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Surprise your loved ones this New Year

Surprise your loved ones this New Year

  • Anisha Yadav

Out of anyone around on this earth our family is considered to be the basic unit of socialization and that is because it is our family who brings us up, nurses, and takes care of us when we are children and even after that. Our life is nothing but a simple equation of the people we live to grow and work, share our love and feelings for. and that is why New year and Christmas, of course, your free to surprise your family at any point of time and they would be very happy with your surprises but these special occasions like Christmas, New year, Easter, Hanukkah, Halloween, birthdays, anniversaries are certain occasions where and if we surprise of a family they will be happier than those other locations throughout the year. Now you must be thinking how can you surprise your family? After all, there are so many things that you can do but you have to choose wisely and according to what your family loves. So below is my list of top three things that you can surprise your family with on a new year’s eve - 

1) Cakes, Wine, and Gossips 

cake and wine a perfect celebration with family

Nobody better than me knows the fact that if you are returning home after a long time and you have been busy throughout the years studying or working and now that you are back in town the very first thing that you will do with your family is gossip and that will not be just about the relatives but also about the neighborhood and it gives us another chance to open up and share our feelings with our family and how we feel about them. So if you are really tired and don't want to go anywhere outside to celebrate new year’s then obviously you can just order food or some good wine and have dinner at home with your family. And if you have missed Christmas then you can have a new year cake after all the parties and any occasion even though it's gossip after dinner or dessert there is nothing better than a cake to satisfy your palate and nowadays there are various flavors particularly for New year’s some of them include champagne buttercream, good luck almond, orange and brandy, pink champagne, chocolate cherry, etc. When I meet with my family after a gap of maybe a year, it's always some good food, cakes, and lots of gossip and wine. this way of celebrating the new year is particularly for those people who are a homebody or do not have a lot of time to go out and celebrate with their family or maybe your family lives in the same city or town it will be a good way to trust bond together and enjoy some good time at home watching the snowfall through the windows breathing the fresh air and just letting your worries go for some time. 


2) Movie Nights 

movie night with family in a cosy set up

Those times are gone by when you would send flowers to Bangalore and then appear at the front door to surprise your family, frankly, no one enjoys that anymore. And Christmas just got over but obviously, it's something that we all cannot get over with. So for New Year’s you can have yet another movie night, of course, it's a Christmas tradition but it's no harm to have a new tradition during New Year’s too. Instead of just goofing around and doing nothing for New Year’s, lying in your bed ideally, and eating popcorn, it's much better to celebrate it with your family along with your favorite movies maybe you can watch a few hallmark movies alongside some wine, cakes, and fries. And of course, this surprise depends on your budget too, if you are spending more money than you can have a home theater or resemble the room like a theater to surprise them better.


3) Surprise Party 

surprise dinner party

Well, I fall in this last category too because if I'm going home after a while and if I will be surprised by a party from my parents when it would be one of the best things ever done for me by them. So as a child or as a parent both of you can plan a surprise party.

 If you are a child preparing one for your parents then you can call everyone like their friends and neighbors in secret and send your parents out of the house or maybe book a restaurant and then by the night surprise them with food, wine, and friends. 

If you are a parent then you can do the same and you can also call your child's childhood friends and other people whom they have not met in years. It will be not only a refreshing change for them but you as well. 

And yet another to surprise them on New year’s is by getting online cake and flower delivery in Bangalore during the midnight, especially your child's favorite flowers in various colors and everyone can barge into the house just before the stroke of midnight, just imagine what a beautiful surprise it'll be. 

Like Christmas is the time for joy and celebration, New Year’s Eve is yet another occasion that we can celebrate with our family and friends. So if you missed visiting your family during Christmas here are the three ways you can surprise your family and friends on New year’s with some amazing plans - you can take their favorite wine, cakes, movies, and gossip, eat and drink with them or just surprise them by hosting a party in their honor at a nearby restaurant, after all, it's our family that is most important to us. 

movie night with family surprise party for Christmas
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