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Christmas Traditions I Enjoy With My Family

Christmas Traditions I Enjoy With My Family

  • Anisha Yadav

Wherever we go across the world certain things remain the same and one of them is the celebration of Christmas. Although every culture has its unique way of celebrating Christmas with family members friends and different kinds of cuisines that is a whole lot different experience. There are certain predictions about Christmas that have been prevailing in the society and then there are certain man-made traditions that we follow as a family and of course, even my family has many of them which I enjoy and wherever I would have my child I would love to teach them and follow the same and follow the same traditions. So here are some of the Christmas traditions that I enjoy with my family and they are close to my heart and pretty exciting.


1) Hot Chocolate and Presents 

hot chocolate and gifts

When we're busy and they think of drinking a path to hot chocolate from a store it's a completely different experience than the way when we make dark hot chocolate at home with our family and friends. And it was during these hot chocolate times when we all as a family seated together to discuss various things that we wanted to do for the upcoming Christmas holiday.  It especially included the tradition of sending flowers, Christmas cards and cakes, and cookies to our loved ones. But the best part was when we would send flowers to Bangalore, Delhi, New York, London, and Vienna alongside the gifts to our relatives and on a video conference call open and show our gifts to each other. 


2) Decorating the Christmas tree and eating a cake 

It was around 2009 when for the very first time I was given a hallmark Christmas ornament and after that, I just fell in love with these ornaments especially the keepsake ornaments sold by them. Available in so many shapes sizes and colors that you would just want to buy the whole hallmark store for Christmas. and that is why every year when I am about to go home I make sure to buy at least fifteen to twenty hallmark Christmas ornaments for my Christmas tree. Anderson during this time that when we start decorating the tree we all are so tired untangling the Christmas slides that we want to eat something and it is at that point of time that we all were given a cake for our hard work. But the best part about eating Christmas cake and decorating the tree was when the last piece would be left and everyone would fight hard to eat it, and even though there would be more in the fridge, but everyone had their eyes on the last one. This has now become a major tradition in my house and we do it every year and trust me every year it gets funnier. 


3) Gingerbread cake and Floral Decoration 

Christmas decor

Decorating a Gingerbread cake and eating one or both amazing experiences in themselves and trust me this is something that we all cannot get enough of it especially during Christmas because it's much of a warm and classic flavor that we never want to get rid of it. Of course, we would decorate many Gingerbread houses and cookies for sure that was one of the best experience and even to date, we have been following this tradition. This reminds me that though this year I might not be able to see my family there was the best part after everyone went to bed, we had a secret door through which we got for ourselves gingerbread midnight cake and flower delivery in Bangalore. So we all would eat the cake and decorate the house with flowers while our family was still sleeping. I know that it's the time of Christmas and you should be using Christmas ornaments and a lot of other stuff but to decorate your house with fresh flowers for Christmas is a unique experience and now a part of my family tradition. 


4) Attending a local Christmas fair 

Christmas fair

Christmas fairs across many countries have become quite popular where the cell some amazing gems that are only available to us around Christmas and some amazing cookies toys lots of other stuff is available in the squares that we might not get on those polished stores. And if you do not have a lot of budgets then you can find a lot of valuable things to decorate your house and your Christmas tree in these Christmas fairs.

5) Travel on the Santa Trains 

snow train

You might not be aware of this one but there are too many Central trains around the World that runs especially during Christmas in which you can travel with your loved ones if you love traveling, this could be your new tradition. So far we've followed this tradition only twice and the trains were Plym valley and South Devon. Trust me there still are more beautiful ones to cover the journey. 

gingerbread cake and hot cocoa lovely Christmas tree ornaments
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