower delivery in Bangalore or wherever you are living and these flowers could be added like a garland around the candlesticks usually people have wreaths but you can make flower garlands for a very different look for this particular Christmas and maybe you can have the garlands above the dining table like a chandelier. So if we start with the base of your table you can cover it with two table clothes one longer and another one in the middle, make sure it's a contrast combination.  And all your decorations can go above the table. Now until now we were decorating the perfect table it is time to set it for the guests by using some amazing desserts for the season so let's check them out - 


1) Vanilla Cake 

vanilla cake for christmas

I know usually the starting of perfect Christmas dessert table should be with the Gingerbread cake but because the many of you do not know how to make a perfect cake or sometimes the industrial cake mix is not available and that is why the vanilla cake is just the perfect cake that you can bake for your friends and family members of course when you are decorating it you can give it a more festive look by adding sugar glaze, a pinch of powdered cinnamon and powdered candy canes. So it will still be a vanilla cake and yet you would put it into a more festive spirit and if you want to decorate it more you can go with red currant and rasp, rosemary for a red and green combination around the cake. 


2) Candy Cane Cheesecake 

strawberry topped candy-cane cheesecake

The next best the dessert that you can place on your Christmas table is when it's almost Christmas is a candy cane cheesecake. Of course, you must have understood it very well that this will involve lots of candy cane and peppermint. So the recipe can be found online for this cake the best part about this cake is that because of peppermint essence, crushed candy canes, and vanilla a very daring flavor comes out which you would just want to eat more. Next, we'll make the most amazing Santa clause cake.


3) Santa Clause Cake 

The Santa clause cake with cinnamon

We all love Santa Claus so much and what about having a cake that is named after him of course not the possibilities are that you might have to save a piece in advance for Santa Claus otherwise it will be over by the time he arrives to deliver your presents. Out of all the cakes that we're talking about in this list this one is the best dessert and it's with this cake that you can show off not only your baking skills but your holiday spirit too. but the secret behind this cake is that you can use any cake in its base that means you can go for vanilla, gingerbread, Aperol, white chocolate dark chocolate which one you like and then it is covered with sweetened cream cheese with a dash of peppermint essence to enhance at flavor, followed by the fondant that you can use to decorate it your way resembling Santa Claus, thus you have the perfect Santa Claus cake.


4) Christmas Wreath Cake        

If there is any cake you thought that can take the place of a Gingerbread or any other cake on your Christmas table on Christmas morning or Christmas Eve then it is none other than Christmas wreath cake. It's a very simple chocolate cake and yet classic in its approach. So the base of the cake can be chocolate, however, you are free to make your variations, after all, it's the decoration of the cake that makes it tastier than before. And if you want to surprise any of your family members in other cities than think no more and get an online bouquet and cake delivery in Bangalore, you can give the baker basic guidelines for the decoration. And to decorate it add whipped cream, small gingerbread cookies, mini candies, and candy canes, candied orange slices, and other fruits you want to add. 


5) The Ultimate Double White Chocolate Cake 

white chocolate cake topped with strawberries

If you ever thought of a centerpiece on your table that would make all other things look inferior then think no more this ultimate double white chocolate cake is going to be the best centerpiece for your holiday table and make it look like it was meant to be kept there. This cake has a perfect blend of too many ingredients like cream cheese, white chocolate, raspberries, and raspberry jam.
classic vanilla cake decoration on table strawberry and white cake on red linen a perfect combination
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